Episode 374 – Bob Mayne Talks Training

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1- Introduction

“An armed society is a polite society.. and this is the Polite Society Podcast where we support and report on civilian self-defense.”

Paul: Welcome中国体彩官方app to the polite society podcast sponsored by the Firearms Policy Coalition recorded on Thursday April 21st 2016, I’m Paul Lathrop.

Rob: I’m Rob Morse and on tonight’s show we will talk with Instructor and Podcaster Bob Mayne about teaching self – defense.

John: I’m John Richardson, and we’ll talk about a judge who allowed the Sandy Hook lawsuit to continue forward

Rachel: I’m Rachel Malone, and we find out that apparently you CAN get a CCW in New York City, if you pay the price..

Gary: I’m Gary Daugherty and in our DGU segment we have another “Don’t torque off the old guy story! .. so climb aboard

Rachel: strap in

John : and hang on!

Paul: episode 374 of the Polite Society Podcast starts right now.

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Personal news from each participant (when you are done with your segment please ask the next person what has been up with them)


Rob- I did not carry all day every day. I was traveling and I also had to take my wife to the hospital. She is fine, but I had to leave my gun at 中国体彩官方app each time I was in the waiting room. That left me thinking of the doctors I know who are disarmed at work every day. I’m still reading the two books on the second amendment.. And carrying almost every day. We put out another podcast this morning of We had our 6 thousandth download. Oh, and I was on the As you might expect, we talked about self-defense gun stories.


John – I’ve started reading Laura Carno’s new book How Government Ruins Everything and I like it. Having sent in my tax returns on Sunday night, it makes me grit my teeth thinking of all that money being wasted. On a happier note, I will be attending a gathering of gun bloggers in East Tennessee the weekend after next organized by Dennis Badurina of Dragon Leatherworks. I’m trying to decide what to bring in the way of firearms. We will be spending Saturday at the range. I’m still trying to decide what to bring beyond an AR or two and a couple of revolvers. Any suggestions?



  • Much less busy….only like 55 hours of work this week, 1 kid, no football.
  • Almost made it to the range. Well, drove into it, almost made it out of the car to shoot.
  • Considered buying ammo for this really cool course I have coming up in South Dakota
  • Met with an activist to coach her on getting stuff done at the RPT state convention. Realized that’s the kind of thing I live for: helping people find processes to use their skills to accomplish their goals to give their lives meaning. <3

(Bullet strikes again. )


Gary – What training do you have coming up?

Instructors spend time at the range but don’t always get to shoot </3

Ben Branam shared this and what starts as an investigative stop of someone walking down the highway turns into a suicide by cop incident. While the article has many good points, there is one aspect not covered. As we all learned in our concealed carry or MAG40 classes, human nature is to want to explain what happened, but we need to shut up. As a fellow officer removes the officer involved in the shooting from the immediate scene 7:35 into the video the officer starts to explain what happened. The probably senior officer quickly tells him to stop talking, there will be time to talk about it later, as this is what officers are trained to do.

Rob- Would the officer been as accommodating to a civilian involved shooting?


Paul/Susan – Paul – My student tested out and got his own truck yesterday. I am really proud of this guy. He had some real challenges, but worked really hard while he was with me and did what it took. I have rarely had a student with such a great working attitude.


He had the truck driving equivalent of training scars. In a truck you NEVER press on the throttle while you let the clutch out. That’s a great way to ruin a heavy duty clutch in a hurry. Even from a dead stop fully loaded uphill the truck has enough torque at idle to start you rolling just by letting the clutch out. This guy had driven gas engine clutch transmissions all of his life, including racing mud trucks. A gas engine by and large doesn’t have enough torque to do that, so for all of his driving life he had been pressing the accelerator as he let out the clutch, thereby making the truck rock and jolt when he did it in the big truck. It took a LONG time but we were finally able to get that habit broken and a more positive one in place.


Promo about upcoming training classes here.


2- News 1



A Connecticut judge ruled Thursday April 14th that a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the gun used in the Sandy Hook shootings, and other companies, can move forward.

A Connecticut Superior Court judge denied a motion to dismiss the lawsuit against the companies involved in the manufacturing, distribution and sale of the rifle used in the deadly 2012 shootings.

Adam Lanza used a Bushmaster AR-15 rifle in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings on Dec. 14, 2012 to kill 26 people in less than five minutes. The families of the victims, which included 20 children, have sued the maker, distributor and seller of the rifle, arguing that the military-style gun should have never been available for civilians to purchase.

Connecticut State Judge Barbara Bellis rejected the gun companies’ argument that a 2005 federal law can protect gun businesses from civil lawsuits.

“We are thrilled that the gun companies’ motion to dismiss was denied. The families look forward to continuing their fight in court,” Josh Koskoff, the plaintiffs’ lead attorney, said in a statement.

Remington Arms Co., the manufacturer of the rifle, is named in the suit. Also named is Camfour Inc., a distributor of firearms, and the now-defunct Riverview Gun Sales, a dealer in East Windsor, Conn., that sold the rifle to Lanza’s mother in 2010.

Both sides of the case went back to court Tuesday April 19.


Gary – The trial trial begins on April 3, 2018 in two years with monthly meetings at the courthouse plus depositions and discovery; costing money, money and more money. Shortly after then we will hear the tragedy of the families that brought this suit having to pay the legal fees of Remington, although with this judge, she may ignore the law on that point as well.


John – I wouldn’t get too upset about it. All she said was that her court did have jurisdiction. The plaintiffs can still seek a motion to strike which would stop the suit in its tracks.


Rob- A maryland court ruled that ARs are exotic.. Even though they are the most popular rifle sold. This is a judge ruling that there are two classes of US citizens. Government agents can have automatic rifles, and civilians can’t.


Paul – even if this judge rules and finds for the plaintiffs it is likely to be struck down on appeal

John – I’d point out the Maryland ct was a Federal ct and the CT court was at the state level. In the past, the US Atty would have moved to have the case to Federal court.

Rob- Well funded plaintiffs will target small business in order to set a precedent.

from Miggy

A special prosecutor is refusing to charge Ronald Ritchie for the deceptive 911 call that he made that left two people dead in Beavercreek, Ohio in 2014. Put bluntly, Ritchie’s false claims SWATted John Crawford to death, and he’s going to get away with it. A special prosecutor declined to prosecute the 911 caller who reported a man waving a gun in a Beavercreek Wal-Mart before police fatally shot the shopper, who’d picked up an air rifle from a shelf.

Special Prosecutor Mark Piepmeier released the decision on Monday.

In his decision, Piepmeier stated that a Green County grand jury heard all of the evidence of the shooting on Aug. 5, 2014, including the actions of the caller, and had the authority to indict anyone they believed had criminal culpability in the shooting, including the caller. However, the grand jury did not bring charges.

Piepmeier also said, “The original call was basically, ‘I’m at the Beavercreek Walmart and there is a man walking about with a gun in the store.’” The remainder of his conversations was mostly answers in response to questions from a dispatcher.”

Piepmeier’s findings state that the charge of making false alarms requires that the defendant knew the information he was transmitting was false, but Piepmeier did not find any evidence that the caller knew any of the information was false.

Put bluntly, Piepmeier is full of crap.

Ritchie had to know he was exaggerating when he claimed that Crawford was loading the rifle, as the magazine on the BB gun was fixed, and molded into the frame.

Ritchie had to know he was exaggerating—I’d go so far as to opine that he was intentionally lying—when he claimed Crawford pointed the BB gun at people. It simply did not happen in the store’s security camera footage, which was synched to Ritchie’s 911 call.

Thanks to Ritchie’s deceptive call, officers thought they were responding to a real threat instead of a guy holding a product that the store sold who was benignly talking on the phone. As a result, Beavercreek police officer Sean Williams shot Crawford to death while Crawford was on the phone. Security camera footage suggests that Crawford never even knew anyone was there until Williams’ slammed two bullets through his body. A woman named Angela Williams was in the store and panicked when she heard the officer’s gunfire and attempted to flee the store with her children.

