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The Polite Society Podcast is brought to you by our sponsors. They keep the bandwidth coming-

is a partnership of leading Second Amendment civil rights groups across the nation

is a family run business building the highest quality, hand crafted holsters (Use promo code politics for 10% off of your order

provides basic and advanced firearms instruction. See them for your Illinois concealed carry certification! (Email Gary@firearmsafetyinstitute.com for details on getting your Illinois CCw license)

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  1. Hello got your card from the Shot Show. Would like to introduce you to our products. We are relatively new and manufactured in Canada. We can not keep them in house and are moving in the US market very quickly…
    Have a look and love to hear from you. I will attach my intro letter…

    Hello and thank you for connecting with us. My name is Krista Berrigan and I am the VP/owner of Rifle Caddy ltd. Very nice to meet you.

    We are actively searching partnerships for distribution throughout the United States, Europe, and into South Africa. Since our inception and launch of late November 2014 we have found caddies from one side of Canada to the other and in many varieties of towns. We have sold over 4000 units in 9 months.

    We were in backorder for that shipment that arrived in August and we are finally finished our first hunting season with great success. We are now sold out again and taking back order for our production run due mid March 2016.

    The Rifle caddy was created by a hunter for the hunter as a necessity to secure, store, transport hunting rifles in hunting vehicles. The caddy is a simplistic design in nature but excellent in functionality.

    James Parker the inventor and creator has patented the use of a container between the drivers seat and passenger seat of a vehicle used to transport firearms and trademarked the Rifle Caddy. We now we have 4 versions available for purchase. And we are very pleased to announce we are now manufacturing in Canada. We have patent in USA, Canada and International is Patent pending.

    We have recently received interest in the Military, Police and personal armored vehicles and also in third world military of South America. The Rifle Caddy has several applications.

    Please review our website and let us know your thoughts we are always looking for new and exciting avenues to get our Caddy out there. So far the feedback from hunters has been one of delight and excitement. It only takes a second to bang up an expensive rifle, long range scope or the interior of your hunting vehicle. Please note that our (you tube videos) are filmed in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia on unmaintained forest service roads where discharge of firearms on these roads (is legal). We are however not allowed to shoot from our vehicle and all guns are opened bolt and or safetied.

    ****Please note hunters/gun owners must know their regulations each state and province has specific laws for carrying and storage. In most areas hunting rifles are never to be loaded in travel or on road.****

    We have created bays to house ammunition, magazines, binoculars and other articles so they are very accessible and not floating around in your hunting vehicle.


    Krista Berrigan
    VP Rifle Caddy Ltd.

  2. I can’t quite to determine the name of the new sponcer (the trucking company) because he speaks so fast. Can you provide a link for those who might be interested in changing who they drive for?

  3. Hi all! This is Shelley Hill of The Complete Combatant and we just wanted to say a few words on WHY we wanted to sponsor The Polite Society Podcast. We have had the pleasure of listening to them and their guests for a while now and we love that The Polite Society has NO HIDDEN AGENDA. They are here to make us think. They are here to provide us useful information. They are here to help us connect with trainers, instructors, and other professionals that support the 2nd Amendment through interviews. I also like that they separate NEW MEDIA JOURNALISM from their own opinions. Nice job PSP and we support YOU!

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