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. He competes in local IDPA matches and is an NRA pistol instructor.



. He collects classic bolt action rifles.




. She is also a Texas CHL instructor and combat weapons instructor.




gary daughertyGary Daugherty is an NRA Certified Instructor for pistol, rifle, shotgun, and refuse to be a victim. He is also a range safety officer. Gary runs the where he offers group and private classes to receive a concealed carry license in Illinois. He takes several classes for continuing education each year. Gary is also the chairman of the Illinois State Rifle Association’s North West Suburban Town Hall.


5 thoughts on “About the Co-Hosts

  1. Folks, thanks for having me on this week. I really appreciate the opportunity.

    I had one fact wrong in our interview, and want to correct the record. I mentioned that it is a felony to carry into a prohibited area in Tennessee. That is only partially correct. The felony charge applies only to government buildings and schools, both government (public), and private.

    It is a misdemeanor charge for carrying in other prohibited, with the maximum fine being $500.00: From TCA 39-17-1359
    (c) (1) It is an offense to possess a weapon in a building or on property that is properly posted in accordance with this section.

    (2) Possession of a weapon on posted property in violation of this section is a Class B misdemeanor punishable by fine only of five hundred dollars ($500).

    Thanks again,


  2. With regard to shoulder holsters, have you thought of contacting Kenn Blanchard, aka the Blackman With a Gun? I am sure I have heard him mentioning using them in one of his past professions.

    Thanks for keeping me company while I am on the road.

  3. Leaving this comment here because I’m not sure my email has gone through (in regards to Susan’s comments a few shows ago):


    Although I have enjoyed your show for some time now, I have never taken the time to write in. On your latest podcast, you mentioned that you had come to appreciate the SR9c after you had the chance to shoot one, and that you planned on picking one up. Will this become a carry piece for you or will it be more of a fun/range gun?

    From what you said about the subject, I assume that you regularly carry a Glock (if I am incorrect in my assumption, then you have my apologies). If you carry a Glock on a regular basis (and train with it, I would suppose) then you have probably gotten accustomed to its point-and-shoot simplicity. Do you have any qualms about carrying the Ruger with its chiclet-sized safety? It’s definitely not the large, can’t-miss-it-sized lever that you would find on a 1911. Do you see yourself training to flick the safety off as you draw it from the holster, or do you think you might just carry it with the safety always off?

    I am curious because I picked up a SR9c on Black Friday, but I am not convinced yet whether I will ever carry it. My normal EDC piece is either an XDS or Ruger LCR, depending on how I have to dress that day, and neither one requires me to consciously think about flipping a lever in order to get the gun ready to fire.

    With respect,

    Dinny in Houston

  4. I have been listening to our podcasts for a while. Love them. you have mentioned the patches whose proceeds go to support paying off Paul’s legal bills. What happened? How do you order a patch. I am usually in the car when I listen to your podcast and can’t take notes.

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