Episode 494 – Rick Ector


Paul: Welcome中国体彩官方app to the polite society podcast powered by the Firearms Policy Coalition recorded on Memorial Day Monday May 27th 2019, I’m Paul Lathrop

Rob: I’m Rob Morse and on tonight’s show we will talk with Rick Ector about training 800 women in a single day.

John: I’m John Richardson, and we’ll talk about a win for gun rights in Riverside County, California

Gary: I’m Gary Daugherty and in one of our DGUs we talk about another 4 legged predator.. so climb aboard

Grant: strap in

John : and hang on!

Paul:  episode 494 of the Polite Society Podcast starts right now.

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Personal news from each participant (when you are done with your segment please ask the next person what has been up with them)

Rob- I’ve been traveling since we talked. Next weekend I’ll take a class with our Staff Physician, Dr. John Edeen at KR training. I was on Bill Frady’s lock and load radio program as co-host for three hours. I met Grant Gallagher at the USCCA concealed carry expo.

10 thousand attendees, a corner where women could shop for concealed carry garments and gear. Some women brought different clothes so they could try different outfits. Shoulder holsters, concealment shirts, bras, holsters, Yoga pants, belly bands, corsets, shorts, thigh holsters, purses, iPad cases. Put it where you want to carry it, and then keep it there.

John Corea What works and what doesn’t work after watching 18 thousand self-defense videos. Have a gun. Unarmed people get killed, even if the unarmed person has good hand to hand skills. You won’t use a knife in self-defense.

Jennifer Cisney– PTSD after a violent encounter. Everyone should have PTS symptoms. Almost all of us will heal within a few weeks. Those that don’t then develop PTSD. Your thinking mind shuts down under stress. Sleep is the best therapy.

If you can get two nights of good sleep in the first few days after the attack, then you enormously reduce your likelihood of getting PTSD. Alcohol and ambien may delay recovery. No scary movies. No violent fantasy movies. You can’t exhaust yourself to sleep. Sleep hygiene.

Chris Cerino– Being a better firearms instructor




Speed will come as you practice to be fast

Beginners ask about equipment

Serious students ask about skills

Professionals ask about tactics

Beth Alcazar had a great presentation about protecting your family. Do you put away your guns because you have children, or do you arm yourself to protect the irreplaceable lives of the people you love?

Guns are tools. Lots of people get smoke alarms and fire extinguishers when they move their family into a 中国体彩官方app. They also get a firearm and a safe place to store it.

Grant – well the most important event in firearms for me was also the USCCA expo. Of the various training lectures I attended the one that I take way is the one from Chris Cerino of FASTER fame. He brought a very refreshing approach to basic handgun training that I liked a lot. I would recommend anyone who can, to get out to Ohio and take a class from him and that is whether you are a beginner, an experienced shooter or an instructor or trainer. He has an approach that everyone will benefit from and uses some novel and highly effective training tools that he uses.

The other thing that I did was visit with Klint Macro, and he and I were working hard to promote Train a Teacher Day and that was pretty successful. Klint had a great interview on Armed American Radio, for example, and I did one for an upcoming edition of “Meet the Pressers”

John – I missed our last podcast as I was traveling to visit family. I did work a gun show in May for Grass Roots North Carolina. Other than that, I’ve been working and trying to ward off waves of yellow pollen which is playing hell with my allergies.



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2- News


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A California judge recently ruled that Riverside County in CA  could no longer prevent Permanent Resident Aliens (also known as “Green Card” holders), from applying for a concealed carry license.

In the case of van Nieuwenhuyzen et al v Riverside, Senior United States District Court Judge Dean Pregerson permanently enjoined Riverside County from having a policy and practice preventing legal US residents from exercising their right to apply for a carry license.

The order states that, the county may no longer enforce or implement any order that prohibits non-citizen permanent residents from applying for or obtaining a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

The fight was led by a consortium including Firearms Policy Coalition, Second Amendment Foundation, Calguns in support of Riverside resident Arie van Nieuwenhuyzen, who has lived in Riverside and run a business there since 1983.

Alan Gottlieb, president of the Second Amendment Foundation, said, “This isn’t our first experience with such a policy. We are delighted with the outcome of this case.”

Anyone who is a Permanent Resident Alien, and has been prevented from exercising their second amendment rights, should contact the firearms policy coalition – their contact is in the show notes: https://www.firearmspolicy.org/hotline or (855) 252-4510







The United States Department of Justice has submitted an Amicus Curiae (friend of the court) brief on the New York Rifle and Pistol Club case. The Supreme Court has agreed to decide the case. It will likely be hearing oral arguments on the case in October of 2019.

The brief argues the New York law violates both the right to bear arms outside the 中国体彩官方app and the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution. The brief does not address the right to carry firearms outside the 中国体彩官方app for purposes of defense of self, others, and the community, which is an obvious part of bearing arms. Instead, the brief focuses on the movement of firearms between physical places.