Williams had a heart attack and died, another death we can attribute to Ritchie’s deceptive call.

Vile, rabid gun control groups like the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence actively advocate the practice of SWATting gun owners. By refusing to prosecute Ritchie, Special Prosecutor Mark Piepmeier is effectively “green-lighting” SWATting in Ohio.

When the next innocent person is SWATted to death in Ohio, hold the gutless Piepmeier accountable.


John – Not that I like race baiters like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton but why weren’t they involved in this case. A black man was SWATted by a anti-gun white guy. Oh, wait. They favor gun control. Never mind.

Rob- We know the police have no duty to protect. Do police have any duty not to shoot the innocent?

Gary –

John – I just hope Crawford’s family sues the pants off of the SWATter.



. He said that the ministry had learned important lessons from the violent muslim attacks on Paris and on Brussels. The minister guaranteed that police and military anti-terrorism units would now respond to any militant attack in under 20 minutes.


Excuse me? 20 minutes? 20 minutes is a very long time. Twenty minutes is long enough for any terrorist organization to take control of any concert venue, any soccer stadium or any major hotel. They could have killed hundreds of people in 20 minutes. They could have planted bombs and prepared hardened position in 20 minutes. It sound to us that the interior minister didn’t learn his lesson at all.


Comments- The french make such sweet promises, and don’t keep them.

Rob- the lesson for the french people is that their government finds them expendable.

Gary – an armed citizenry are the distributed defense that is always at the scene of the crime.

Rachel – The french could invite a US pizza chain to also deliver guns. That way they would arrive in less than 10 minutes.

Rob- Amazon can deliver guns by drones to disarmed French citizens.


is back in the news. After years of delay, Judge Amy Berman ordered the Department of Justice to produce documents for Congress. The DOJ finally produced 20,000 pages this month. These documents show the corruption we’d always suspected.


Here is a recap before we describe the recent revelations. The Obama administration used the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the State department to run 2000 guns to Mexican drug gangs. Those guns killed hundreds of Mexican citizens and several US border guards.


Obama refused to release documents when the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform tried to investigate. Recent documents show the extraordinary lengths to which senior Department officials went to keep information from Congress. Further, the documents reveal how senior Justice Department officials—including Attorney General Eric Holder—intensely followed and managed an effort to carefully limit and obstruct the information produced to Congress.


Attorney General Eric Holder and his subordinates:

  1. Repeatedly claimed the charges of gunwalking in Arizona were false and refused to adjust the official position even after documents and evidence showed otherwise.
  2. The Obama administration politicized decisions about how and whether to comply with the congressional investigation.
  3. The US department of justice methodically devised strategies to redact or otherwise withhold relevant information about the scandal from Congress and the public.
  4. The DOJ tried to isolate the fallout from the Fast and Furious scandal to ATF leadership and the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Arizona.. Even though the senior officials knew about the operation.
  5. The Obama administration called itself the most transparent administration in history, yet it created a toxic culture of animosity towards congressional oversight.


Gary – We know of a border agent killed because the gun was left at the scene, how many more where the criminal took the gun with him.


John – I’d like to recognize the role that bloggers David Codrea and Mike Vanderboegh played in forcing F&F into the open. Mike, by the way, is in his last days. His docs have given him 4 week or less to live. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.


Rob- Socialists in Congress and the media repeatedly told us that this was partisan Republican muck-raking. It wasn’t. Evidence shows that whistleblowers were right.


It is who you know, and how much you pay them, that counts. Our regular listeners know it is hard to get a permit to own a gun in New York City. It is impossible for ordinary people in the city to get a license to carry a firearm in public. That rule has exceptions for people who are large political donors and for celebrities, but many of these people rent their own armed security details anyway. Lesser human beings like us have to pay off the police.


In this recent case, they paid an orthodox Jew who helped other orthodox jews and other business owners get firearms and concealed carry permits. What they wanted was what we all want, and what most of us in the rest of the United States already have. They wanted the right to keep and bear arms to protect themselves, their family, and their colleagues. In most states that takes a permit application and a couple of dollars. In New York city, it takes a couple months and a pocket full of money for bribes.


Both the middleman and the corrupt police officers were charged.


Rob – New York has a may issue permit scheme. That means it is up to the discretion of the law enforcement officers if they will, or will not, issue a permit. That scheme was used New York City to deny guns to minorities. Now it is used for bribes. The may-issue system works for the police. It works for politicians, and for those with wealth and power. I have to ask, is bribery a fault in the system, or was it there all along, for years and years, exactly by design?


Gary – You and I don’t want corruption, or should I say, more corruption, in the New York City Police Department. It isn’t clear that anyone with a permit committed any criminal act other than having to ransom their rights back from the city. Who is guilty here, the person who took their rights, or the citizen who bought them back?


Paul- I have a prediction. The citizens will be charged and convicted. The police officers will keep their jobs. And the judges will look the other way and continue the May-Issue permit system. That is how prohibition works.


, you would be right. The Chronicle of Higher Education is like the Wall Street Journal for universities. In an article listed under “Advice”, a professor from an unnamed western college using the pseudonym Myrtle Lynn Payne admits she is conflicted about writing a letter of recommendation for teacher credentials for Sarah. You see, Sarah has shot an AK-47 and (gasp) liked it. Moreover, she plans to get her concealed carry permit. While Payne had promised Sarah the letter, now she is unsure because she doesn’t know if she is a gun right advocate or if she is in touch with her emotions. So she is asking her colleagues what to do. What should we tell Myrtle?


John – I have a solution for Myrtle – resign! She is at that college to educate students and not to indoctrinate them. BTW where did she get the name Myrtle? It was my aunt’s name and no girl born in the last 50 years has been named Myrtle.


Rob- I agree with John. The professor is intolerant of a diverse student body. The professor can’t control her bigotry and she should resign or be forced to leave the faculty.


Rachel- I could write a book about all the problems that led to this issue. Instead I’d just like to say, it’s sad that shooting a firearm and enjoying it is such a shocking and strange thing in someone’s mind.

Rob- You write it, Rachel. John and I will post your rant on our blogs.


It’s not just the professors that are anti-rights on the nation’s campuses


Back on April 13th some students at the were holding a protest. Nothing new here right? Well this was an empty holster protest to bring to light the fact that students were defenseless while on campus. One of the students, D.J. Patten, the president of the local chapter of Students for Concealed Carry, was interviewed by campus policeman David Turrpa. Turrpa told the student that since he had been a student there since 2014 he knew that there were rules prohibiting weapons of any kind on the campus, then despite the fact that there are no rules saying that holsters are not allowed on campus he proceeded to cite Patten for violating the student code of conduct by engaging in activities that threaten the safety of the campus community.


Two days later, after the, the chief of campus police called Mr. Patten to tell him that the citation should never have been written and that it was withdrawn. An internal investigation into the matter is being conducted by the campus police and officer Turrpa has been suspended without pay for 5 days.


Paul – please check our show notes and look at the YouTube video. The attitudes shown by the campus police are horrific. I was expecting them to draw down on the 2 students at any second at the beginning of the video. Both of these officers need much more than a 5 day suspension they need to have their next job entail the words “would you like fries with that?”


Rob- One of the shows recent guests has recently been elected as chapter president for Students for Concealed Carry in Florida. Congratulations to Shayna Lopez Rivas.


Gun Quotes

If, in the opinion of the people, the distribution or modification of the constitutional powers be in any particular wrong, let it be corrected by an amendment in the way which the Constitution designates. But let there be no change by usurpation; for though this, in one instance, may be the instrument of good, it is the customary weapon by which free governments are destroyed. ~ George Washington, Farewell Address, 1796


Gary – I found this definition of Usurpation; A wrongful seizure or exercise of authority or privilege belonging to another; an encroachment. Boy those founding fathers had a way with words that needed no explanation and yet our rights are being usurped almost daily by the President, judges and lawmakers alike.


