Episode 296 – Round Table Discussion

Introduction “An armed society is a polite society.. and this is the Polite Society Podcast where we support and report on civilian self-defense.”

John: Welcome中国体彩官方app to the polite society podcast presented by the Firearms Policy Coalition recorded live on Wednesday, December 24, 2014. I’m John Richardson
Rob- I’m Rob Morse and on tonights show we’ll talk about the lump of coal left for us by the UN.
Gary D: I’m Gary Daugherty we also cover more on Washington initiative 594. So climb aboard.
Rob: strap in.
John- and hang on! Episode 296 of the Polite Society Podcast starts right now.
Show intro music.

Seg 1- Personal news from each participant

John – No real gun news from me since the weekend. About the only thing gun related is that a shoulder holster arrived from Sportsman’s Guide. It was a Belgian Police surplus holster that cost all of $17. I tried it on and felt so “Miami Vice” with it. I just need my white linen jacket and a pastel colored tee shirt! Oh, and a Bren Ten.
Rob- I stand corrected. New gun springs isn’t a place in Utah. I got them in the mail.
Gary- Not much so far just got into Texas a couple of days ago, but I am seriously looking forward to going to the guntry club called Frisco Gun Club.
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Seg 2- News
1-here is a lump of coal for gun owners’ Christmas stockings: the UN Arms Trade Treaty goes into effect today. It required 50 countries to ratify it before it went into effect and it has 60. Thanks to President Obama, the United States is one of the signatories but the Senate has not ratified it. Major arms manufacturing countries that have not signed it include Russian, Pakistan, China中国体彩官方app, and India. Meanwhile, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany has both signed and ratified it. While the treaty does not directly apply to the United States, and there is little to stop the Obama Administration from adopting regulations based upon the treaty that will impact gun owners.

2- Cifford Tyler was admitted to a hospital for depression after his wife left him. He was treated for less than a month and then released. That was back in the 1980s when treatment for depression did not include the drugs we have today. Today he has no signs of mental illness.

Mister Tyler applied to own a handgun and was denied because of his previous commitment. He appealed the decision. A three judge federal panel of the 6th circuit said that once the citizen is no longer a danger to himself or others. There is a federal appeals process, but that process has never been funded. The judge ruled that citizens retain the right of self-defense even if the government does not properly fund the process to appeal denial due to a mental health commitment.

The case may take several turns-

The federal government could request a rehearing en banc, with all judges in the Sixth Circuit reviewing the three-judge panel’s ruling.
The government could appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.
The government could choose not to challenge the decision and allow the case to be remanded to District Court.
Tyler would still have to prove to the District Court judge, in light of the appellate ruling, that he should be allowed to have a firearm.

If the government contests the case, it could result in a costly legal fight with both sides hiring mental-health experts to offer opinions.

3-Washington state officials ran and hid from Bloomberg’s recently passed initiative 594. The state Attorney General said he has no legal interpretation to offer the public or law enforcement agencies. The AG referred everyone to the text of the measure itself. The Washington Department Of Licensing also referred questions back to local law enforcement agencies, since the local agencies would be the ones enforcing the law. Quote, “the Washington Firearms Program Staff cannot provide legal advice or help the public or (help) licensed firearm dealers (as they) interpret the firearms statutes found in RCW 9.41 or I-594”

Rob- Like Washington DC, we will see the new law used in plea bargains and used to selectively prosecute gun owners who lack legal insurance.

4- Still in Washington State.. anti-rights politicians promised us peace if we would accept a little regulation. We barely paid attention, but most Washington voters said “Sure, that sounds good. Where do we sign?” The latest promise was that armed assault would stop if we only had universal background checks for firearms transfers. It shouldn’t surprise our listeners that crime with a firearm didn’t stop. Violent crime by drug gangs didn’t even slow down. over and over in Washington State . It was a fantasy to think criminals would obey the next gun law after they ignored the previous thousand. It is easy to sell fantasies at the Washington ballot box.. when you have tens of millions of dollars on your side.

5- We told you about the anti-gun video that shows a teenager stealing his parents guns to bring them to school and turn them in. That video was shot in a California charter school. There are no legal exceptions to California gun laws even if you’re shooting an anti-gun video. North Oakland Community Charter School Director Carolyn Gramstorff said the school rented space to San Francisco filmmaker Rejina Sincic but . The school director asked the film’s producer to remove the school’s name in credits at the end of the video. The school director has been ignored.

Rob- A school director with a zero tolerance policy would ask the police to prosecute the director for breaking the law.

6-The many parks in beautiful Knoxville Tennessee are gun free zones. Well, they aren’t really gun free, but there is a thin sign that asks criminals who break the law for a living to stay out of the parks. Meanwhile, this month there have been almost a dozen robberies in nearby areas. Gun Rights advocate Liston Matthews gave Knoxville readers a list of the Aldermen and the Mayor who all supported disarming honest people in Knoxville city parks. Our listeners who travel through East Tennessee can from the link in our show notes.

Thank you, Liston.

7- . The question, “Do you keep loaded guns in your 中国体彩官方app?”, is part of the questions to be asked under ObamaCare aka the Affordable Care Act. Your response to the question will be recorded in your doctor’s office. The Electronic Health Records (EHR) initiative will also make your records available to the Federal government. You are not required to answer the question regarding firearms. For now. If you are wondering why your doctor is suddenly asking these questions, it is because he or she is required to do so by the Federal government if they want to get Medicare reimbursement.

John – My own doc asked me to fill out a new 5-page health questionnaire in November and the guns question was on it. I skipped it. My wife the nurse says the government is into data mining with all these questions and I think she is right.

8- (I felt a great disturbance in the force) There was a disturbance as restrictive gun control laws crumpled in Ohio. Ohio Governor Kasich that both allows hunting with suppressors and requires Ohio sheriffs to sign the federal forms necessary when buying suppressors. The bill did several other things as well. It reduced the number of instruction hours required to get a CCW. It expanded reciprocity with other states. It would also allow non-residents who work in Ohio to apply for Ohio permits. Citizens with valid CCW permits will not have to go through a NICS check when they transfer a firearm in Ohio.

Rob- Good work, Ohio!.

9- Arkansas legislator Representative Jim Dotson reported that concealed carry holders paid millions of dollars more than the state needs to issue permits. Quote, “If we were to reduce the fees even by 50 percent across the board, we would still have an excess of $1 million in revenue being collected from this program.” close quote. The state charges $100 for new license applications, with people over the age of 65 charged $50. A five-year renewal application costs $35. Duplicate licenses and late fees cost $15 each, and a transferred license costs $35.

Rob- You’re charging a fee for a civil right. This right allows citizens to reduce crime and it LOWER the costs to the state. Why are you charging for it at all? Do I have to pay a tax to go to church, or post on the internet?

10- to allow licensed concealed carry of firearms in the State House. They had previously allowed, then banned for the last two years, and are now allowed again. Rep. Joe Pitre (R-Farmington) said, “It’s constitutional..We should be supporting what the Constitution says.” The rule change does not allow either open carry or brandishing in the State House.

11-Gun owners with a concealed carry permit can. This reverses a previous policy that made carry illegal. Those who carry without a concealed-carry weapon permit can be asked by police officers to place their firearms in a gun locker provided by the city. The Gilbert town council updated the code so it reflects a 2006 state law, which requires public establishments to offer gun lockers in places where individuals without permits are banned from carrying their weapons. The Arizona Citizens Defense League tried to enact this same policy into state law. They were unsuccessful. The ACDL press release said “We applaud Councilman Victor Petersen for proposing the new procedure, and thank Mayor John Lewis and the Gilbert Council members who voted for passage of the new ordinance. It’s a great move in the right direction towards eliminating victim disarmament zones.”

Rob- There is a small chance of a negligent discharge any time people handle their firearms. Is that risk offset by the risk of an armed citizen? So far, it looks like it is safer for civilians to leave their firearms in their holsters.

12- This firearms news item lands close to 中国体彩官方app. The US Defense advanced projects research agency said it will To offer some perspective, the bullet drops about eight feet in flight. The high-technology project is called Exacto. Each bullet is fitted with a sensor which works in tune with a laser. DARPA public affairs said the agency was not releasing any information at this time other than what was on its website.

Rob- I watched this movie once where a defense contractor worked on bullets that receive a laser beam and curve in flight. That must be why this seems really familiar. There aren’t many things around your house that you can load into a 50 cal and have them work when they reach the end of the barrel. Maybe a paperweight would still work, but this bullet has to be way smarter than a paperweight.. at least in this movie I saw.

13-A federal grand jury indicted a former law enforcement officer in Puerto Rico. He was . Sergio Marrero was a Puerto Rico Police Department lieutenant in charge of detectives in the northern city of Bayamón. The lieutenant forged firearms training documents for clients, going so far as to use the notary seal of a deceased attorney and the superintendent of police to help obtain notoriously hard to get concealed carry permits. Puerto Rico has some of the strictest gun laws in the U.S. Puerto Rico has a murder rate that is six times the rate for the rest of the US. That puts the Puerto Rico murder rate on par with Mexico.

Rob- another failed gun free zone.

14-This next story was sent to us by listener Anthony. or spent components. A lower court had previously dismissed a lawsuit by the Center for Biological Diversity. They wanted the EPA to regulate lead ammunition under the Toxic Substances Control Act. That act specifically exempts arms and ammunition from the oversight of the EPA. , “”Given that bullets and shot can become spent only if they are first contained in a cartridge or shell and then fired from a weapon,” the environmental groups “have identified no way in which EPA could regulate spent bullets and shot without also regulating cartridges and shells.”

Gun Quotes- This quote comes from an age when police departments were switching from revolvers to semi-automatic handguns. Quote “Back when we audited the FBI academy in 1947, I was told that I ought not to use my (1911) pistol in their training program because it was not fair. Maybe the first thing one should demand of his sidearm is that it be unfair.”- That was Lieutenant Colonel Jeff Cooper who founded what became the Gunsite Training Center in Paulden, Arizona.

Hang on everybody, we’ll be back after this
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Segment 3 Interviews
Round table discussion- What should a friend do if a gun owner is ill? We met family and friends over the holidays. If my friend is struggling with depression, serious illness, chronic pain, divorce or addiction, then I want to hold his guns. I want to help him get well, and that means I want to hold his firearms until he recovers.

Paul said he wouldn’t act unless someone was obviously suicidal or mentally unstable.

-Some of my gifts to my family were not the right size. Similarly, we will see guns that don’t fit the new gun owner. What is your advice to the new gun owner who wonders if this is the right gun for them?

Paul said shoot it, (preferably with a QUALIFIED instructor that shoots far better than you do.

-Ambassadors- What is a good ambassador? Please download Tom Gresham’s gun talk episode for the 14th of December and listen to his after show segment. Tom talks about gun clubs promoting firearms online. In contrast, some gun clubs, gun stores and second amendment activist organization don’t want to be on Facebook. Some don’t want to tweet. That is like being a used car dealer and not wanting a billboard because “All our friends already know who we are.” Yes, some of us gun guys have blind spots that big.