While the brief is careful to avoid entering the discussion of actually carrying firearms generally, the mere fact the U.S. Department of Justice submitted an Amicus Curiae brief in support of the Second Amendment is positive. Too many times, we have seen a Justice Department that appeared outright hostile to the exercise of Second Amendment rights.


John –




The media floods us all with phrases such as “gun violence epidemic” and “gun crime”, designed specifically to make those who are unfamiliar with firearms believe that there is a person with a gun around every corner and that violence is on the rise.

In fact, as the FBI data show, violence of all kinds is steadily decreasing.

Let us tell you about the “two-fifty rule”. Two percent of the counties in America account for fifty percent of all murders in the USA. In fact, fifty percent of US Counties have no murders at all.

It’s always worth looking at the actual numbers. These ones are from an Obama Administration study. There were 38,000 deaths by firearm. Seventy-five percent were suicides. Suicides are tragic, but they aren’t crime-related. Of the remainder, 7,885 were related to gang and drug activity, leaving just under seventeen hundred gun homicides, and that includes justified defensive shootings.

Think about that, in a country中国体彩官方app of well over three hundred million people, excluding gang activity, there are under seventeen hundred gun-related homicides. Does that sound like an epidemic to you?

Read the links in the show notes, decide for yourselves.



Gun Quotes

If you believe in the right to life, then you must believe in the right to have the means to defend that life. – Charley Reese

Hang on everybody, we’ll be back with our guest (Name).


3- Interview 1 Rick Ector of Rick’s firearms academy of Detroit

Wanted 900. Horrible weather, got 814.

Why do you do this?

What do the women experience when they come to your event?

How do you do this? How do you schedule women, instructors, classrooms, ammunition and lanes on a range? How do you load ammunition for 800 newbies?

How has this changed the community in Detroit?

How do people respond when they realize that shooting is relatively simple and not, as you said “rocket science”?

WHat proportion of your women go on to buy guns and become regular shooters?

4- Interview 2

5- DGUs  (at beginning) These discussions are NOT legal advice. Some of us are trainers, but this is not formal training and YOU NEED formal training. The Defensive Gun Use segment is intended as information, NOT as training. As always the opinions of the hosts are only their own opinions and not those of any sponsors or other affiliations.

Gary- McDonough, Georgia

Emir Williams was out walking his 7-year-old Yorkie when suddenly a pit bull terrier ran up and latched onto the smaller dog.  Emir tried to separate them. He was unable to because the pit bull had locked his jaw and would not let the Yorkie go.

Williams went into his house and got his gun, No POGO here.  He then shot the pit bull twice to get him to let go of his dog.

“When the dog came up beside me after being shot twice, I realized that I had to just give him a kill shot, which I thought I did the first two times.”

His dog was dead, but he killed the pit bull because he feared it would attack again.

Other neighbors had filed complaints about the dog.

Rob- pogo

Rob- Phoenix, Arizona

Aaron Ayala left his apartment about 5:30 AM.  A short time later, another man “aggressively” knocked on the door to the apartment.  Ayala’s girlfriend was still 中国体彩官方app at the time. She looked through the peephole and was the man pacing back and forth on the third floor landing.

She went to her bedroom and called Alaya.

“Someone was in the house. I remember hanging up and ran straight over there,” Ayala told Arizona’s Family.

Ayala saw the other man open the front door when he got back to the apartment.  He drew his handgun and ordered intruder to lie on the ground.

He started toward Ayala and then obeyed the commands.

Officers arrived and took the man into custody.

He admitted gaining entry into the apartment through an unlocked kitchen window.


Paul –

Tallahassee, Florida

GRANT – Two men entered a house on Wabash Trail by using the 中国体彩官方appowner’s keys which they had stolen along with the victim’s car, days earlier.  They entered the 中国体彩官方app about 3:40 AM

The 中国体彩官方appowner saw the two armed suspects in the kitchen and retrieved a rifle.  He then fired 25 shots at the two. They returned fire then fled in a stolen car.

They left behind clothing, jewelry and a stolen gun.

A blood trail was noted leaving the house.

About an hour later, Tallahassee Police responded to a report of someone suffering gunshot wounds on South Adams Street.  It was one of the two men. When they questioned him at the hospital, he lied. He told them he was shot by unknown assailants.

A stolen car was recovered later that morning near the other suspect’s 中国体彩官方app. Inside, officers found blood and spent shell casings matching the ones found in the Wabash Trail 中国体彩官方app.

Inside that suspect’s 中国体彩官方app, investigators found stolen property from other crimes, ammunition and two handguns, one of which was stolen.  A third man was charged with possession of a firearm by a felon during the search.


Paul – 25 shots?!?! HOLY COW! How about some marksmanship training? Spray and pray is NEVER a good idea

John – Ruger 10-22 with big mag?

Rob- four on one. At night, low light. The youngest attacker was 16 years old.