Hang on everybody, we’ll be back with our guest (Name).



4- Interview 1 – Bob Mayne

What makes a good trainer, and why it is important for the trainer to continue to train and to take outside instruction?

Instructors need to train to keep their skills sharp.. At least once a year.

There are advanced techniques.. Techniques that are more than the basics performed to a higher standard.


For someone aspiring to become an instructor, at what point should he consider himself ready to begin teaching? How can he measure his mastery and assess his readiness to begin teaching??


Comments on instructor classes vs. mentoring method to become an instructor?


Why do students finally seek training?



5- Interview 2-

Bob Mayne unhooked

SA vs DA

Blame Ben Branam Sig229 legion

Single action/double action test

How do students select their training? (hollywood or reading M Ayoob?)


What student questions perplex you?


What teachers inspire you?


What students inspire you?

Those who are willing to learn and try


Do most of your students practice between classes?


The guns should your students should avoid.. But don’t?

A gun that doesn’t work and a gun they can’t run.


Bob, I’m going to bug you again about coming to teach in WI/IL


6- DGUs


A man stopped two men assaulting a security guard in the parking lot of a 中国体彩官方app Depot hardware store in Texas. Armed with a pistol, the man held one of the two men at gunpoint until police arrived. The other man was able to flee the scene.

The 中国体彩官方app Depot called the local Amarillo, Tex. police about a robbery, but before they were able to get to the hardware store things had already turned from bad to worse, .

The police confirmed suspect Ricky Solis, 35, took power tools from the store without paying for them. A 中国体彩官方app Depot loss prevention officer approached Solis in the parking lot, who tried to make a run for it.

The guard caught Solis and a fight broke out between the two when a second suspect arrived to help Solis. The second man kicked the guard in the face then went back to his car to get a tire iron.

That’s when help arrived: an armed citizen. Drawing his pistol on the two assailants, he ordered them to get on the ground. The second suspect turned away, got back into his vehicle and fled, but not Solis, who was taken into police custody as soon as they arrived.

Police haven’t released the Good Samaritan’s name but said he kept Solis on the ground at gunpoint while the loss prevention officer used his own cuffs to detain him. No shots were fired and no other people were harmed.

The security guard suffered light injuries that did not need medical attention. The property was returned to the store, and the Amarillo police are still on the lookout for the second suspect who remains at large.

This is a reminder that private, and even public security forces are not always adequate and that no security is faster than personal security.

“This is hardly the first incident at Amarillo, Tex. 中国体彩官方app Depot stores,” . “Police arrested Brett Austin Leake after he stole merchandise and fought back against the loss prevention officer who tried to detain him”

“Police were again called to the Georgia St. store when Clifford Wayne Clardy was caught stealing merchandise and began to fight the loss prevention officer who confronted him.”



Rob- from start to finish-


Kidnapped Jeweler Shoots Driver and Passenger in Car

There’s a knock on your Henderson, Nevada 中国体彩官方app just . There’s a dark sedan parked out front with California plates. Two men say they have your employee zip-tied in the back. There is an implied threat of violence. They want you to come with them. Now.

What do you do? This is Vegas, do you gamble with your life?


It’s rarely a good idea to go anywhere with a kidnapper. Far too often, changing locations with a criminal directly leads to additional violence or death. Many self-defense instructors identify a demand to move as the point where you make your stand for your life, and fight.

However, the owner of a jewelry business voluntarily went with the kidnappers. But, there was another element swinging the probabilities in this life-or-death game. Unbeknownst to the criminals, the man had a hidden ace up his sleeve, or probably inside his waistband. Even at 中国体彩官方app after midnight, the jeweler still carried his concealed firearm. The kidnappers hustled their victim to the car, never expecting he was armed. When they inexplicably seated the jeweler in the back seat with his employee, the die was cast. The car didn’t make it out of the neighborhood before the jeweler drew his weapon and shot the driver and the other kidnapper in the front passenger seat.

The driverless car careened into the side of a house and caught fire. The jeweler and his coworker made it out – the two criminals did not. They were pronounced dead at the scene from multiple close-range gunshots. In this high-stakes poker game, we’ll bet the shots were to the back of the head. Police are speaking with the two survivors and trying to get to the bottom of what happened. It should be obvious that in Sin City Las Vegas, there are a lot of questions still to be answered.

What is known is the importance of POGO(TM): Pants On – Gun On. Carrying a gun late at night in the 中国体彩官方app looks like it just might have saved this man’s life as well as his employee’s.

POGO(TM), it’s just not for the funny pages anymore.


Paul – I want to re-iterate something here. If you are confronted by a bad guy and they want to take you somewhere the time to act is NOW! You likely will never get another chance. The chances of you coming out of it alive are extremely slim. The chances of you coming out of it alive and unharmed are so close to 0 as to be indistinguishable. The bad guys made a major fatal mistake. They let the good guy sit behind them and did not search him for weapons. The good guy here got extremely lucky.


Good thing? Pants on gun on. I already covered the bad things. Anyone else want a crack at this one?


中国体彩官方app Invasion Stopped by Armed Neighbor

A Spring, Texas woman and her children were threatened with death by an who boldly strolled into their 中国体彩官方app. One of her boys escaped the invasion and ran across the street for help. That help came holding a gun. Many minutes closer than the cops, the armed neighbor ran to the defense of the family. He fired several shots, forcing the robber to flee for his life and saving the family. Sean J. Robbins, 28, was arrested several blocks away and has been charged with aggravated robbery and burglary.

We certainly commend the good samaritan for coming to the aid of his neighbors. His heroics came at a significant risk to his life, liberty and wealth. By stepping up, the neighbor saved the family from robbery or much, much worse. Good on you, sir! Yeehaw, Texas! This selfless act is part of the real West that comes with the free, unabridged ownership of firearms.


You listening, Shannon?



Rob- swatted?


Two Good Samaritans Stop a 中国体彩官方app Invasion And Beating

Two good samaritans heeded the desperate coming from a 中国体彩官方app in a quiet Erie, Pennsylvania suburb. They acted decisively, saving the two 中国体彩官方appowners and a kidnapping victim, stopping an interstate crime spree, and wounding the suspect to ensure his final capture. And it was a firearm in law-abiding hands that made it possible.

Kyle Johnson, 25, started his violent spree by assaulting ex-girlfriend Brandi Shakir, 23, a week ago, leaving her with a broken eye socket and two black eyes. Shakir already had a restraining order against Johnson, who gained a felony assault warrant with the beating. None of that paperwork made the slightest bit of difference when he abducted Shakir and torched her mother’s house. Police had been searching unsuccessfully for Johnson and Shakir since Monday morning.

Johnson travelled about 100 miles up the Lake Erie shoreline, where Tuesday morning he broke into a in an upscale Erie, Pennsylvania neighborhood. He confined Shakir in the 中国体彩官方app’s basement, and the violent felon severely beat the woman 中国体彩官方appowner with a tire iron and slashed her with a box cutter. Her husband returned shortly afterward and also fell under the fists of the thug. His cries for help were heard by two brave samaritans, who ran toward the desperate situation. Fortunately, at least one of the neighbors carried a gun. During the altercation, Johnson was shot twice, in shoulder and the leg. The powerfully-built Johnson broke free and ran down a ravine where the partially lame man was finally captured. He was hospitalized and booked for attempted homicide, with many other charges pending. Shakir was also hospitalized, but released later. The female 中国体彩官方appowner is still in critical condition with severe, life-threatening blunt force trauma to the head. Her husband was treated and released. It is not known if the good samaritans were injured.