A salesman and minister wear a sport coat. A doctor and dentist wear a lab coat. A personal trainer has his uniform too, and it is different from the car salesman’s. Each has the uniform of their profession. They dress, look and act that way for a reason. What would you do if you wanted more people to join your local gun group? How would you dress? Where would you go? What would you say? As an example, I rolled an airplane into a shopping mall to invite people to join a flying club.

Paul- I think attitude is more important than appearance. Attitudes that I would like ambassadors to exude.. a) Professional b) polite c) humble (at least not a braggart)

John- the reason that I *don’t* belong to the Asheville Rifle and Pistol Club anymore is that they are stuck in the 1950s. They prohibit “human silhouette” targets, suppressors, etc. There is no practical pistol competition or steel targets. They punch “official target” paper and that is it.

Segment 4 DGUs

-This first story is from Center Point Alabama. Derrick Graham was resting with his 1-year-old son when he heard a noise. At first, the thought it was his wife coming 中国体彩官方app, so he ignored it. The sound continued and Mister Graham walked into the kitchen. There he found glass all over the floor from the broken back window. That is when Mr Graham heard sounds coming from his daughter’s room. He grabbed his firearm and saw 21-year-old Deontre Johnson trying to get out the backdoor with stolen property. Two other men were outside waiting for the stolen goods. Police arrived and arrested Johnson for burglary and theft of property. He remains in the Jefferson County Jail.

Graham says it was tough keeping his young son away from the suspect. But it’s also what kept him from shooting. “I didn’t want (my son) growing up thinking his dad had killed or whatever. But at that time, it might be what you have to do. If it happens again, he might not be so lucky.”

-An elderly 中国体彩官方appowner in Cool Ridge, West Virginia heard someone try to enter her 中国体彩官方app just after dark. The 中国体彩官方appowner called police. She also called out that the 中国体彩官方app was occupied. The intruder continued to try doors and windows to get inside. The police are not expected to file any charges against the 中国体彩官方appowner. Neighbors were shocked that someone would try to break into a 中国体彩官方app in their upscale neighborhood. As Stephen Wegener says, How often does someone get murdered in a nice neighborhood? Just like anywhere else – only once.

-24-year-old Osama Bayazid runs a clothing store in Kansas City, Missouri. Two men waited outside for an hour and a half before they came into the store and tried to rob Bayazid at gunpoint. Both the robber and Bayazid were wounded. Bayazid was wounded nine times. None of the bullets hit major arteries or vital organs. He is now listed in stable condition. Surveillance video showed the robber’s two accomplices diving into silver two-door car as the shooting started. Police are still looking for them.

– after she attacked him inside his own establishment. The owner of the 601 Bar told investigators he was armed with a handgun, had a permit to carry and had just shot a woman who was assaulting him.. The 33-year old woman was taken to the University of Pennsylvania Hospital with a graze wound to her thigh. The bar owner was taken to Mercy Philadelphia Hospital for the treatment of bruises and several human bites that he suffered during the attack. No charges had yet been filed in the case. An investigation remained ongoing with police. Pennsylvania does not ban licensed carry where alcohol is served.

-If you intend to rob a store using a pellet gun, don’t go to one where the clerk is armed with a real firearm. when he tried to rob the Meat Market in Daytona Beach, FL. The clerk then pulled out a gun and fired a shot at the suspect who promptly ran out of the store. As the robber was leaving, he attempted to carjack the store owner’s wife who was just arriving at the store. The clerk fired another shot at the suspect who dropped his pellet gun and ran away. That second shot struck her car door, but police said they do not know if any of the rounds struck the suspect as no blood was found at the scene.

-This story was sent to us by listener Greg. A 16-year-old from Middletown, Ohio tried to rob someone at gunpoint. The teen wanted to buy some new athletic shoes. Rather than wait in line, the teen along with two of his friends tried to rob customers as they came out of the shoe store. One of the customers was a concealed carry holder. Jawaad A. Jabbar was pronounced dead at a local hospital after being . The concealed carry holder and witnesses remained at the scene. The two other robbers fled, but were arrested. The father of one of the arrested teens said he was confused by his son’s actions because his son had the money to buy the new athletic shoes. Police Sgt. Jay Phares said. “What’s tragic is that somebody lost their life over tennis shoes.”

We post each of our news and defensive gun use articles at Polite Society Podcast.com Please take a minute and share them with a friend.
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Segment 5 Show close
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Rob, do you have any new posts you want to mention?

Rob- They promised us peace.

John: That wraps up another episode of the Polite Society Podcast. I’d like to thank Miguel Gonzales and John and Mike Willett for joining us today. co-hosts, will you be with us next time? I’m looking forward to it. Until the next time…
Rob: stay safe,
Gary: be aware,
John: and we’ll see you down the road.

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Episode 295 – Stop Killing Cops

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“An armed society is a polite society.. and this is the Polite Society Podcast where we support and report on civilian self-defense.”

Paul: Welcome中国体彩官方app to the polite society podcast presented by the Firearms Policy Coalition recorded live on Sunday, December 21st, 2014. I’m Paul Lathrop
John: I’m John Richardson, and we’ll talk about police officers shot in the line of duty.
Rob: I’m Rob Morse and we report on another store clerk who defended himself in an armed robbery.. again. These store clerks are becoming veteran gunfighters.
Gary D: I’m Gary Daugherty we also cover the mugging of Rahm Emanuel’s son in Chicago , so climb aboard.
John: strap in
Rob: and hang on!
Paul: Because episode 295 of the Polite Society Podcast starts right now.

Show intro music.

Seg 1- Personal news from each participant
Rob- Dry Practice. Nothing else. I meant to donate to Regis Giles movie, but I didn’t.
John – I added a Swiss Schmidt Rubin 1896/11 straight-pull rifle to my collection. I first heard about this rifle in a discussion by Ian McCollum on The Gun Nation podcast. Those Swiss soldiers must have been stout fellows because this rifle weighs 10 pounds and has a 30 1/2 ” barrel! Supposedly, they are very accurate but I haven’t had a chance to check that out yet.
(Weekend shows only) I am going to insert a live promo about upcoming training classes in Sioux Falls here.

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Seg 2- News

1) -We want to lead off today’s news segment on a bit of a sad note. Over the last 24 hours 3 police officers have lost their lives while performing their job. Two officers in New York City were murdered execution style . Officers Winjian Liu and Rafael Ramos lost their lives when a thug ambushed them and murdered them execution style. Both officers were struck in the head and died from their wounds. The murderer was 28-year-old Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley. The murderer took his own life when police approached him as he fled. He had previously posted threats against police on social media.

Meanwhile in Tarpon Springs Florida, Officer Charles Kondek was killed in the line of duty Sunday morning. We have always been pro law enforcement here and will continue to be so. Policing is difficult job that is largely thankless. We would like to offer our condolences to the families and to all law enforcement officers everywhere.

John- As may be expected, on the NRA.

Rob- A NAACP press release today says the killing of two NYPD police officers is just a “stark example of the need for sensible gun control measures.”

Also, as mayor Deblasio and his entourage snaked through a jammed third-floor corridor at Woodhull Hospital, where just hours earlier, scores of grieving cops faced the walls and away from the leader they believe has failed them.

-12 no neighborhood is safe.. in Chicago. Yesterday evening, Mayor Emanuel’s son Zach was during which his phone was stolen,” Kelley Quinn said. “He sustained injuries that required medical treatment. Two people approached the teenager from behind as he was walking and talking on his cell phone. One of the assailants “placed his arm around the victim’s neck in a bear chokehold.” Then, the other attacker punched Zach Emanuel in the face, knocking him to the ground, the report said.

According to the police, the teenager dropped his phone, and his attackers took it, then patted him down and asked, “What else you got?”

They forced him “to enter his security code to unlock the phone” and ran off.

2)-There is a special kind of stupid that they save for New Jersey Politicians. Marcus Hubbard and three other men were in a car that ran a red light in Trenton, New Jersey. A policeman pulled them over. The cops found a stolen handgun in a seatback pocket and a prescription bottle of codeine. after none of them took responsibility for the items. There is one additional item of interest. Marcus Hubbard can barely stand and has no use of his arms. He wasn’t driving the car since he injured his spine in a car accident months earlier. He may also have Lou Gehrig’s disease. He is usually moved around while someone else pushes his wheelchair. Quote “He cannot move his arms. They are useless to him.” He has been hospitalized while in protective custody since his arrest in August. There is stupid, and then there is New Jersey’s brand of bonus stupid.

Comment- Wow, I feel so much safer now that New Jersey has strict anti-gun laws.

Paul comment – Something doesn’t quite smell right here. If he has almost no use of his arms he COULDN’T have had a drivers license unless the loss of the use of the arms came from the car accident. If it was long term – like from the Lou Gehrig’s disease – he would have lost or given up his license. Regardless in his current condition he should not have been charged.

3)- We like to think that we dig a little deeper to bring you accurate and important news. Unfortunately, we live in an age of headline surfing. That means lots of people make decisions based on first impressions. That is why the anti-gun groups chose their names-

the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence
the Violence Policy Center
the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence
the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence

Note that none of these organizations actually advocates for enforcement of the 23 thousand existing firearms laws. None of them offer or promote firearms safety classes that would stop accidents. They simply advocate another restriction on firearms owners.. over and over again. Their names are lies, and so are their press releases. They wildly inflate the number of school shootings and victims because they need the emotional outrage in order to pass another law. In an amazing and accidental flash of honesty, these anti-gun groups will admit that their new laws will do nothing to stop the tragedies they use to pass the next anti-gun law. They never call it “gun control”. They carefully call it That is their focus group tested marketing phrase.

Comment- Even their name is a lie. They call themselves a “campaign” or a “center”. In fact they are a few advocates funded by wealthy donors.
Comment- You are our best ambassador for the right to keep and bear arms. You are the secret antidote to their propaganda.
Comment- Unless you have a billion dollars. Then we can use a few million.
Comment- We can use a few million people giving $50 each.


4)-Recent public polls have shown the steady increase in support for firearms ownership. Part of that is driven by mass media and the distortions it creates. The media distorts reality when one in a million people are hurt by a riot but the riot receives weeks of coverage. Perhaps that is one reason we see increased support for firearms ownership. Another is our increasing distrust of government institutions. In any case, there has been some push back from the mainstream media to discredit the poll results. Now that , they are saying we should ask different questions to give them the anti-gun answers they prefer. Here is something they won’t tell you. Pew has been asking the same question for the last 21 year. The people in favor of gun control fell from a peak of 66 percent to a current low of 46 percent.

Comment- try and spin that one, Bloomberg.
Comment- He will.

5)-Another anti-gun group was formed.. in the strangest way. Bloomberg’s Mayors against illegal guns has mostly been discredited. It is now derided as Bloomberg’s illegal mayors against guns because so many of its members have been arrested. Last week, a handful of state legislators from across the country中国体彩官方app gathered at the National Press Club in Washington, DC to announce the creation of American State Legislators for Gun Violence Prevention.

The group claims to be non-partisan, but they will push new gun restrictions at the state level. Fine, it is simply another Bloomberg funded anti gun group, but the coalition has one huge problem. They say they have members from all 50 states but the group will not release its membership list. It is unethical for a secretive group to use government money and attack our constitutional rights.