John – Hialeah, Florida

We warn about don’t mess with the old guy but sometimes the old guy may be the one doing the messing as well.

The 73-year-old suspect pepper sprayed and punched the 80 year old victim in a Hialeah parking lot on a Friday afternoon.  He demanded the man turn over his money, but Ernesto Del Monte instead pulled out his firearm and fired several shots at the other man.

Riddled with bullets, the would-be robber took off.  Police caught up with him about a half mile away after receiving a call of a man down with multiple gunshot wounds.

He was arrested and charged with armed attempted robbery and burglary with battery.  He was taken to the hospital where he remained in critical condition.


Rob- Old person on blood thinners? A blow to the head?

Grant – were they arguing over a parking place for dinner at 4.30?

Paul – You are never out of the fight until you are unconscious

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6- E-mail, blog notes, and show close

Listener e-mail discussion

Rob- Hi everyone,

I wonder you could kick this around on the podcast.  I was in an online discussion with regard to CCW. I am under the impression that a state’s, or commonwealth’s, CCW is under control of that individual state.  The fellow who joined that discussion, below, now makes me wonder if I really understand. What do you think?

“Correct me if I’m wrong, but whether a state allows CCW in their state is governed by that state.

But if the state allows CCW in their state, the CCW laws/regulations themselves are then governed by the Feds. So to say in a blanket statement that CCW is governed by the state or commonwealth is only a partially correct statement.

In other words…if I apply for my CCL in Ohio which has obviously legalized CCL here…my application and info is not sent to any state department for acceptance/denial but is all handled on the Fed level without regard to state law.”



Rob- No

Paul – There are some federal laws that protect you when traveling but NONE of them apply to carry

John – FOPA 1986

Grant – National reciprocity


Gary- Great show as always.

I’d like to make a suggestion to those who support the second and preserving our freedoms to make a minor change in our vocabulary.

While I agree with Shall Not Be Infringed it does little to advance the narrative to uninformed citizens who get their information via Google Fu, social media, left wing politicians or (gasp) the fake news media outlets like MSNBC, CNN, etc.

Here are current terms and suggested synonyms.  I’d prefer input from your group and the audience as well:

High Capacity magazine :

Standard Capacity Magazine with the emphasis of low capacity magazines where mandated by states in the USSA.

Anti Gun Laws:  Anti self defense laws or unconstitutional disarmament laws of lawful citizens.  Or even 21st century racist laws that disarm minorities and the poor.

Assault Rifle:  this is a hard one to shake.  All I could come up with is 中国体彩官方app invasion defense hardware (bad I know).

On a final note, we’re in an echo chamber.  We need to get those sitting on the fence to understand our perspective.  We are the ambassadors of lawful gun owners so hold yourself to a higher standard.  

Stopping there.  This is long winded enough.


John – Alan Korwin has a list of these. He calls it his politically corrected glossary.

Rob- I write for the middle because those are the minds that can be changed.


Rob- Lasers are hard to use in daylight. They are great to use at short/middle distance in reduced light.

Paul – I really like lasers, however I strongly recommend that you train without them. They are not 100 percent reliable


Grant – lasers are a particular problem for new shooters for two reasons. First, they show every quiver and shake and can prevent a new student from taking a shot because they can’t decide when to shoot. Second, they take away from learning the ability to point  or flash-sight shoot, which is a key defensive handgun skill. I consider them to be a tool for experienced shooters, not beginners.

Paul: Rob, do you have any new posts you want to mention?

Rob- Do guns in your 中国体彩官方app make you safer? That depends.You won’t need one if you’re on an isolated research station in antarctica. You’re much more likely to benefit if you live in Baltimore and your relatives are involved with drugs.  Most of us fall somewhere in between. We know you’re hundreds of times more likely to use your firearm to protect yourself and your family than to have a firearms accident.

We surrendered our right of self-defense in the name of  “public safety”. The right to bear arms was never meant to be convenient for politicians. It is time we defended them, not because they are safe, but because they are virtues.

That article is called Guns Ownership is a Dangerous Virtue.. and we need to defend it

My articles are up at , at , at 2A news and at my blog,  John, tell us what’s new at your blog no lawyers only guns and money.

Since the NRA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis, I have had a of blog posts up regarding the NRA, their, and the of the NRA. It seems the Board of Directors – or at least those that are allowed to speak for it – have and are in a state of denial publicly that there are problems. In my opinion this will only make matters worse. The sooner internal organizational issues are addressed, the better. Furthermore, if we don’t do it ourselves, it is going to get done for us by our enemies and that won’t be pretty. This also emphasizes the need to .

That and more is at

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Paul: That wraps up another episode of the Polite Society Podcast.  I’d like to thank Rick Ector for joining us today. So for Amy, Tracy, Belle, Dana, Gary, John, Rachel, Susan, Grant and Rob,

(Paul, stop talking now)

Rob: Until the next time…

Gary: stay safe,

Grant: be aware,

John: and we’ll see you down the road.