In a round of mutual governmental butt-patting, the FBI, US Marshals, several police agencies, the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification, CECOMS, and the Ohio turnpike toll booth workers all held press conferences to congratulate themselves and each other for almost ending the crime spree. The pivotal role of the courageous neighbors was largely ignored by the agencies and the establishment media. We suspect it was the critical, correct use of a civilian firearm that caused the media to turn a blind, progressive eye.

Or…. could it be….Shannon? Or her puppeteer, Bloombie?

Rob- time is critical. You’re not equipped to react if you don’t have a firearm on your body.

John – It is good that it happened in PA and not just a bit more up the Lake Erie shoreline in New York where a carry permit would have been harder to obtain.

Absolutely true!

Paul –



Don’t Torque-Off the Old Guy!

And finally, here’s another in our fan-favorite Don’t Torque-Off the Old Guys series.

Ol’ John Adams started shooting relatively late in life. In fact, he waited until he was 61 before pulling his first trigger. His first target — was an .

It was just another slow night at Adams’ Lexington, Tennessee liquor store. That is, until two armed masked men walked in and punched him in the nose. The duo’s’ opening gambit was the typical “I’m gonna rob you, I’m gonna rob you.” “Yeah, right,” thought the jaded old dude. Then — he got slugged in the face. And THAT torqued him off; “I can hurt you if you do crazy stuff to me,” the grizzled Adams said. “I can’t deal with you hitting my mouth.”


He did deal with the life-threatening situation by grabbing a hidden pistol and whistling a slug in the general direction of the thug. “I’m 61, and this is the first time that I’ve ever shot a gun,” admitted Adams. “No wonder I shot the wall, but I really meant to hit him.” <unquote> He really meant to hit him a second time when the grumpy old man chased the pair out onto the street and fired once more, effectively doubling his firearms experience. The light-skinned criminals escaped the rampaging old guy in an older-model Camaro. Still frothing, Adams said, “He hit me like I was a piece of crap.” However, Adams’ two shots likely stopped the quote from being any worse; as in; “He killed the <bleep> out of me.”


While we certainly applaud this geezer-riffic self-defense use of a gun; waiting until an armed confrontation before taking your first shot ever is DEFINITELY not recommended. Training and practice would certainly have helped even the odds when this old guy got torqued-off.


Paul – I am glad that the good guy is okay, however 2 things. #1 get some training! #2 when the bad guys are running away it is time to stop shooting.

John – No one was getting his Pappy van Winkle bourbon!

Funny, CF


Rob- Having a gun does not armed for self-defense anymore than owning an instrument makes me a musician. You must take instruction, train and practice. It is easy.


We post each of our news and defensive gun use articles at Polite Society Podcast.com Please take a minute and share them with a friend.




7- E-mail, blog notes, and show close


Listener e-mail discussion


Voicemail —-


Gary –

Rob – I think you’re trying to solve a training problem with hardware. If you can’t hold, operate or aim a gun then firearms might not be for you. There are 22 magnum semi-auto that I hope you’ll consider.

Rachel: make your decision based on your experience, not merely research. If someone recommends a revolver because he doesn’t think you can operate a semi-auto, test that out yourself.


Listener Text message


Hello all. I just wanted to take a minute and thank you all for the great job you do on the podcast. Have been listening since before you changed the name. Paul, if you ever get out to Rancho Cucamonga in Southern California at the T/A truck stop, I’d love to take you to dinner I am only a couple miles north of there. Thank you for putting out the gun policy coalitions interface on what’s happening in California. Susan, sorry I missed your birthday. I am blind sheepdog on Facebook and have a great time listening to see what you guys are doing. Good luck with mag 40 it seems like a lot of fun wish we could get him out here, but it’s kind of lost cause I think


Continuing, Paul I know you hate the term sheepdog. However, I need to be the sheepdog for my family even though I lost my eyesight 10 years ago. With the background as a gunsmith for 30 some odd years and a believer in preparation. It is I who am spearheading the keeping of food and water for the family and protection equipment and am also an extra class ham radio operator. We lost Charlie foxtrot a while back to the Midwest but we have to hold around here too. All the best to all of you. The name is John.


Paul – Mas will be in Sacramento November 30 through December 3rd with a MAG 40. I put ain the show notes.

Gary –

For Gary –


Listener email


Hello gang,

I really enjoy your show and listen backwards (first the current show, then
the last show I haven’t already heard – I’m now on show 345 from August
30th) to make sure I’m current and am catching up on older shows too.

My purpose for writing is this. I’m looking for a shot timer that would be
able to “hear” the shots of an Airsoft (BB pellet) gun. I use one, along
with paper targets, in my garage, to practice my draw, aim and trigger
control. I’ve tried using a Pocket Pro II shot timer but it doesn’t catch my
shots consistently. I have an Apple i中国体彩官方appPhone App (Sorry about that Paul),
called “Free Shot Timer” that has sensitivity adjustment, but it, too
doesn’t register my shots consistently. Has anyone heard of a product or App
that would be able to pick up the sounds from this practice gun?

Many thanks,

Sent from my i中国体彩官方appPhone – Richard in Kent, WA


Rachel- Richard, that is the perfect type of question to throw to our listeners. Let’s see if someone in the listening audience has an answer for Kent. What shot timer can hear an airsoft gun?

Rob- can you use a remote microphone to catch the airsoft sound?


Paul: Rob, do you have any new posts you want to mention?


Rob- I wrote an article about California’s new gun control legislation. California allowed local pre-emption so cities and counties could pass their own gun laws. As you might expect, these gun control areas are heavily socialist. And, they are experiencing a crime wave. More local regulation, more local crime. One of the reasons the state politicians now spread these failed local policies across the state is to hide their failure at a local level. The article is called My articles are at Clash Daily, at Ammoland and at my blog at


John, tell us what’s new at your blog


I did a blog post today The UN Trust Facility Supporting Cooperation on Arms Regulation is the United Nations agency in charge of managing the Arms Trade Treaty which impacts small arms and ammo with stuff like reloaders being licensed. If given state representative status, then the United States, by law, cannot support their funding. Given Obama how loves left-wing, terrorist supporting Arabs, I might just get my wish.


That and more is at


We would like to thank Rob and Charlie Foxtrot for writing up show notes for us. Even though you don’t hear Charlie on the air he is certainly part of what you do hear. Look at his blog at


Paul: That wraps up another episode of the Polite Society Podcast. I’d like to thank Bob Mayne for joining us today. So for Charlie Foxtrot, Gary, Rob, John, Rachel and Susan,

(Paul, stop talking now)


Rob: Until the next time…

Gary: stay safe,

Rachel: be aware,

John: and we’ll see you down the road.


(after show close) How could we have made this episode better?


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There are , , , , ,, , , , , and


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Episode 373 Laura Carno


Full Episode Download:

1- Open and Personal News Segment

2- News Segment

3- Interview Segment 1: Laura Carno

4- Interview Segment 2: Craig DeLuz

5- DGU Segment:

6- Email and Show Close:


1- Introduction

“An armed society is a polite society.. and this is the Polite Society Podcast where we support and report on civilian self-defense.”

Paul: Welcome中国体彩官方app to the polite society podcast sponsored by the Firearms Policy Coalition recorded on Thursday, April 14th 2016, I’m Paul Lathrop

John: I’m John Richardson and on tonight’s show we talk with Craig DeLuz of the Firearms Policy Coalition about proposed California firearms legislation

Jenna: I’m Jenna Meek and we will also talk with Laura Carno about her new book.

Gary: I’m Gary Daugherty and we will talk about the Northern Marianas Islands passing a one thousand dollar per handgun tax .. so climb aboard

Susan: strap in

John : and hang on!

Paul: episode 373 of the Polite Society Podcast starts right now.

Show intro music.