Comment- I bet this is simply a way for a hand full of Bloomberg sock puppets to tell the media that they have many followers.
Comment- You can’t get a membership list from Bloomberg’s Illegal Mayor’s website any longer either.
Comment- The mainstream media will report what they are told by an anti-gun group without asking questions.

5A- Here is more from an anti-gun filmmaker. In this short youtube video, a boy steals an unholstered and presumably loaded firearm from his mother’s room. Then he drops it unsecured into his bookbag. Next, the takes the bookbag to school. After class the boy pulls the pistol out of his bookbag and puts it on his startled teacher’s desk, saying, “Can you take this away? I don’t feel safe with a gun in my house.”

This is a fantasy video by director Rejina Sincic. She advocates that teens commit multiple felonies. Several of these crimes could get children killed. All of this because of the hoplophobes irrational fear of firearms. In the real world the student would be charged with felony weapons theft, unlawful possession of a weapon by a minor, illegal concealed carry of a weapon, carrying a weapon onto school property, assault, and brandishing a firearm. He would be expelled from school and jailed. This is the fantasy behavior that the filmmaker hopes children will emulate.

6)-This story is actually about the media too, but you have to listen all the way to the end. To start, it won’t surprise you that another gun from the fast and furious scandal turned up at a crime scene in the US. That is what we’d expect with thousands of guns sold to criminal gangs. It won’t surprise you that the department of justice hid that fact. It won’t surprise you that it took an investigative reporting organization like to get the crime scene evidence and to match the firearms serial numbers. The US justice department is not about to come forward and say, ‘Yep, those gang hits last year were committed with a gun we deliberately sold to criminals.. One of 40 guns we let walk in a single day.’

This particular gun was a semi-auto style AK. Two rival gang members were shot in Phoenix, Arizona where the gun was recovered. What might surprise you is the silence from the media. The story was covered by the Daily Mail in Britain, and by Breitbart news in the US.

7)-We’ve covered the bizarre prosecution of military veterans in the District of Columbia for having so much as a single empty shell casing. Oh, the horror. Contrast that with how NBC news announcer David Gregory was treated after he waved an illegal 30 round magazine around on-air from his DC studio. Unlike the spent shell casing, the illegal ammunition magazine was fully functional. That same action would put you or I in jail. Well, it is good to be part of the mainstream media if you’re going to break DC gun laws. Fortunately, legal investigations leave a broad trail of documents. The conservative legal blog “Legal Insurrection” by Cornell Professor William Jacobson wanted to see those investigatory documents. With the help of Judicial Watch, they filed a freedom of information request to see them. DC refused to hand them over until a judge ordered them to do so. Professor Jacobson has .

NBC News was warned by the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department that possession of the magazine was illegal, and advised to use a photo of the magazine, but not the real thing in the DC studios. DC Attorney General, Irvin Nathan, noted the clear violation of the law, and decided not to prosecute Gregory or anyone else at NBC News for the violation. DC prosecutes poor people who do not have the financial means to mount a strong legal defense, but they ignore firearms violations by major news organizations.

President Ulysses S Grant said “ I know no method to secure the repeal of bad or obnoxious laws so effective as their stringent execution.” That is because everyone would soon see the law’s injustice. In contrast, the best way to sustain an obscene law is to enforce it selectively against the defenseless. That intimidates the honest citizens and satisfies the politically powerful.
Comment- Which condition do you think best fits the DC government and its gun laws?


8)- A federal statute allows retired law enforcement officers to carry anywhere in the United States. The idea behind that law is that a policeman or corrections officer has made a life time of enemies. Unfortunately, these officers need department approval to apply for the federal carry permit. That is what happened to Robert Smith. He retired from the D.C. Jail six years ago. He can have a gun in his 中国体彩官方app, thanks to the Heller ruling by the US Supreme court, but the District denies him a federal permit that would be recognized if Mr. Smith went to Maryland or Virginia. Mr. Smith and three other retired corrections employees have and opened the debate repeated across the country中国体彩官方app. It is not clear if the federal Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act applies to jail staff and parole officers. Smith has also applied for a concealed carry permit under a new set of regulations approved by the D.C. Council, but it’s unclear whether he will qualify under the strict rules that require a person to show a specific documented by police reports.

Rob- Comment- Smith was paid by the district, and now is ignored by them. Welcome中国体彩官方app, Mr. Robert Smith, to how the rest of us civilians are treated by your former employer.

9)-The gun-control paradise of California has an A-rating by the Brady Campaign. That severely limits how honest civilians buy and sell firearms. Less so the police. A Northern California police commander. Commander John Nyunt of the Pacific Grove Police Department admitted to stealing rifles, shotguns and semi-automatic pistols from the Monterey Peninsula College Police Academy when it closed. Nyunt was an instructor at the academy and accepted the guns as a donation on behalf of his department. He accepted the donation knowing that the Pacific Grove Police Department did not want the firearms and probably could not sell them. Commander Nyunt sold most of the arms through a licensed firearms dealer, and sold five of them through person to person sales. Nyum also operated as a private investigator and used the police department’s investigative software for his personal business. Nyunt pleaded guilty to extortion and wire fraud.

10)- A student in upstate New York has won the right to have a photo of her posing with a rifle included as her senior portrait in the yearbook. Rebecca Rorick, selected a picture that showed her posing while out hunting with her dog and with a rifle in her left hand. They showed the school board a 2012 yearbook photo which showed another high school senior holding a rifle beside a deer. The school board has a policy against weapons, but Superintendent Stephen Tomlinson said he didn’t have an issue with this particular photo. “She is not holding the gun in a malicious manner. She is not pointing it anywhere. It’s to me, in my opinion, a nice photograph of a young lady in the Adirondack region that enjoys hunting.” The board sided with Rorick and her father, and so

Rob comment- Why was this ever a question? More of my highschool friends were killed or injured in cars and on motorcycles than with firearms. Despite that, we were allowed to bring cars on campus and were taught auto repair on campus. My highschool friends died swimming, but we had a high school swimming pool and a swim team. More people are injured playing high school school football or cheerleading than are injured by high school target shooting. The reason we outlawed one and not the other is simply bigotry.

11-David Leyonhjelm is an Australian Senator. He said Australia has been turned into . This week’s cafe siege would have been less likely to happen if the gunman thought his hostages might be carrying concealed weapons. Quote, “That nutcase who held them all hostage wouldn’t have known that they were armed and bad guys don’t like to be shot back at. We are all disarmed victims” and that’s unacceptable.

Cafe hostages Tori Johnson and Katrina Dawson shot by the Muslim terrorist moments before police stormed the shop and killed the gunman. “It would have been illegal for the two dead hostages to have a knife, a stick, a pepper spray, a personal Taser, mace, anything like that for self-defence. To turn an entire population into a nation of victims is just unforgivable.”

rob’s comment- Anti-gun Australian politicians will call for more gun control and more money for government security. They don’t let a crisis go to waste.. even in Australia. We disarmed you, now pay us more to protect you.

12- Eric Dietz is a Ph.D. and also the former director of 中国体彩官方appland Security for the state of Indiana. He is now a professor at Purdue University, and he wanted to find out if armed citizens could prevent deaths in mass public shootings. He researched the last 60 years of mass shootings and discovered that only two of them occurred where guns can be carried legally. That blows apart the anti-gun argument claiming more guns means more mass shootings. Gun ownership increased by 61% in the last 8 years. but violent crimes decreased by 13%.

He examined several scenarios and determined that the most crucial aspect is time. The more time a shooter has, the more people will die.

13- Families of some of the victims of the Newtown massacre against firearms manufacturer Bushmaster, and others in the retail supply chain whom they could blame for the murders at Sandy Hook. One of the allegations in the lawsuit claims that the Bushmaster AR-15 rifle used in the attack should not have been available to the public because it was

Here’s a news flash for you: nearly every firearm…ever…originated as a military arm. Don’t believe me? Let’s look at some examples.

Behold, the American flintlock long rifle.
The first lever action rifle to enjoy much success was the Henry rifle, introduced in 1860 and used by some Union Army units during the Civil War.
Care to guess how the Colt Single Action Army revolver got its name? If you said, “because it was a pistol used by the Army,” go to the head of the class!
One of the most well-known military pistols, and a personal favorite of mine is the famous M1911 pistol, adopted by the U.S. Army as its standard service pistol in…you guessed it…1911. Even the round it fired, the .45 ACP, was designed specifically for military use.
They say that the AR-15 was originally made for the military, and I suppose that is true. The 1950’s technology of the AR-15 eventually morphed into the M-16 rifle which began being issued to the U.S. military in 1962.
Today, I couldn’t name all the companies making a variant of the AR-15. It is the single most popular rifle sold in America today.

Gun Quotes

The limitation of tyrants is the endurance of those they oppose. — Frederick Douglass
Hang on everybody, we’ll be right back after this
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Segment 3 Interviews
Segment 4 DGUs

– last Saturday and then returned to Esteves 中国体彩官方app in River Ridge, Louisiana. Around 4am Sunday, they were awakened by Ms. Collins’ ex-boyfriend Bobby Edler. He ordered them out of bed at gunpoint and then forced Collins towards the front door. Esteves was able to retrieve his shotgun and fired at Edler from the second floor balcony. This gave Ms. Collins a chance to escape and she ran to neighbors to call 9-1-1. When police arrived, they found Edler dead and Esteves wounded in the arm. No charges have been brought against Mr. Esteves as it appeared it he acted in self-defense.

–, and another man invaded a 中国体彩官方app in Indianapolis. This proved fatal for Twyman as the 中国体彩官方appowner was armed. Twyman was shot in the stomach and later died at Community East Hospital. The 中国体彩官方appowner and his fiancee were unharmed in the attack. The other suspect is still on the loose but is reported known to police. No charges are pending against the 中国体彩官方appowner.

-Grayson Matthews, a store clerk in Hamilton, Ohio, has been robbed twice in the last three years at gunpoint while working at his brother’s store. Fortunately, both times he was armed and was able to defend himself. took for a shotgun at him while he demanded more money. Matthews was able to get to his .38 revolver and shot the robber in the shoulder. and attempted to rob it. Gunfire ensued and one of the robbers later turned up at the hospital with a gunshot wound to the head. Matthews was shot in the arm and was taken to the University of Cincinnati Hospital for treatment. Detectives are still investigating the incident.

We post each of our news and defensive gun use articles at Polite Society Podcast.com Please take a minute and share them with a friend.

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Tips and tricks

Segment 5 Show close
Listener e-mail discussion
Voice mail from Greg in Bremerton.
Email from Ken in Arizona

Hi, Paul. My friend just outside of Melbourne (the one in Australia, not the one in Florida), sent me this story. I hadn’t heard about it, but thought you’d find it of interest.

Ken Silva
Phoenix, AZ
Free State

PS Martha McSally was declared the winner against the Gabby Giffords Proxy in Tucson. YAY!
PPS Merry Christmas, all of you guys.

Begin forwarded message:

From: “Barry Davidson” <bkdavo@bigpond.com>
Subject: FW: Natural causes

Date: December 20, 2014 2:17:10 AM MST

To: <avlisk@cox.net>

Hi again Ken. Just received this one also. You’ve probably seen it or heard about it but I’ll send it anyway just in case. The “68” rounds made me smile. I wonder how many our terrorist had in him. And I wonder if our cops used all up the rounds they had. No doubt this will come out eventually. In my humble opinion they deserved everything they both got.

Subject: Fw: Natural causes

Looks like Florida has a sheriff like Arizona has . . .

Polk County Florida Sheriff – “You kill a policeman it means no arrest…no rights… no negotiations…nothing but as many bullets as we can shoot into you….”


An illegal alien, in Polk County , Florida , who got pulled over in a routine traffic stop, ended up”executing” the deputy who stopped him. The deputy was shot eight times, including once behind his right ear at close range. Another deputy was wounded and a police dog killed.

The murderer was found hiding in a wooded area. As soon as he took a shot at the SWAT team, officers opened fire on him. They hit the guy 68 times.

Naturally, the media went nuts and asked why they had to shoot the poor, undocumented immigrant 68 times.

Sheriff Grady Judd told the Orlando Sentinel: “Because that’s all the ammunition we had.”

The Coroner also reported that the illegal alien died of natural causes. When asked by a reporter how that could be, since there were 68 bullet wounds in his body, he simply replied . . ..”When you are shot 68 times you are naturally going die.”

-This is from Doctor John in Texas.


Did you guys cover the lame duck Senate confirmation of Vivek Murthy as Surgeon General? Please ask people (especially health care workers) to go to for more info. Also we need physicians and other health workers to get involved with Congressmen and Senators to monitor (oversight) Dr. Murthy’s activities.



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Paul: That wraps up another episode of the Polite Society Podcast. I’d like to thank (Guests) for joining us today. co-hosts, will you be with us next time? I’m looking forward to it. Until the next time…
Rob: stay safe,
Rachel: be aware,
John: and we’ll see you down the road.

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Episode 294 – Stephen Halbrook and Regis Giles

“An armed society is a polite society.. and this is the Polite Society Podcast where we support and report on civilian self-defense.”
Rob- Welcome中国体彩官方app to the polite society podcast powered by the Firearms Policy Coalition. We’re recording live on Wednesday, December 17th, 2014. I’m Rob Morse.
John- I’m John Richardson, and we’ll talk with Stephen Halbrook about nazi gun control laws and the Jewish Holocaust.
Rachel- I’m Rachel Malone, and we have Regis Giles with us to talk about her website and a movie called Girls Just Wann’a Have Guns- the real war on women.
Rob- Of course, we have our usual news and defensive gun use stories, so climb aboard.
Rachel- strap in
John- and hang on! Because episode 294 of the Polite Society Podcast starts right now.

Show intro music.
Seg 1- Personal news from each participant
John- Welcome中国体彩官方app to the polite society podcast powered by the Firearms Policy Coalition. Nothing really gun related to report since Sunday. It has been mostly work and a business planning meeting with my boss. I’m still looking for the very lightweight stock for my AR that I’ve misplaced. How is that I can find stuff easily when it is piled up but never when things have been restored to their proper place and order? Hmm.

Rachel-Politics (the stuff I do because I have to): went to a new-senator forum and was very pleased with Senator Creighton’s understanding of Vermont-style carry; met with a handful of reps & senators offices prepping for the next session. Shooting (the stuff I do because I want to): taught a rifle marksmanship course at Battle Road USA for my militia group. Almost half scored riflemen, including several at full-distance. Great gunpowder fix.

Rob- I’ve had two christmas parties at my house. About 100 guests on Sunday, and another 80 last night. Other than that, I’ve been editing podcasts and writing. Umm. Wait. That isn’t true. A friend is having a red-dot installed on his 1911. We went to a Alpha-Omega Armory in El Cajon. They were awesome. There was not a trace of gun guy curmudgeon among them. I have not touched hardware since Saturday. I ordered a new recoil spring.

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Seg 2- News

Welcome中国体彩官方app to the polite society podcast powered by the Firearms Policy Coalition.
Rachel, would you explain the difference between open carry and constitutional carry.

open carry: deals with the method of carry. It allows you to carry guns without concealing. Unless otherwise specified, you would still have to have a license just as you would if you were concealed carrying.

constitutional carry– (vermont-style carry): This acknowledges that the constitution is our “carry permit,” so to speak. It allows us to carry guns without a permit. I like to explain it essentially as being able to carry “what I what, where I want, how I want, no permit required.” The key thing here is being able to carry open or concealed without a permit. Some states have partial constitutional carry – i.e., permitless carry only if you’re open carrying (but not if you’re concealing).

One potential issue with constitutional carry is losing reciprocity with other states. I promote constitutional carry but I’d like to keep the permit system – not as a requirement for carrying, but to keep reciprocity and to be able to use a CHL for gun purchases.

1-Wouldn’t it be great if your gun club did something nice for the community? Well here is a club with some imagination. Sandy Springs Gun Club and Range was having their usual holiday food drive for a local pantry. This year, was a little different. If you donated cash or cans, you got to The suburban Atlanta gun club provided an AK, an AR, a SCAR and some shotguns for the photos. One participant said, “You don’t often get to pose with Santa with a gun so I thought it was a great opportunity to have one taken to send to my family and friends.” Kids could be in the photo, but only the adults were allowed to hold the firearms. The event was scheduled from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. but ran longer due to the large response. One of the club organizers said, “I think it’s important to note Santa goes to the mall. Santa goes to car dealerships. He goes to sporting events and now Santa’s coming here.. we just happen to be a gun club and range.”Gagunclub1640

2-A student at Chanute Elementary School was suspended last week over possession of an empty rifle shell casing on school grounds. . The student’s mother, Deana Carlson of Chanute, Kansas, thinks the suspension was inappropriate. Carlson said her son, Camron, was out with her the night before while she was shoooting. That is when Camron picked up one of the empty shell casings and put it in his pocket. She said “There was no threat at school. My child’s never been in a fight. He was just being a boy and bragging because it’s cool.” Principal Gary Wheeler that the incident could lead to a 168-day suspension, but they could possibly reduce it to five days if he spoke to Superintendent James Hardy.

Rob- If an elementary school principal treated me that way, I’d walk into his office with a pocket full of casings, dump them on his desk and then walk 中国体彩官方app. See you next life, Mr. Principal.. but that is just me.

3-Washington State gun owners It rained on their rally since they scheduled it in Olympia in December. Attendance estimates ranged from 1000 to 3000. Most of the attendees were carrying long guns or handguns. Violating the new Washington initiative 594, most gun owners handed their firearms back and forth. The initiative requires a federal firearms background check for casual contact of a firearm. Other than being felony illegal, the rally was absolutely peaceful.

John- Comment- The next rally is in mid january. Bring a raincoat, but show up.

3A- Also in Washington.. The top law enforcers of Lewis County are making bold statements regarding the recently enacted gun background check Initiative 594. Sheriff-elect Rob Snaza and prosecutor Jonathan Meyer of Lewis County saying they won’t be going out and prosecuting people who inadvertently violate the background check law. Quote “We wanted to make sure that the citizens of Lewis County knew that we weren’t looking to make criminals out of ordinary citizens. We’re not going to try to trap citizens into transferring a gun to a friend and then try to nab them on a violation of 594. That’s not what we’re interested in.” Close quote.

4- A muslim terrorist took about 17 hostage in a Sydney, Australia coffee shop last week. Some of the hostages eventually escaped, and the terrorist was only killed Unfortunately, the honest Australian citizens held as hostages were disarmed by their government and helpless to defend themselves or others. The terrorists had a shotgun in gun free Australia. I can see that you’re shocked. Don’t be. It could happen in any gun-free city in America.

John – comment – While it was first reported that he had a gun permit, New South Wales police officials say no. So again, terrorists get guns, honest people don’t.

Rachel- but not in Texas. In Texas we have guns.

4A- Since you mentioned Texas, someday Texas gun owners could have a tax holiday of their own. There is already a popular tax free weekend for school supplies, clothes, and other related items in August leading up to the beginning of the school year. A proposed tax holiday bill would establish the last weekend in August (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) as a tax-free holiday for guns, ammo, gun cleaning supplies and hunting supplies.

Republican State Representative Jeff Leach of Plano authored the bill.
Rob- I wish I lived in Texas.. or Oklahoma.. or Kansas.. or Arizona.. or..
Rachel- that’s pretty cool, but I hope that lawmakers don’t tout that as “meaningful gun legislation” they’re passing to distract us from the other stuff they want to block.

5-This isn’t Texas, but a judge on the Connecticut supreme court gets it.. finally.. at least a little. Here is a story about . The judge say that police carry guns, knives, batons, tasers and mace. The police only issue a permit for firearms. Knives are less dangerous than guns. Batons are less dangerous than knives. Tasers and mace are less dangerous than batons. All the other tools on the use of force continuum are less dangerous than firearms.

The state argues that these tools are so dangerous they require regulation, registration and prohibition. At the same time, the state argues they are so safe compared to firearms that their prohibition is not an infringement on the right of self-defense.

The judge said firearms are protected, therefore these lesser articles are also protected by the right to keep and bear arms. Quote, Post-Heller case law supports the commonsense conclusion that the core right to possess a protected weapon in the 中国体彩官方app for self-defense necessarily entails the right.. to engage in activities necessary to enable possession in the 中国体彩官方app. Thus, the safe transportation of weapons protected by the second amendment is an essential corollary of the right to possess them in the 中国体彩官方app for self-defense when such transportation is necessary.. The judge overturned an earlier conviction.


6-The next several stories are from Washington DC. Human rights advocate and journalist Emily Miller documented the process of applying for a concealed carry permit in the district. So far, the police received 47 completed applications. Police Chief Cathy Lanier has approved only two people to legally carry a gun.

To fill out part of the application, Miss MIller went to a police station to pull her police reports. She had One was an anonymous phone threat. The second was a scary letter she received. Her third example of “special danger” was from the FBI. The FBI notified all media outlets in late October that there was a specific threat from a terrorist group against all American reporters. Good luck, Emily.

Rachel- many times, the day is won by those who are best at telling the story. Thanks to Emily for sharing her story to help others understand.

7-I looked for and couldn’t find it. Dean Weingarten did, and he posted it at Ammoland and at his blog site called Thank you, Dean.

Attorney Alan Gura filed a motion for contempt in the legal case of Palmer versus DC. The court found that the district denied the right of self-defense when it eliminated concealed carry permits for average citizen. The District’s new laws again make it almost impossible for ordinary citizens to legally carry concealed. The case for contempt hinges on the reasons why.

Attorney Gura argued that the court already said there is a right to armed self-defense in public. The court admitted that the District can ask for registration to eliminate criminals and the insane from carrying. Instead, the district claimed that anyone who carries is a threat to public safety, and therefore the applicant for a permit has to show particular need in the face of a special danger to themselves. Gura said the City cannot respond by enacting a licensing system that does not treat the carrying of handguns as a right. They enacted a licensing system that facially and specifically precludes the general community from applying. They can’t then claim compliance with the court’s orders.