Personal news from each participant (when you are done with your segment please ask the next person what has been up with them)


JENNA – I have been teaching (when the weather allows, spring in CO is crazy!), writing, I finally got to take a class with John and Vicki Farnam a couple of weeks ago.


John – As I mentioned on the last podcast, I was going to spend the weekend at the Mother Earth News Fair in Asheville. I did and I had a good time. It attracted everyone from hippies in dreadlocks to vets who are into prepping and everyone in between. The only thing that could have made it better is if they had one building devoted to guns! I learned how to tan leather with and without the fur, how to make ginger beer, and, best of all, how to set up a small still.


In gun news, I had an order of AR lowers arrive one of which is going to be made into an AR pistol. It won’t exactly be a SBR but it will be as close as I can come without spending $200 and waiting 6 months! I do have a question for our listeners – has anyone ever used one of the pre-made NFA trusts that many of the dealer peddle for $120 or so? I’m debating going that route before July and the changes coming down the road.


Gary – What training do you have coming up?




Promo about upcoming training classes here.

Live promo – Concealment Solutions deal of the day.


Tease Northern Marianas story


2- News

Northern Marianas passes a strong anti gun law.

Last week we reported that the Marianas Islands had had their ban on handguns struck down. So they did what any freedom hating government would do, they imposed a $1000 per handgun tax. Although that was only the beginning. The new law that was passed unanimously in the Commonwealth Senate and signed by the Governor also creates a ban on all carry outside the 中国体彩官方app and creates a licensing system. Also banned are centerfire rifle cartridges larger than .223 and shotgun shells larger than .410.


Not to worry, the SAF is on the case. Allan Gottlieb that “Our SAF legal team is working on the next step. It seems that the anti-gun rights politicians never learn”


John – I fail to see how a tax of $1000 on a $500 handgun is constitutional. The power to tax is the power to destroy.


Colorado trying to roll back magazine restrictions


In a move almost the polar opposite of what we just reported from the Pacific Islands, the state of passed a bill that would eliminate the magazine capacity restriction that became law recently. The bill now moves to the Colorado House. NRA-ILA is requesting that if you live in the Rocky Mountain state that you get in touch with your representative and urge them to support Senate bill 113.




After backing out of the presidential race Chris Christie actually does something almost right!


on Monday that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie issued new guidelines for obtaining a handun license. One of the several reforms listed in the story was the adding of “Serious threats” to the list of qualifying circumstances in the states may issue permitting process. Up until now the process should have been referred to as may, but almost definitely will not issue.


It is too early to tell whether this will actually make a difference in the state, but time certainly will tell. We would like to remind our Garden State listeners that as with any executive order these can be changed on a whim by the next Governor and so it is crucial to stay involved and keep working to elect pro gun politicians.


John – Christie seems to be getting better even though his Presidential ambitions have been shot down.


Virginia Governor Terry Mcauliffe is asking to get bitch slapped.


reports that Virginia Governor Terry Mcauliffe vetoed legislation that would have allowed people who are victims of domestic violence and have a restraining order to get an instant carry permit.


Now victims of domestic violence must wait the far too long 45 days for the Virginia system to grind its way through the process of issuing a permit before they can defend themselves outside the 中国体彩官方app.


John – The only good thing I can say for Virginians is that they can open carry legally without a permit.


Tease Laura Carno interview




3- Interview 1- Laura Carno


Tonight’s first interview is with Laura Carno. Laura has been a guest here many times and even helped co-host so most of our listeners should know her. Laura wrote a that just released. The title of the book is “Government Ruins Nearly Everything: Reclaiming Social Issues from Uncivil Servants “ Laura, thanks for coming back on the show.


First please tell us a little bit about your book. What are the “social issues” you cover?


Reducing gun violence is of interest to our listeners, tell us more about your approach to that.


You have been getting great reviews on Amazon, I would like to touch on just a few of them.


I made a big mistake when I bought this book…I ONLY BOUGHT TWO COPIES! Now I need to go back and buy some more to send to my friends.

What’s not to like about Laura Carno’s “Government Ruins Nearly Everything.” I liked the Parents Know Best section; I liked the Free Market section; I liked the Strong Marriages section. Actually, I liked the entire book.

Laura mentioned that Millennials want their freedoms. But I’ve observed Millennials want “free stuff.” Which is it? Someone has to pay for it. Laura gets it!

“Government Ruins Nearly Everything” is a must read for anyone who really cares


Second review


Clear thinking, chapter after chapter. Laura talks the right way about issues that usually get folks riled up. And when folks are riled up, they don’t listen to each other. She looks for real answers to some of the thorniest problems we face.

Laura frames issues in a way that’s bigger than a single topic, and gives real ideas for solutions that most people (politicians, especially!) are overlooking.

Practical, thought-provoking, optimistic, and surprisingly compassionate


It looks like you are getting fantastic feedback, I hope that the book’s sales are going as well as the reviews.


How long did the book take to write?


Are there more books on your horizon?


Where can people buy your book?


Tease Craig DeLuz interview

4- Interview 2-


5- DGUs


中国体彩官方app Invader Shot and Killed, Accomplices Charged With His Murder
An attempted of a Columbus, Ohio condo resulted in the death of one robber and murder charges for his two accomplices. Nathaniel Easley, 24, was shot in the resident’s condo, staggered out into the complex and collapsed. Khomary Rand, 23, and Deshawn Lovejoy, 26, left their comrade on the pavement, but were arrested driving very erratically to elude capture, according to police. They have been charged with murder due to their participation in the crime that resulted in Easely’s death. During the altercation, a dog was also shot. The condo resident has not been charged nor identified for his or her protection.

As an apparent result of his choices, Easley left behind his daughter; Nari “Elle, his parents and two siblings.


Elderly Man Shoots Invader
An elderly Missouri man had his lunch interrupted by prepared for violence. Fortunately, he was dining with a firearm.


The man saw someone pull up very close to the house in a truck. The trio immediately started breaking down the front door. The startled resident ran back to the table where he had left his handgun. During that time, the three thugs broke open the door which was only held partially closed by a safety chain. The elderly man fired what he described as a warning shot and saw the pickup truck speed away.

In those confused moments, the 中国体彩官方appowner arrived to find a man lying on his front porch. Police arrived a short time later and pronounce the man dead from a gunshot wound to the head. The deceased was found wearing gloves with an aluminum baseball bat nearby. The elderly man did not know the attacker, but the 中国体彩官方appowner may know of him or his associates. Police are searching for the other two, and are fairly certain they know who they are.

By the evidence, it now seems that the elderly man prevented a robbery and perhaps much worse. Even though his shot was described as a warning shot, police believe he fired in fear for his life. At this time, the house guest is not expected to be charged; but the investigation is ongoing.

Warning shots are seldom a good idea. However, it seems this time the warning shot delivered a very pointed message, one that was justified by the facts.


Paul –


Crime Spree Thwarted By Store Employee With a Gun
A criminal’s crime spree was interrupted by a store employee and her gun. At least five Dayton, Ohio business had been robbed in short order by the same thug. However, things changed when he tried to rob the Sundeck Tanning Salon. Saying “I don’t want any trouble, just give me all the money,” the thief got only a gun to the face as the employee said I don’t think you’re going to get that money today.


The business owner said his employee was a little shaken, but it wasn’t enough to stop her from protecting their business. “She was really upset, but she’s not going to give up our money. This is our season. We’re a small family business. This is what we live off of and she’s not going to give that up.”

We applaud the woman who protected her herself and business with a gun, all without having to fire a shot. You listening out there, Shannon?


Man Turns Gun on 中国体彩官方app Invader

A 51-year-old Rochester man got 中国体彩官方app in time to his 16-year-old daughter from three invaders. However, in the gun-controlled paradise of New York State, he had to obtain the gun he used from one of the thugs.