Quote “This claim (by the district) is nothing more than an assertion that carrying a handgun for self-defense, which this Court recognized as a constitutional right, is harmful to society, and therefore, the Defendants have an interest in limiting its exercise per se. No constitutional right could survive this sort of claim. The Fourth Amendment, without question, imposes severe restrictions upon the police’s ability to detect and prevent crime. Does that mean that only a select few, as opposed to the community at large, might have “good reason” to be secured against unreasonable searches and seizures? .. A law that deliberately targets the right’s exercise cannot be constitutional, under intermediate or any other form of scrutiny, because the government cannot have an interest in eliminating a fundamental right, and targeting a right cannot be proper tailoring (of its application).”

John- The DC attorney general decided to limit citizens rights with his phone and his pen. Maybe a judge will stop him.

8-The US Senate confirmed Murthy was confirmed in a 53-41 vote. Republican Mark Kirk, of Illinois voted for Murthy. West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin did not nor did Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota or Joe Donnelly of Indiana. Doctor Murthy is best known for running a campaign arm of President Obama’s successful election efforts.

John- You get to be an ambassador if you bundle campaign donations. Murthy had to settle for being appointed Surgeon General with his very meager medical career.

9-Oozing down the Potomac.. Anti gun Virginia delegate Joseph Morrissey was . Delegate Morrissey at first denied having sex with his 17 year old receptionist. Morrissey was charged after the girls dad wondered why his daughter was called to the delegates house at midnight to discuss a quote “very sensitive legal matter”. Morrissey also claimed his phone and the girl’s phone were hacked, and that the hacker put her 15 nude photos and text messages on his phone. Morrissey was given a 12-month jail sentence. He refused to resign his seat in the virginia house of delegates. Morrissey has no explanation how the hacker also got his receptionist pregnant.

He even looks like Anthony Weiner.joe-morrissey

10-The U.S. Senate approved a trillion dollar budget appropriation for 2015. This pile of pork included a few bits of A provision in the appropriation prevents the Environmental Protection Agency from banning traditional lead ammunition. It also includes 22 million dollars for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to cut down their backlog of unprocessed firearms applications.

11-In Washington, DC, it pays to follow the money. The liberal group Media Matters has hounded John Lott. Dr. Lott collected his rebuttals to their attacks and put the rebuttals in one place for us to see. Lott calls out Media Matters for . They make a fantastic claim of bias, and then ignore the rebuttal. They publish the headlines, but never report on the truth. We’ve had Doctor Lott on this podcast, and he knows his facts like no one else.

Rachel- I’ve seen that in Texas politics. They come up with a sensational story that discredits the good guys, and even fi they come back later with a correction of facts, the damage is already done.
John- Media Matters is funded by moveon.org, the joyce foundation and george soros.

12-Speaking of biased news sources.. a public broadcasting website started an online poll about gun control. It is called a push poll and works like this. “Here are all the great things that gun control says it does. Here are the other great states who already enacted gun control. Here are the celebrities who say gun-control both tastes great and is less filling. Click here if you’d like some gun control in your state too.”

They wrapped it up in the prettiest words they could find.. only the poll didn’t work. No one wants it. Maybe this is a matter of timing. We’ve seen the riots in Ferguson and the hostage murders in Sydney.

13–. Retired Air Force Col. Martha McSally was declared the winner in the race for Gabby Giffords’ old Congressional seat. She had faced incumbent Rep. Ron Barber who had been a district organizer for Giffords before she was attacked. Giffords and her Americans for Responsible Solutions poured tons of money into this race to defeat McSally and elect Barber. McSally’s win was close – 167 votes. It will give Republicans their largest majority in the House in 83 years.

14- John-We interviewed Doris Montrose a few weeks ago. She started the organization Jews Can Shoot. She contacted us and mentioned they are having, California on January 4th. Links are in our show notes.

Gun Quotes

Rachel- This quote is from Thomas Jefferson again. The issue today is the same as it has been throughout all history. Whether man shall be allowed to govern himself, or be ruled by a small elite. Hang on everybody, we’ll be back after this

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Segment 3 Interviews
Stephen at 8:30 pm eastern time.

STEPHEN P. HALBROOK is a Second Amendment scholar and attorney. He has argued and won 3 cases before the US Supreme Court including Printz v. US which established that Congress could not compel the states to administer the Brady Act as it would be a violation of the 10th Amendment.

Dr. Halbrook is the author of eight books including most recently He holds a Ph.D. in philosophy from Florida State University and a law degree from Georgetown University Law Center. Dr. Halbrook is in private law practice in Virginia.

Welcome中国体彩官方app, Dr. Halbrook. Thank you for joining us on the Polite Society Podcast.

The Nazis prohibited firearms ownership by “social undesirables”. Jews soon found themselves included as undesirables. Why did it take so long for that story to come out? Were the documents there and just ignored or were they more recently discovered?

In the early pages of your book you discuss the Weimar Republic’s 1928 law that established registration and licensing of firearms and ammunition. Did this provide the basis for the measures the Nazis later enacted?
Once Hitler and the Nazis were in power, how did they expand the gun control laws of the Weimar Republic?
Was the disarming of the Jews by the Weapons Law of 1938 a necessary prerequisite to Kristallnacht or, in English, the Night of Broken Glass or would it have occurred anyway?
It has been my understanding that Sen. Thomas Dodd based the Gun Control Act of 1968 upon the Nazi law. Is this correct and what can we as Americans learn from the experience of the Jews and other groups under the Third Reich?

Regis Giles at 9:15 eastern time.
Regis Giles hunts large and dangerous game, and she hunts large and dangerous stories on her website, Girls just wanna have guns. She is also featured in an indygogo funding campaign for a new movie.
Welcome中国体彩官方app, Regis, Please tell our listeners about your background.
Women are at the center of gun culture 2.0
Changing attitudes from the women’s movement and women’s independence.
Other movies the producer/director have done Paul Zudd, Beverly Zaslow, Craig Berman.
Are there other celebrities involved?
Websites where people can find your work.
How is the fundraising campaign going? (We’ve raised X out of the Y we need.)
Where they can donate to the movie-
There are usually premiums or prizes if you donate to a crowdsourced film. What are you offering?
if donate enough you can become one of the producers on the movie
you can go on an african safari
a boar hunt
deep sea fishing
private screening
self-defense lessons taught by you.
for only $250, you get your name listed in the movie credits, you get entered in an AR15 drawing, and you get three sets of the DVDs when they come out.
When does the fundraising campaign end- January 2

Segment 4 DGUs

1-A man broke into a 中国体彩官方app in River Ridge, Louisiana. He ordered his ex girlfriend out of bed at gunpoint. Her current boyfriend retrieved his shotgun and . The ex-boyfriend.. on the way to being her ex-anything, shot the current boyfriend in the arm before he collapsed. Police pronounced the wounded ex-boyfriend dead at the scene.

2-Two thieves entered the 12th street market in Hamilton, Ohio. They demanded the money in the till and pointed a gun at the clerk. The clerk drew his own firearm and The thieves fled. The clerk was wounded under his arm and transported to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. A short time later a man arrived at an area hospital with a gunshot wound to the head. After his initial treatment, doctors also referred the man to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and reported the incident to police. The store owner said the clerk was his brother, and had been in a gunfight at the store only two years ago.

3-This story nearly reported itself. Three thieves smashed their way into the Wyatt’s 中国体彩官方app and stole two televisions and the families christmas presents. All this activity was caught on their surveillance cameras. The cameras also showed the get-away car. Two days later, a TV crew was interviewing the Wyatts about the break in, when the family saw the get-away car drive past their house again. They gave chase and Unknown to the Wyatts, the police were in the area after a second reported burglary, and the police found those stolen items in the thieves get away car. If you’re a thief, stay out of Jefferson, County, Alabama.

4-A 中国体彩官方appowner in Jefferson County, Colorado heard his dog bark. The 中国体彩官方appowner then saw a man crawling through the dog door of his house. The 中国体彩官方appowner yelled for the man to stop. The 中国体彩官方appowner then ran to his bedroom and retrieved his firearm. The intruder chased the 中国体彩官方appowner up stairs. The 中国体彩官方appowner then ran to a neighbor’s house where he called the police. The coroner said he would test the dead intruder for drugs. The sheriff’s office said they would not press charges against the 中国体彩官方appowner.

5-Two thieves tried to break into a 中国体彩官方app in Clarion County, Pennsylvania. The 中国体彩官方appowner confronted them, and one of the thieves raised a sledgehammer to threaten the 中国体彩官方appowner. The 63 year old 中国体彩官方appowner drew his handgun and The second thief ran away. Police took the wounded thief to Presbyterian Hospital in Pittsburgh where he is reported in stable condition.

6-Two brothers tried to break into a 中国体彩官方app near Charlotte, North Carolina. The older brother had already been arrested for breaking and entering. He was scheduled to go on trial in late January. The younger brother did not have a criminal record.. until now. This particular house had been broken into before. This time was different. A 14 year old boy was 中国体彩官方app with his grandmother. They heard the intruders break a window at the back of the house. They yelled that they were armed and asked the intruders to go away. The other intruder ran away to leave his younger brother to die at the scene.

The 14 year old grandson knew about violence. His father was a car mechanic. His father was shot in a robbery. His dad was shot while he was working on a car at his shop. Police later arrested the older of the two intruders.

7-Sometimes the criminals shoot first. Three armed and masked robbers walked into a gas station in Canton, Ohio. They began shooting at the clerk and his boss. The clerk was armed and shot back. Those two died at the scene. The third criminal escaped. The two robbers both had criminal records. The store clerk was taken to the hospital to treat his leg wound.

The story doesn’t stop there. The store clerk and the store owner have received death threats after the shooting. The store clerk is now in protective custody. Ohio Carry helped organize a rally, and a crowd of approximately fifty came out to support the clerk. Quote, “We’re not going to roll over and allow our families to be hurt” members talked about firearm education. They also supported the store owner who allowed the clerk to carry his weapon. Ohio Carry raised enough money to provide the clerk with a new weapon, holster and ammunition since the clerk’s weapon was seized for evidence in the shooting.

8-, North Carolina 中国体彩官方app, he thought his aunt’s 88 y.o. mom had fallen down the stairs. Investigating, he saw his front door being kicked in. Jaccob, an Army vet who had served in Afghanistan, ran to his bedroom and retrieved his shotgun. That is when one of the burglars yelled, “He’s got a gun” and gunfire was exchanged. Police arrested Patrick Neal Lackey Jr., 28, of nearby Trinity on Monday. They are still looking for two more suspects. Lackey, who has an extensive felony record, was charged with felony first-degree burglary, armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill.

9- An armed robber wore a mask and carried a shotgun into a Las Cruces, New Mexico smoke shop. The robber also wore a hoodie and disposable gloves. He wasn’t there to pick up a free pack of matches. Instead, he pointed the shotgun at one of the employees and demanded cash from the store’s cash register. The thief was distracted for a moment, and a store employee grabbed a handgun they kept behind the counter. The clerk fired several shots at the robber. Then, the store employees ran out the back of the store.

24 year old Luciano Acuna was pronounced dead at the scene. The shotgun was reported as stolen. Four years ago, the robber was arrested and pled guilty to armed robbery with a deadly weapon. Police said no charges are expected to be filed against the store clerk.

We post each of our news and defensive gun use articles at Polite Society Podcast.com Please take a minute and share them with a friend.

rachel- break

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Rob, do you have any new posts you want to mention?

My article is out about protecting our schools and churches. It is up at Ammoland and my blog. They also picked it up at JPFO.

John do you want to mention anything off of your blog No Lawyers, Only Guns and Money?

I noted that many supposedly pro-gun Senators who were now lame ducks supported Murthy. This included Mark Pryor of Arkansas, Kay Hagan of NC, Mary Landrieu of LA, and Mark Begich of Alaska. When it counted and when there was no penalty for them anymore, they reverted to their anti-gun ways.

Rob: That wraps up another episode of the Polite Society Podcast. I’d like to thank Stephen Halbrook and Regis Giles for joining us today. John, will you join us this weekend? Rachel, will you? I’ll see you there. Until next time.. stay safe,

John- be aware,
Rachel: and we’ll see y’all down the road.

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Episode 293 – Opinions Changing on Gun Ownership

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“An armed society is a polite society.. and this is the Polite Society Podcast where we support and report on civilian self-defense.”

Paul: Welcome中国体彩官方app to the polite society podcast presented by the Firearms Policy Coalition recorded live on Sunday, December 14th, 2014. I’m Paul Lathrop
John: I’m John Richardson, and we’ll talk about a change in attitudes towards gun control.
Rob: I’m Rob Morse and gun owners are finally getting some love in the polls.
Gary D: I’m Gary Daugherty and in DGUs we also cover a 74 year old that fought back, so climb aboard
John: strap in
Rob: and hang on!
Paul: Episode 293 of the Polite Society Podcast starts right now.
Show intro music.

Seg 1- Personal news from each participant

Rob- IDPA cancelled due to mud. Dry practiced with a friend. That included slow and perfect presentations, perfect trigger presses, and then presentations with a timer. I continued the “isometric” exercises by holding a gun in the perfect shooting posture and grip. I did that with the pistol and rifle. Ouch.
John – I put on my new Magpul handguards on my lightweight AR that I’m working on. I have a Minimalist stock for it – I just need to find where I put it! Other than that, it was the end of the semester and I was grading exams, posting grades, etc.
Gary- New PD ammo finally showed up
Rob- We get to brag on Rachel, even though she isn’t here. She was in a
(Weekend shows only) I am going to insert a live promo about upcoming training classes in Sioux Falls here.

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Seg 2- News
John 1-Your efforts are paying off. We said that every gun owner is an ambassador for the right to keep and bear arms. Gun ownership is up, and so is the opinion of our fellow americans about owning firearms. Pew Research has polled public opinion about guns for at least twenty years. For the first time there is Today, 52% say it is more important to protect the right of Americans to own guns, while 46% say it is more important to control gun ownership. Polling showed a significant dip in support for gun ownership immediately after the Newtown school murders. Those murders occurred two years ago today.

The latest national survey asked whether gun ownership in this country中国体彩官方app does more to protect people or put people’s safety at risk. 57 percent, nearly six-in-ten of us, say gun ownership does more to protect people from becoming victims of crime, while 38% say it does more to endanger personal safety.

That is true for blacks as well as whites. Currently, 54% of blacks say gun ownership does more to protect people than endanger personal safety. That percentage has doubled since the Newtown murders. By contrast, there was only a 10 percent dip in support for firearms ownership after newtown. The difference in opinion based on political affiliation has grown over the last two years.

2-A Firearms Instructor in Georgia was told to remove his NRA Instructor hat when he went to vote. Now he is as well as election officials in Douglas County for violating his civil rights. Southeastern Legal Foundation filed the lawsuit on behalf of Bundy Cobb. Mr. Cobb is an Army veteran who owns and runs a self-defense firearms school called True Aim Defense.

After producing his ID, as required at the polling place, a poll monitor told Cobb he had to take off the NRA hat in order to vote. When Cobb questioned the poll worker, he was told that wearing the hat constituted electioneering because “the NRA is perceived to be associated with Republicans.” But Cobb says his hat has nothing to do with political affiliation. He wears the hat because it promotes his gun safety instruction business.

Quote “the lawsuit seeks declaratory and injunctive relief to redress and prevent unconstitutional restrictions on free speech and free association. If Cobb had refused to remove his hat while voting he could have been subject to a fine, arrest, and imprisonment. Bundy Cobb represents thousands of Georgians and millions of Americans who meet their civic obligations and exercise their rights with the firm conviction that the government should not infringe on the constitutional rights of citizens, period, full stop. This case is not about the NRA, nor is it about whether people like the NRA. Imagine if the same election officials had forbidden a t-shirt with a labor union logo — a union that had endorsed a Democratic candidate.” close quote.

3-New York Police are mostly honest and hard working. Some are corrupt. Two cases have come up where it looks like police planted evidence. The police receive a tip from a anonymous source saying someone has a gun. A few minutes later, these police officers find a man matching the informer’s detailed description at the reported location. A gun is discovered; an arrest is made. In several cases involving the same officers, the gun was found in a plastic bag or a handkerchief, with no traces of the suspect’s fingerprints on the bag or the gun.

The police did not mention a confidential informer until months after the arrests and none of the informers have come forward, even when defense lawyers and judges have requested they appear in court. The suspects said the

Comment- From what I’ve now learned, I’m skeptical to believe a police officer if I were on a jury.

Gary- 4- A Houston police officer has been illegally harassing a Second Amendment demonstrator. Then the officer attempted to destroy the video evidence. A Texas man was openly carrying a gun-rights poster and an AR-15 in public. That is legal Texas. The officer came up and questioned him. The officer asked the man for ID and the demonstrator told the officer that he did not have his identification on him. The cop then threatened the demonstrator with arrest. The officer demanded the man take his gun off and threw his poster to the ground.

“You are going to jail for failure to ID because you can’t tell me who you are, you can’t prove who you are. I’m tired of you idiots coming out here,” the officer said. That’s when the officer realized he was being recorded. The officer said, “Take the phone off now because we are going to erase it because you’re recording everything.”

The officer tried, but failed to delete the recording. What the officer did was unlawful and a violation of Houston Police Department policy. The Houston Police Department declined to comment on the incident because it is under investigation.

John Comment- Under investigation? Sure it is.
Rob Comment- There will be no charges against the officer.

5-If you need a victim and don’t have one, then you invent one. That is what you do if you are the Cable News Network. CNN reported a shooting at a Oregon Highschool. What really happened was this. Several students were off campus. They attend the Rosemary Anderson alternative High School. It is a storefront school for students . About 150 students go to that alternative school. They are students who were previously expelled, dropped out, ran away from 中国体彩官方app, or are single parents. In what looks to be a gang shooting, five shots were fired at a group of students who were standing on the street and sidewalk next to the school building. Four students were injured. We don’t know if the students were part of a gang or not. Police arrested a 22 year old suspect who is a gang member.

6- Human rights advocate Kenn Blanchard has been on our podcast several times. Kenn produces the . He was used for several quotes in a . Kenn said he doesn’t like open carry. It does make a political statement about the right of self-defense, but as a black man, Kenn thought it put him at risk. Quote- “I don’t want to give a police officer that second of time to say, ‘Is he a bad guy?’ I don’t want that to be on me.. It’s the same thing since the Civil War, it hasn’t changed – we have a holdover from the sins of our fathers.”

Rob 7-Painted guns work both ways. In theory, police know that a child carrying a painted gun is not a threat. In practice, Police in southwest Ohio arrested a man with a loaded handgun painted bright red to resemble a toy. 23-year-old Orlando Lowery had a bright red .380-caliber semiautomatic pistol.. and 9 grams of crack cocaine. Lowery was charged with third-degree carrying concealed weapons and fourth-degree possession of drugs, both felonies. The arrest Friday came just four days after legislation was introduced in Ohio to require that lookalike guns be brightly colored or otherwise marked.

red gun
Comment- Now that is another meaning of a “Red Gun”.
Rob- California passed a colored gun law. Same results.

Rob 8- is a British gun control group asking people to donate a firearm and 5 pounds to cover the destruction of the firearm. The donor will receive a thank you note in the form of a bullet casing with the serial number of the weapon destroyed etched upon it. One Less Gun says its because “1,000 people a day are dying as a result of [guns],” thus it follows in their minds that lessening the number of guns will equal a lessening the number of deaths.
Comment – Wow, I didn’t realize that they had 365,000 gun deaths annually in Great Britain!
Comment – It also leaves people defenseless against the criminal element. A cricket bat versus a thug with a firearm is not a fair match.
John Comment- I knew the British were afraid of guns. Now I find out they are afraid of numbers too and can’t add.

Rob 9- Anti gun Governor Terry McAuliffe in Virginia. They include renewing the state’s one-a-month limit on handgun purchases and revoking concealed-handgun permits for parents who are behind on child-support payments. The proposals are unlikely to pass the legislature.

Gun Quotes
“I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.” -Thomas Jefferson (and Gary Daugherty)
Hang on everybody, we’ll be right back after this

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Segment 4 DGUs

Gary -A man was working in his upstairs 中国体彩官方app office in Antioch, California about mid day. His wife called to tell him their 中国体彩官方app alarm system had gone off. The man armed himself and went to check the rest of the house and the alarm system. The 中国体彩官方appowner came downstairs and found a man and woman going through his belongings. He told them to leave. They argued and The suspects fled and took some of the man’s property with them. The wounded man was picked up at a local hospital. Both the man and woman were arrested for burglary. The 中国体彩官方appowner was not charged.

Gary- If you’re going to use a gun, it is best to bring your own.. except in Washington DC. A man was being robbed in Southeast Washington late at night. The criminal pointed a sawed off double barrel shotgun at the man. 18 year old Channel Johnson died at the scene. The 20 year old victim remained at the scene and called police. Johnson had a criminal record as a juvenile.

Johnson’s mother said she does not think her son tried to rob the man or that he had a gun. She also said, Quote “If he had the gun, like the police say, then why did he have to shoot?”

That was the first of four shootings in DC that night.

John- We’ve reported on stories similar to this one. It ends with They were shot by an elderly 中国体彩官方app owner. The 中国体彩官方appowner had been burglarized before. The 中国体彩官方appowner shoots the intruders in his 中国体彩官方app. The two criminals climb in through a ground floor window. The 中国体彩官方appowner gets his handgun and goes to investigate. The event starts when the 中国体彩官方appowner hears the sound of breaking glass and forced entry. The latest example was in Birmingham Alabama. The 68 year old 中国体彩官方appowner did not know he’d shot the burglars and said, “I hope they are OK.”

John- An apartment resident was armed, but Brandon Bolin probably didn’t know that. Bolin knew that he was armed before the broke into an apartment in Columbus, Ohio. Bolin forced his way into the apartment and was confronted by the resident late at night. , who died inside the apartment. Nineteen year old Bolin was also involved in a fatal street brawl last year. No charges have been filed against the resident.