Around 10:30 at night, three masked and armed robbers broke into the 中国体彩官方app and began assaulting the young girl. The 中国体彩官方appowner came 中国体彩官方app to this desperate situation. During the altercation, he was chased into a backyard and shot in the leg. The owner continued to fight and was able to wrestle a gun away from one of the thugs. That gun was used to incapacitate a suspect.

Police on patrol nearby heard the gunshot and were able to take the teenaged suspect into custody. The thug was hospitalized with facial injuries. The 中国体彩官方appowner was hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries to his lower extremities. The victim’s daughter was also hospitalized for facial injuries. The two remaining invaders remain on the loose.


We congratulate the man for defending his daughter and his life. However, we wish he had the legal ability to carry and employ his own gun, rather than having to get one from the criminal. A criminal, who by the way, had no problem illegally possessing a gun in anti-gun New York.


We post each of our news and defensive gun use articles at Polite Society Podcast.com Please take a minute and share them with a friend.



6- E-mail, blog notes, and show close


Before we get to the email discussion, I want to ask a few things. First PLEASE keep emailing, calling, and texting! The email address is onair@ad7.8f3.myftpupload.com. The 中国体彩官方appPhone number to text or call to leave a voicemail is 605-215-1438. We really do need more feedback.


We got a voice mail from Mel in the midwest




Paul: Rob, do you have any new posts you want to mention?


John – I don’t have any particular blog posts this week I want to point out. I’d just ask the listeners to go to onlygunsandmoney DOT blogspot DOT com to find my blog.


We would like to thank Charlie Foxtrot for writing up show notes for us. Even though you don’t hear him on the air he is certainly part of what you do hear. Look at his blog at


Paul: That wraps up another episode of the Polite Society Podcast. So for Charlie Foxtrot, Gary, Rob, John, Rachel and Susan,

(Paul, stop talking now. NOW, damnit!)




Jenna: Until the next time…

Gary: stay safe,

Susan: be aware,

Johnl: and we’ll see you down the road.


(after show close) How could we have made this episode better?


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Episode 372 – Interview with Alex Kincaid and we get a little crazy in News 1

Full Episode Download:

1- Open and Personal News Segment

2- News Segment

3- News 2 Segment

4- Interview: Alex Kincaid

5- DGU Segment:

6- Email and Show Close:


1- Introduction

“An armed society is a polite society.. and this is the Polite Society Podcast where we support and report on civilian self-defense.”

Paul: Welcome中国体彩官方app to the polite society podcast sponsored by the Firearms Policy Coalition recorded on Thursday April 7th 2016, I’m Paul Lathrop

Rob: I’m Rob Morse and on tonight’s show we talk with Alex Kincaid about recent court decisions affecting Idaho gun laws.

John: I’m John Richardson, We will also talk about my former 中国体彩官方app county in North Carolina that wanted to ban carry in county buildings and parks.

Rachel: I’m Rachel Malone and we’ll announce two more states which have passed Constitutional Carry!

Gary: I’m Gary Daugherty and in one of our Defensive Gun Use stories, a woman interrupts a burglar who is coming into her child’s bedroom window, so climb aboard

Rachel: strap in

Rob : and hang on!

Paul: episode 372 of the Polite Society Podcast starts right now.

Show intro music.


Personal news from each participant (when you are done with your segment please ask the next person what has been up with them)


Rob- I carried every day and all day. Dry fired at 中国体彩官方app and live fired at the range. Released another episode of , and we had our 4000th download today. I’m reading a book on the second amendment by William Weir. I also received Laura Carno’s book, . Voted for NRA board of directors. Ballots are due May 1, so mail them now.


John – Since I was last on, I spent Easter with my granddaughter who is growing by leaps and bounds, blogged some, and worked. Oh, and I won an auction for a rifle that I think was made by the great gunsmith and wildcatter P. O. Ackley. I put my bid in not expecting to win and now it is being shipped to my local FFL. The rifle is in .256 Newton which means I will be reloading for it. The caliber dates from 1916 and was one of the first to break the 3000 ft/sec. Barrier.

This weekend I’ll be going to the Mother Earth News Fair. I know it sounds like Hippie Central but it does draw a lot of preppers. My sister in law will have a booth selling kid’s books.


Rachel – 3 weeks down, 1 to go for spring football (and having two kids around). Last week of middle school choir rehearsals and performances. Not a lot of sleep or shooting. However, I did swing by the A Girl & A Gun meeting a couple weeks ago, and I’ve taught several LTC and Beginner Pistol classes for . More scheduled: April 16 and 18.


Gary – What training do you have coming up?


Rob- South Africa dry fire vs flinch.



Computer issues – if you are registered for the MAG 40 in May, please email me so I have your contact information again.


Promo about upcoming training classes here.

Live promo – Concealment Solutions deal of the day.


2- News


Obama Administration Pro-Crime Initiatives

In the past weeks, the Obama administration has released a series of actions that have direct bearing on the citizens. Largely avoided by the media because of the third-rail nature of the racial politics, these initiatives certainly affect the safety of the Nation’s law abiding.

First, Obama commuted the sentences of another . Most were involved in distribution of large amounts of illegal drugs, but one in five were also sentenced in part for gun crimes. Many others had their gun crimes dismissed as part of the plea deals that put them in prison. Those 61 join another 187 criminals who have benefited from Obama’s hypocritical approach to crime, where he is hard on the law-abiding gun owners and soft on the actual criminals.

Then, Obama’s Department of Housing and Urban Development issued a saying refusing to rent based on a criminal record is a form of racial discrimination. The Fair Housing Act is silent on criminals, but because Blacks and Latinos are arrested at a significantly higher rate than whites, HUD has stretched the law so landlords can no longer use a criminal record to screen applicants. The fact that a criminal record is often a predictor of other undesirable traits must be ignored according to the Federal bureaucracy. Landlords and mortgage providers who violate the administrative decree could face fines in the millions of dollars, depending on the scope of the alleged violations.


Most troubling is the Obama’s Department of Justice’s nine-page to judges around the United States, warning them to limit prosecution of criminals, particularly those of minority status, or risk the loss of federal funding. Municipalities failing to toe the line could see the same type of federal investigations that Ferguson, Missouri endured after the police shooting of black teen Michael Brown. The fact that those shootings were largely found to have been justified, and the municipalities targeted are mostly minority controlled is ignored by the Obama administration.


Obama’s new soft on crime approach directly affects the fabric of American society. It goes against the rule of law and most of the best practices of law enforcement. It reverses the Broken Window policing that has been shown to be so effective. Critically, it extends the hands-off “Ferguson Effect” that is responsible for so many inner city deaths in St Louis, Baltimore, Cleveland, LA and Chicago. Now, the entire nation is subject to the same enforced chaos. The eventual results are easily predictable.


We have alway suggested that our listeners should be prepared to defend their own lives, for when the government can not — or deliberately will not – defend them. Stay armed, stay vigilant, stay capable. Now, more than ever.


Rob- $elective enforcement is like “may issue”. It is a way to get campaign contributions and kickbacks.

John – Most violent crime is tried at the state level. I’d tell Loretta Lynch to keep her money. I’ll stop there because my next comment would not be appropriate for family friendly show.


NJ2AS Gets a Check From New Jersey
This had to have hurt the gun-controlled paradise of New Jersey: The so-called Garden

State had to cough-up a to the New Jersey 2nd Amendment Society. Show friend Frank Fiamingo’s organization received a 100 thousand dollar check for legal fees associated with the state’s refusal to provide a Firearm Investigative Manual in an Open Public Records Act request. New Jersey refused the request in 2011, prompting the lawsuit and damage award. This is the first time in New Jersey history that the state had to write a check to a Second Amendment organization for legal fees. The NJ2AS will continue to fight for additional fees owed it, as well as the full, unredacted Firearm Investigative Manual.


You go, Frank!


John – I love it when anti-gun governments have to cough up cash to 2A organizations. The only part that bothers me is that it comes from all taxpayers and not just the government officials who broke the law.