Rob-Two young men, Marcus Gould and Leon Roberson, Entering the Springdale, Arkansas store two Saturdays ago, they pulled handguns from under their sweatshirts and started to rob the store. They forced Clint Cornett to the ground. That’s when The robbers then fled. They brought Gould to a Ft. Smith hospital and concocted a story about him being shot in Little Rock. Police thought it was fishy and discovered the two were part of the gun shop robbery. The sweatshirts and guns were found in their car. Both are in jail charged with Attempted Capital Murder and Aggravated Robbery.

John – Unbelievably, that Mrs. Cornett defended herself! He said it wasn’t right.

Rob- We read a lot of firearms news. This is the season when we see hunting accidents with negligent discharges. We’ve also noticed accidents with un-holstered handguns. Our listeners know better. Four safety rules. All the time. Safety is part of being a good ambassador. Thank you for your diligence.

We post each of our news and defensive gun use articles at Polite Society Podcast.com Please take a minute and share them with a friend.

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Tips and tricks
Segment 5 Show close
Listener e-mail discussion

  • E-mail from Bill

In a recent show you talked about a robber pointing his gun at the head of a kneeling employee. You asked if you would shout telling him to stop or just start shooting. I think I’d probably shout first. If I do so the bad guy would hopefully look at me and start to point his gun in my direction. When he started the gun moving he would no longer be pointing it at the head of the other person and I hope I could put some rounds in him before he got it pointing at me.

The idea, and I could easily be wrong; if I just start shooting he might react by jerking his trigger and at that range he’d likely shoot the employee in the head. I’ve always wondered if being shot, even in the head, would induce an involuntary shot. I just don’t know.

On a different topic, I want to thank you for pointing out that Texas is not a gun owners paradise. While it is better than many states it isn’t the best but has improved greatly. I remember when you couldn’t even have a handgun in your car. Many of the carry restrictions that were first written into our carry laws have been removed.

The recent issue with the Austin police chief is nothing new. When concealed carry first passed, the Austin chief at the time ordered her officers to arrest anyone carrying a gun whether they had a license or not. (Texas is one of the few must inform states.) He said the judge could let them out but she wouldn’t have people carrying a gun in her city.

What really needs to change is that bureaucrats need to be held personally responsible for their BS. Think that San Diego sheriff would be as stubborn as he is if he had to personally finance his fight instead the taxpayers having to foot the bill? Perhaps a couple of nights in his own jail for contempt of court charges would be appropriate and I bet would work wonders in getting carry licenses issued.


-Conspiracy theory report.

(DO NOT READ)The Polite Society download app is out and the I-phone app is in and it is called Podcast Box. They are located by our old name, Politics and guns. Hot links are in our show notes.

Rob, do you have any new posts you want to mention?

I wrote about Sandy Hook in an article called I also noticed how much best practice has changed over time. I wrote about that in . They are up at my blog, at Clash Daily and at Ammoland.

Paul: That wraps up another episode of the Polite Society Podcast. I’d like to thank Rob, John for Gary for joining us today. John and Rob, will you be on the midweek show?
Rob- I’ll be there. Regis Giles will join us to talk about her new movie.
John- I’ll be there too, and Stephen Halbrook will join us.
Paul- I’m looking forward to it. Until the next time…
Rob: stay safe,
Gary: be aware,
John: and we’ll see you down the road.

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Episode 292 – DGU’s Galore


“An armed society is a polite society.. and this is the Polite Society Podcast where we support and report on civilian self-defense.”

Rachel: Welcome中国体彩官方app to the polite society podcast presented by the Firearms Policy Coalition recorded live on Wednesday, December 10th, 2014. I’m Rachel Malone.
Rob- I’m Rob Morse and on tonights show we’ll talk about our own Rachel Malone meeting the governor elect of Texas.
John: I’m John Richardson, and we’ll talk about a disabled Marine who is happy he has a holster in his walker. , so climb aboard.
Rob: strap in
Rachel- and hang on! Episode 292 of the Polite Society Podcast starts right now.

Show intro music.

Seg 1- Personal news from each participant
Rachel .Rachel Abbott

Rachel supports Austrian manufacturers.

Rob has no life since the weekend. Any book recommendations for a gunnie to add to his christmas list?

  • The Grey Man: Vignettes and The Grey Man – Payback – Jim Curtis
  • The law of self-defense – Andrew Branca
  • Deady Force- understanding your right of self-defense. – Massad Ayoob
  • Hands off my gun- Dana Loesch

John- We were banished from the baby shower, so this weekend my son-in-law’s dad and I put together my carbon fiber lower from Tegra Arms. I still have to replace the handguards and stock but right now it is coming in at 6 lb 4 oz. The upper is a Bushmaster lightweight. I changed out the A2 flash-hider with a PWS Triad flash-hider/compensator.

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Seg 2- News
Rachel- In the last podcast you had FOUR news segments. Different weeks are different. This time we might need that many segments to cover the defensive gun uses. Since I’m reading the news this week, we’ll start and end with news from Texas.

1- The Texas legislature has finally accepted the idea of Texans carrying handguns openly. Now they have to decide between competing bills, and a conflict is emerging over how far changes to the current state law should go. Alice Tripp, lobbyist for the Texas State Rifle Association, says, “We are supporting what will pass.” The TSRA is known for opposing open carry in the past, and is this year supporting some of the more restrictive and problematic open carry legislation. By contrast, newer gun groups comprised of gun owners are gaining the attention of legislators as they push for greater reform, such as Constitutional Carry. In the last two legislative sessions, Texas lawmakers have unsuccessfully pushed to allow handgun license holders to openly carry their firearms. Five nearly identical bills that would do that have already been filed. A sixth, from state Rep. Jonathan Stickland, a Republican, would allow Texans to carry a handgun openly without a license. Another bill, filed today, proposes an amendment to the Texas Constitution that would remove the authority of the legislature to regulate the wearing of handguns. This paves the way for Constitutional Carry in Texas.

2- Some so called environmentalists want to stop hunting. How else do you explain them . Studies demonstrated that the lead ammunition ban in California did nothing to lower lead blood levels in the California Condor? No one knows how the Condors are finding lead in their diet, the lead is still there years after lead ammunition was banned in the Condor habitat. The California legislature outlawed lead ammunition anyway across the state. The reports came out AFTER the vote, and the head of the California state Condor recovery project hid the data showing the lead ban was useless.

John- I would not look for justice from a California judge.

3- We told you that firearms owners in Washington state were not going to take the intrusive initiative 594 without protest. The bill criminalizes common non-violent actions, like renting a nail gun at a hardware store. It also outlaws firearms training unless the training is conducted at a licensed gun range. Your neighbor can’t come over to your house and learn about her new handgun. You’re forbidden to touch her gun and she is forbidden to touch yours. A few thousand gun owners are going to break the in Olympia. Since you have gun owners together, we might as well bring in some speakers to rally them. Speakers include Ammon Bundy, son of the Nevada rancher who fought federal officials earlier this year over use of public land. Mike Vanderboegh, the citizen journalist who helped uncover the Fast and Furious scandal. Sheriff Richard Mack, the former Arizona lawman who started the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association. And Washington State Representative Elizabeth Scott. There is another protest scheduled for january 15th when the legislature is in session.

John- We used to have a country中国体彩官方app where anything that wasn’t forbidden was permitted. Now, everything that is not permitted is forbidden.

Rob- I get it. May I see your license for that nail gun.

4- As we reported earlier, Nevadans for State Gun Rights had challenged the universal background check initiative efforts of the Bloomberg-supported Nevadans for Background Checks over a number of irregularities including missing deadlines, lack of required affidavits, and pre-dated affidavits. a Democrat, certified the submission as “sufficient” and the initiative will go forward.

(Run on sentence. Write shorter next time.)

Nevadans for State Gun Rights is not stopping their challenges. , “If the Secretary of State cannot comply with his own laws and rules, the petition validation process is seriously flawed and the results and certification are invalid. The Nevadans for State Gun Rights PAC will continue to file these complaints with public officials until the law is followed.” They expect this to end up in court.

John – Going to court is expensive. We have Please contribute as we need to stop this in its tracks.

5-This week, hundreds of women in the Mexican town of Xaltianguis .. an armed defense organization. They want to protect their town from organized crime. They formed a group called the Union of Peoples and Organizations of Guerrero State. The women form teams and patrol their neighborhoods of Xaltianguis. The small town is next to Acapulco. Unfortunately the group only has about 80 guns and the several hundred women rotate the weapons and share them between teams as they rotate on duty. Guerrero is the Mexican state where a mayor ordered the police and drug gangs to kill 42 student teachers. No wonder the citizens want to be armed.

Rob- a living example of why citizens need to be armed.

6- Compare the brave women in Mexico with a bunch of Connecticut teachers. Several female teachers and staff from Sandy Hook Connecticut said that l. The teachers claim that armed school staff with a handgun at short range could not have stopped an intruder with a rifle. Really? What about the Clackamas mall shooting where someone with a handgun stopped a madman with a rifle? Maybe the teacher means that people couldn’t defend themselves at schools. What about the several Oregon school shootings that were stopped by resource officers with a handgun, and the colorado school library shooting where two resource officers stopped a murder who carried a shotgun? I guess the teachers are ignorant of the Mississippi school vice principal who stopped a rifle bearing murderer. The Vice principal had to run to his truck because it was against school rules for him to take his pistol on school property.

Rob- Let’s accept the teachers at their word. Handguns can’t stop a murderer with a rifle, and attacking an armed intruder is more dangerous than defense. Then why did the school staff bother to call the police and put law enforcement at risk in a pointless exercise?

John- The average number of people killed in mass shootings when stopped by police is 14.3 The average number of people killed in a mass shooting when stopped by a civilian is 2.3. Citizens are the real first responders.

Rachel- About another dozen die on average.

Rob- These teachers are showing us a psychological reaction called learned helplessness. Teachers and school administrators made themselves unable to protect the very children the law forced into their classrooms. Rather than face the effects of their poor decisions,


Welcome中国体彩官方app to the polite society podcast presented by the Firearms Policy Coalition Co/ al/ i/ tion

7-Another gun free zone was down for repairs in Chicago. Unfortunately, the city forgot to take down the gun free zone signs and two people were shot by criminals who never read the gun-free zone signs. Two teenagers are in stable condition after Chicago Public Transit is a gun free zone for licensed concealed carry holders, but not for criminals. The criminal got on the bus and shot a 15 year old boy in the chest and a 15 year old girl in the leg. Both of the victims were carrying book bags, but the shooting occurred at 10AM.

There are lots of broken gun-free zones in across Chicago this week. 38 people were shot in Chicago this week and an additional 6 were shot and killed.

John- Illinois. Illinois.. That is the state that just made it illegal to take cell phone video of the police.

Rob- Wait a minute, John. Didn’t President Obama, who is from Chicago, tell us that he wants ALL police to wear video monitors? I guess video evidence is good if the police have it, but bad if we have it. That is so.. so..

John- Political. The word you’re looking for is political.