Paul- let me bring you back up, Florida says that individual mayors and city and county representatives can be held personally liable for pre-empting state gun laws.


Last Handgun Ban in the United States Defeated

Another one bites the dust: the very last one. The last jurisdiction in America to ban handguns had its ban . The Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands lost it’s prohibition of handguns in federal court. The court found the law violated the plaintiffs’ individual right to possess a handgun or other firearm for self-defense as guaranteed by the Second and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution. The plaintiff was attacked and beaten, resulting in injuries including two broken ribs, facial contusions, and a suspected broken orbital bone and eye socket. The court understandably found the law limited the plaintiff’s’ ability to protect themselves and their family in the event of violence.


Let’s see: sunshine, blue water, white sand, coconut drinks, and freedom — what’s not to like!


John – Saipan is the largest island in the Northern Mariana Islands. Let’s remember the over 3,000 Marines who died fighting for it during WW2 so that now they have the same constitutional rights as every other American.




Idaho Approves Constitutional Carry

Formerly famous only for potatoes, Idaho now has another claim to fame: it is now the ninth state to ! Governor Butch Otter signed , the NRA-endorsed permitless carry legislation. On July 1st Idaho will become the ninth state to recognize a citizen’s ability to possess a concealed handgun for self-defense without government-mandated permitting and fees.


Congratulations, Mashers!



Iowans Approve Suppressor Act
Not to be outdone by Idaho’s sudden rush to sanity, Iowans have secured their ability to have suppressors. Governor Terry Branstad just signed the , House File 2279, into law. In the past, Iowans have been denied the use of the commonly available safety equipment that reduces the sound of a gunshot. After three solid years of effort, the bill was passed through a split legislature, powered by a grassroots campaign of social media, e-mails, phone calls, letters and visits. Iowans now can apply to the federal government for the 200 dollar tax stamp, the same as the other 41 states allowing suppressors.

Congratulations to the Iowa Firearms Coalition! We’re heartened that they are seeing this victory as only the first step in protecting and enhancing Iowa citizens 2nd Amendment Rights.

John – Now it is time that the US Congress pass the Federal Hearing Protection Act.

Rachel – suppressors are the polite way of shooting

John – I did a blog post a few years ago that suppressors selling for as low as $39 in New Zealand.


Mississippi Votes For Constitutional Carry
After all the above stories, it’s easy to Imagine Mikey Bloomberg reaching for that gallon bottle of aspirin he keeps on the back of his golden commode. This story from Mississippi can only make it better! The Mississippi House has voted 85-35 to concur with Senate amendments to, sending the to Governor Phil Bryant (R) for his expected signature.


The legislation has advanced despite months of misleading attacks by Bloomberg and his anti-gun shills in the Everytown for Gun Safety and Demanding Mommies groups. The legislation also prohibits state or local enforcement of federal executive orders or agency regulations not approved by Congress which conflict with the Constitution of the United States or the Mississippi Constitution. The act also allows church authorities to designate enhanced carry permit holders or those with military or law enforcement backgrounds to protect places of worship and receive the benefits of the state’s Castle Doctrine.

All in all, quite a package, Mississippi. Congratulations! And Mikey, save some aspirin for Shannon.


Rob- Now I have to read the bills in the Louisiana legislature and see if we can get suppressors legalized.

Rachel: I was hoping Texas could make top 10 or 20…at this rate, we’ll be lucky to make top 45 for Constitutional Carry.

John – Thanks to the Senate committee which added constitutional carry to the bill and to the House for agreeing to these amendments.


Haywood County North Carolina Blinks

Citizens must be forever on-guard when their governments are in session. The good commissioners of Haywood County were considering an ordinance to ban all open and concealed carry in county buildings and parks. That was, until approximately 400 gun rights activists packed the meeting in a show of 1st and 2nd Amendment Freedom. Bloomberg’s astroturf North Carolinians Against Gun Violence failed to put up any credible presence, giving the day to the energized Grass Roots North Carolina group. The county quickly announced that the Haywood County Board of Commissioners will not take any action at their regularly scheduled meeting of Monday, April 4, 2016 on the proposed ordinances for Carrying of Concealed Weapons and Displaying of Firearms …

Congratulations to the GRNC and the pro-gun activists that saved Freedom in the North Carolina county! Keep up the pressure until the commission drops the proposed ordinance entirely. You can’t ever turn your back on those bastards.


John – I lived in Haywood County for 32 years before Barb and I got married. The commissioners also had under consideration an outdoor shooting range ordinance. It was so strict that virtually nowhere in the county would have qualified. What makes this even worse is that all police ranges would be exempted. This was because they would have been out of compliance with the new law which required the range be 300 from the property line and 1/4 mile to the nearest occupied building.


While I didn’t attend the meeting, I did email the commissioners. I did get a response from Commissioner Kevin Ensley, the lone Republican on the board, who said he was in favor of carry in county buildings and parks.


Rachel: at my LTC classes, students always wonder “why that quirky restriction, and not another?” The legislature doesn’t examine every possible law they could make and pass what they want; they make their decision based on the small groups that make the most noise. Let’s be sure that’s us.

Rob- amen. Stand up and make noise.

John – You nailed it.

Gun Quotes


John Kennedy, writing in 1960 posited “fears of governmental tyranny” as the impetus “which gave rise to the Second Amendment” to begin with. And although he believed it “unlikely” that such tyranny “[would] ever be a major danger to our nation,” he said “the Second Amendment will always be important.”

We’ll be right back with an interview with Alex Kincaid discussing recent changes to Idaho gun laws.


NEWS 2 – already recorded and edited –


Hang on everybody, we’ll be back with our defensive gun use.



3- Interview 1- Alex Kincaid

Alex is a firearms attorney, public speaker, second amendment advocate and author of Defending Your Right to Defend Yourself Welcome中国体彩官方app Alex, did I get that right?

  1. Alex, Congratulations to Idaho for enacting permitless carry. Someone posted an article saying that permitless carry is trouble for Idahoans. Could you explain that article and your response?
  2. In Illinois the carry law says I can drive right onto school property with my concealed firearm, would this still be a federal violation for Illinois gun owners?
  3. Massad Ayoob makes a distinction between constitutional carry and permit less carry how do you see that issue?
  4. Permitless carry only applies to Idaho residents.
  5. Where can our listeners find out more about you?


4- Interview 2- Brandon Combs


5- DGUs


Dallas Fort Worth Woman Shoots One Invader – And Runs Out of Ammo

Many internet commandos point out that the average self-defense gunfight last less than 3 rounds. They use that fact to justify firearms with reduced round capacity. A Dallas-Fort Worth woman learned the fallacy of the law of averages when broke down her door. The 61-year-old woman grabbed her gun and shot one of the intruders in the stomach. However, she ran out of bullets shooting at the second suspect. The uninjured burglar attacked her and beat her severely. “He must of heard me clicking it because that’s when he came back and beat me up really bad,” said the woman. The woman suffered a concussion and her face was covered with cuts and bruises. All in all, she probably got off very lucky.

Saul Guzman, 21, was found in a hospital being treated for a non-life threatening gunshot wound to the stomach. Police found a second suspect, Pedro Guzman, also 21, sitting in his car across the street from the hospital. Investigators also found a stolen purse connected to a different burglary inside a trash can nearby. Both suspects were charged with Burglary of Habitation, Felony Theft or Assault, Theft of Firearm, and Burglary of Vehicle.


The victim said she is installing a security system at her 中国体彩官方app and will be buying another gun. “I hope other women will take note,” she said. “I am glad I was able to defend myself.” We’re glad she will be buying another gun; we hope that gun will have more capacity – you just never know when you will be the one of the 50% that exceeds that average round count.


Rob- The average number of attackers is 2.3, so the 中国体彩官方appowner was lucky she didn’t face 3 attackers. Missed shots don’t count. Studying these examples of defensive gun use helps you stay focused and stay on target. And gut shots are quite lethal, but not immediately incapacitating.


Paul is that 5 or 6 shot revolver really enough?

Rachel: we reported recently on a woman who ran out of ammo with a shotgun without hitting her target. She and her infant twins thankfully still escaped with their lives.


Mother Shoots Intruder in Baby’s Room

An intruder got between a momma bear and her cub, and paid the price. An woman heard the sounds of a break-in coming from her baby’s room and armed herself. She surprised the man coming from the room, where he shot first. She returned fire and hit the suspect multiple times. Police took the burglar to the hospital where his condition is unknown. Neither the woman nor her child was injured. William Barnes, 38, has been charged with burglary with a deadly weapon, taking property by force or threatening the use of force while armed, battery by means of a deadly weapon and carrying a handgun without a license.

Police said this type of incident was very rare in the area, which is mostly quiet and residential. The robber was most unusual, as he carried zip ties and a walkie-talkie. Police said they will be investigating this incident aggressively.


Rob- The 中国体彩官方appowner called her husband, then got her gun. That dithering gave the intruder time to enter the child’s room. If she was carrying she might have stopped him from entering the house.


Paul – Walkie talkie means more people were likely involved


Craiglist Date Ends in Gunfire

Now, just who could have seen this coming? A ended in robbery and gunfire. Early Saturday morning a man met met a woman outside a duplex after connecting online. He was walking to an apartment with the woman, when 19-year-old Steven Hurston allegedly appeared with a gun and told him to hand over his money. The victim drew his CCW and fired at Hurston, killing him. The victim called police standing over the robber.


Chattanooga Police say a local couple has been enticing strangers for sex on websites like Craigslist and Backpage. The woman was probably working with Hurston. Police believe this could be the same couple responsible for at least four other incidents since December.


Paul – play stupid games win stupid prizes

Was the woman caught?

Son Defends Mother – and Memory of Father – In 中国体彩官方app Invasion

History repeated itself 50 years later when a during a 中国体彩官方app invasion. This time, it was the invader who suffered the gunshot wound. A 54-year-old Chicago man who had lost his father to a 中国体彩官方app robber 5 decades in the past, defended himself and his 88-year-old mother when a man tried to break into the 中国体彩官方app’s window. “I heard the gunshot,” Tate said. “And then my son called me, ‘Momma, somebody tried to break in the window.'” Police followed a trail of blood and found the 36-year-old wounded man two blocks away. The wounded man was taken to a hospital with a .22 caliber injury to his arm.


The uninjured woman said several of her siblings and children have been killed in gun violence. However, she is glad her son was there and armed with her pistol. “My son said he wasn’t going to let that somebody come in that window. He knew those boys came in the house and killed his father. He wasn’t going to let somebody come in the house and kill me.” However, the old girl said that the intruder was lucky. If she had been the one shooting, she would have shot through the window and hit him in the chest.


Paul – Good on them- but let’s think about a larger caliber than .22.


Chicagoland Street Robbery Fatal to Thug

Also from the mean streets of Chicagoland comes a tale of three men, two guns, and a CCW license.

We post each of our news and defensive gun use articles at Polite Society Podcast.com Please take a minute and share them with a friend.



6- E-mail, blog notes, and show close


Email from Alan in New Jersey




As a resident of a state (NJ) that has a de facto ban on civilian Concealed Carry, what are your thoughts on a “trunk gun”? In accordance with NJ law, I can have an unloaded long gun, in a “secured bag or package” in my vehicle at all times. Handguns are unfortunately trickier, as we are only legally allowed to have them in our vehicle if we are going to/from a gun shop or shooting range.


My opinion on the idea of a trunk gun is that it’s largely worthless, in that if i have the opportunity to escape a situation to grab my rifle from the car, then i have the opportunity to escape the situation PERIOD. If i’m in a mobile situation, it’d be impossible to get to the weapon, charge it, and get it into action and ALSO if the vehicle is still mobile, then getting out of there is the #1 option.


Thanks for listening, and i’m thoroughly enjoying the podcast.


Rob- I agree with you, Alan.

Paul – School active shooter.

Gary –

Rachel – didn’t we have a DGU where the guy defended himself with a trunk gun successfully? Like Paul said…why not have the option? For daily regular carry though, find other legal options

John – In other states, if you are allowed to have a pistol in the car, this might be the case where an AR-15 pistol could come in handy. It would be essentially a PDW.



David from Ohio wrote in as well


Dear Polite Society,

Over Easter weekend we spent time with my wife’s sister’s family on both days. Her sister let’s call K and her husband J. J is definitely middle to the left and comes from a very liberal family so we don’t talk politics much during the holidays. Anyway, Saturday we were talking about the Brussels attack and K and J said (paraphrasing), you have guns. If there is ever an emergency, we will bring our 4 kids over to your house and you will protect us. To which I tried to play it off. Now it is important to point out that J is a doctor so having someone with medical training would be good. But neither have any knowledge of firearms or self defense so handing them a gun would just be dangerous. On Sunday J started talking about how Garland was a good pick for the Supreme Court because he is a “middle of the road” candidate. I told him I thought Garland was a horrible choice and it goes right along with Obama’s anti-gun stance. He replied that I should hope he gets the nomination because Hillary will put someone even worse in. I ended the conversation. So to recap, nominate someone who wants to take guns away. But in case of emergency, run to the person that has them for protection. After all, it’s not your responsibility to protect yourself and family. Yup, sounds liberal to me. Keep up the good work.
David from Ohio


Rachel- As humans, we’re all inconsistent in some way. This kind of inconsistency is easy for us to spot in others. On the positive side, maybe this inconsistency will give you an opening to soften them more to the idea of firearms ownership and use as a positive thing. Maybe they’ll eventually get training themselves to take responsibility for their own kids’ safety.

Rob- Ask them why they want to run to you and your house?


Todd emailed in a comment about a previous episode.


Comment from last week’s show. The 2183 stamp is on the face of the follower; you don’t have to disassemble the mag. However, there may be another solution. I was having trouble with 124 gr HST +P in my G19. I had approx 2300 rds through the gun. I asked the local LE Glock rep about the followers and he recommended a new RSA (recoil spring assembly). He mentioned that in his experience, a new RSA fixed most feeding problems. Sure enough, that fixed my issues with the HST’s. I’m still using 2183 followers in all my CA mags.


Incidentally, if you simply feel like you have to replace them, give Glock a call. They will probably send you a few free of charge.






A Text came in from JP




Hey guys & gals, I have a DGU question. After you stop a 中国体彩官方app invasion and you call the police. What would you advise your family to say to the police? I know you’re suppose to say very little to the police until after I talk with my attorney but my family, what are they suppose to say? I can see how what they say may help or hurt me unintentionally in my defense.


Rob- same rules apply.

Rachel – GREAT point. Talk with your family ahead of time and tell them this.

Gary –



Paul: Rob, do you have any new posts you want to mention?


Rob- I wrote about the messy reality of self-defense and about a few of the times armed civilians saved lives in March. That article and more are posted at Clash Daily, at Ammoland and at my blog


John, tell us what’s new at your blog no lawyers only guns and money


John – It’s been a long show so I just want to point briefly out a post I did today. It is called . It shows the growth of shall issue and permitless carry since 1986. Look at the charts. We are winning.


That and more is at


We would like to thank Charlie Foxtrot for writing up show notes for us. Even though you don’t hear him on the air he is certainly part of what you do hear. Look at his blog at


Paul: That wraps up another episode of the Polite Society Podcast. So for Charlie Foxtrot, Gary, Rob, John, Rachel and Susan,

(Paul, stop talking now)


Rachel: Until the next time…

Gary: stay safe,

Susan: be aware,

Paul: and we’ll see you down the road.