8-We have more news from the other city with failed gun control. 23 people were shot in New York City between early Saturday and the end of the day Sunday. That happened in 13 separate shootings.

The Bronx leads the way with 242 people shot this year, up 26 percent from last year. In Queens, 116 people have been shot, up 5 percent, in Manhattan, 74 people have been shot, up 7 percent, and in Brooklyn, 368 people have been shot, up 14 percent. Mayor De Blasio says crime rates are going down.

John- The mayor is right. Crime rates ARE going down, but not for murder in gun-free new york city.

Rachel- To begin the weekend, three people were shot in East Harlem.

A few hours later, a man was shot in upper Manhattan.

Two men were fatally shot a few hours later. They died when a motorist got out of his car and shot them both. They were shot in the neck and the back.

A two more men were shot in Brooklyn.

Three people were shot in the Mott Haven section of the Bronx. They include a 19-year-old shot in the arm, a 24-year-old also shot in the arm and a 29-year-old was shot in the thigh.

Later, two men got out of a car, fired more than 20 rounds and hit four people in the South Jamaica neighborhood of Queens. Two of the victims were in critical condition.

Those are just the shootings. That doesn’t count knife attacks in the city that also outlaws pocket knives. after he attacked a woman with a knife. on subway trains in midtown.

Rob- Isn’t gun control wonderful?

John- and knife control.

Rob- Mayor De Blasio says it works, so it must be wonderful.


Rachel- I wish this were news, but we have more e-mails coming out that show the Obama administration is lying. Wake up, John. This is news.

9-The Obama administration denied it targeted gun shops by applying political pressure on banks to deny them credit. The program was called . A congressional report that shows Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation regulators deliberately targeted the firearms industry. Banks were threatened with audits and lower risk ratings if they did business with businesses that are out of official favor.

The congressional oversight report offered three primary conclusions:

  1. Operation Choke Point is an abuse of the Department’s statutory authority.
  2. While broadly concerned with all industries deemed “high risk,” the initiative is particularly focused on legal businesses.
  3. As a consequence of Operation Choke Point, banks are indiscriminately terminating relationships with legal and legitimate merchants across a variety of business lines.

This final conclusion is incontrovertible: banks are “exiting ‘high-risk’ lines of business.” The FDIC management was taught to mention the porn industry when they testified in front of congress, but they went after gun stores.

Rob- The bureaucrats say they promise to enforce public values, while in fact, they enforce our own. How about you enforce the law and you leave your values at 中国体彩官方app with your personal life!

10- A Florida lawmaker has filed a bill that would allow people to carry concealed weapons on the campuses of state colleges and universities. Rep. Greg Steube, R-Sarasota, said he already planned to sponsor the measure (HB 4005) before a shooting incident last month at Florida State University — but that the attack, which left three people injured and the gunman dead, helps to make his point. The bill, filed Monday, would apply to people who are licensed to carry concealed weapons. “I think it (the attack) brings it closer to 中国体彩官方app for people who think these events don’t occur in Florida, or that law enforcement can prevent them from happening,” Steube told The News Service of Florida on Tuesday. He said that although Tallahassee and university police officers reached Florida State’s Strozier Library less than five minutes after the shooting, more people could have died in that time… National Rifle Association lobbyist Marion Hammer said Steube’s bill didn’t originate with the NRA, but she supports it on the grounds that law-abiding citizens who are licensed to carry concealed weapons shouldn’t be prevented from carrying firearms in places where they may be in danger…

11- This is our final news from Texas. Last episode we reported that the University of Wyoming Faculty Senate voted against guns on campus. Compare that with Student Body President Kyle Kelly signing a Student Senate act that . The Personal Protection Act allows concealed carry licensees to be able to carry handguns in campus buildings.

Student governments can’t change University policy or state law, but they advocate to administrators and legislators on behalf of the students. The student body president said, “I have gone from being against the issue .. to now .. being in favor of concealed carry on campus. Part of that is because what I..learned.. it would be a great thing from a rights (standpoint).. but most importantly (from a) public safety standpoint.”

Cary Cheshire authored the proposal. He called it an opportunity to increase campus safety.

“We look at institutions of higher education across the United States and violent crime is increasing. Sexual assault, specifically here in Texas, is rapidly increasing. I think instead of perpetuating the victim class by telling law-abiding citizens that they can’t protect themselves, we ought to empower individuals to feel safe and to feel secure.”

Gun Quotes

“Keeping and bearing arms is not only a fundamental right; it is a fundamental duty upon which all liberty and sovereignty is based.” -Donald L. Cline

Hang on everybody, we’ll be right back after this

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Segment 3 Interviews

Segment 4 DGUs

We monitor cases of defensive gun use from across the county. For a while it seemed like things were slowing down after Thanksgiving. Now it seems criminals are getting the Christmas Crime done early.

1-32-year-old Eugene Fredrick Quinnett walked into a Meineke Car Care Center in Fargo, North Dakota. By the time the store manager reached him, Quinnett was opening drawers behind the counter. The store manager questioned him and Quinnett put his hand in his jacket and said he had a gun. The news report doesn’t say if the thief was actually armed, but

The store manager gave a good description of Quinnett. Fargo police found him at a local motel. The thief is now in the Cass County Jail facing felony robbery charges. He was also arrested on an outstanding warrant. The store manager and his employees were back at work a few hours later.

2- 25-year-old Christopher Wirshup, broke through the window of the main office at Columbia Gorge Airport early in the morning. One employee called 911 after hearing the glass break, another person in the area went to investigate the noise. The intruder was stuffing his pockets with candy. The intruder was that that he threw the peppermint patties up in the air and laid down on the floor. That armed employee was Darren Lacock. Lacock is the service technician at the airport.. as well as being a volunteer firefighter and concealed carry holder.

When law enforcement arrived, Lacock began to withdraw his firearm that was pointed at Wirshup. “No, no, no. Keep on pointing it”, the Deputy said as he began to search the suspect.

Lacock has his concealed carry permit in both Washington State and Oregon, and he says he regularly carries his firearm. “I’m a personal believer in being prepared.”

3- Police say a 28-year-old man broke in his 35-tear-old girlfriend’s apartment and held her captive. She escaped and frantically beat on a neighbor’s door pleading for help.

A 40-year-old man let her in, but the ex-boyfriend charged inside and attacked the man, that man got a gun and opened fire on the ex-boyfriend.

“And then I heard the first one and thought it cannot be a gunshot, and then the second one and yeah, that was a gunshot,” said Jonathan Perez.

The ex-boyfriend staggered out and made it 150 yards before he collapsed just as Scottsdale Police arrived. Rescue crews took the ex-boyfriend to Scottsdale Healthcare Osborn where

4- A sixty-eight-year-old disabled veteran needs a walker to get around. He was disabled several years ago after he was hit by a truck while riding his bicycle. That doesn’t mean he is defenseless. It only means he can’t run. Two men tried to break into his house in Gastonia, North Carolina. The 中国体彩官方appowner heard someone prying the lock off his front door. He grabbed his .45-caliber pistol and put it in a holster on his walker. So armed, he began shuffling toward the sound at the front of his house. He flipped a hallway light on. Before he yanked open the door, he yelled out to announce he was armed. He briefly saw two men standing there wearing ski masks. The Marine Corps veteran said “It was like a keystone cops scene One ran one way up the street, and the other went the other way.” His daughter put up a hand written note the next day. “Enter at your own risk.”

5-A man in Red Springs, North Carolina got a call at work from his wife. She saw a strange car sitting in front of their house as she left. The man returned 中国体彩官方app and found a stranger sleeping in a car in front of his house. The stranger drove away when the 中国体彩官方appowner tapped on the car window. The 中国体彩官方appowner then entered his 中国体彩官方app to find two masked burglars. One of the burglars was armed and shot the 中国体彩官方appowner in the shoulder. He returned fire and killed 28 year old Randal Dwight Hardin Junior. The other intruder fled. The 中国体彩官方appowner called 911 for help. He is recovering from his wound, and the police are looking for the two other robbers.

Break Back with news from texas.

6-Tyler police responded to a shooting that happened early Tuesday during an attempted burglary in Tyler, Texas. One person is confirmed to be dead.

Police say 44-year-old Luke Garrison, a Brownsboro resident, was shot while breaking into a 中国体彩官方app

There were police reports of a suspicious person trying to break into a 中国体彩官方app in Tyler, Texas. The first attempted break in was unsuccessful. A few days later, the elderly 中国体彩官方appowner heard glass breaking. He retrieved his shotgun and walked down the hall. That is when he saw an intruder carrying a large pry bar or screwdriver. The intruder lunged at the old man. The 中国体彩官方appowner Police and medical personnel found the 44 year old intruder lying inside the front door of the 中国体彩官方app. The intruder matched the suspect description in the suspicious person report.

7- A woman was walking her dog early in the morning. She lives in Birmingham, Alabama. When she and the dog returned to their apartment, a robber kept her from closing the door and forced her inside. The robber pushed her to the floor and put his hand over her mouth to silence her screams. The woman’s husband heard the commotion and fought the robber to get him off his wife. The wife called 911. The husband retreated to their bedroom and grabbed his shotgun. The couple held the suspect until police arrived.

John- No shots fired.

8- A hunter in Medina, Ohio shot himself while climbing up into his tree stand. A nearby hunter heard him scream and dialed 911. The hunter was taken to Southeastern Med where he was last listed in stable condition. The correct procedure when hunting from a tree stand is to empty the chamber and then raise and lower the rifle to and from the tree stand on a line AFTER you’ve secured your harness to the stand. Also, hoist the firearm with the barrel pointed DOWN, not up at you.

Follow the four safety rules, guys.

We have the links to each of our news and defensive gun use articles at Polite Society Podcast.com if you want to share them with a friend.

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Tips and tricks


Segment 5 Show close

Listener e-mail discussion

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Rachel- John, tell us about your latest post from your “No Lawyers, Only Guns and Money” blog.

John- Two of the ritzier neighborhoods in Seattle – Laurelhurst and Windermere – hire off-duty cops and private security guards to patrol their neighborhood. It seems Seattle leads the nation in property crime and they want to be protected. Interestingly enough, these neighborhoods voted 9 to 1 in favor of I-594 and residents including Bill Gates Sr donated almost $200K to the campaign for it. Hmmm. In other words, we’re protected and we don’t want you riff-raff to have guns.

Rachel- That wraps up another episode of the Polite Society Podcast. I’d like to thank John and Rob for joining me today. Will you be with us on the weekend? I’m looking forward to it. Until the next time… stay safe,

Rob: be aware,

John: and we’ll see you down the road.

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Episode 291- Lots and Lots of News

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“An armed society is a polite society.. and this is the Polite Society Podcast where we support and report on civilian self-defense.”
Paul: Welcome中国体彩官方app to the polite society podcast presented by the Firearms Policy Coalition recorded live on Sunday, December 7th, 2014. I’m Paul Lathrop
Susan: I’m Susan Lathrop, and we’ll talk about the SAF starting a media blitz to stop President Obama from implementing the UN arms trade treaty
Rob: I’m Rob Morse and we have several listener emails to talk about
Gary D: I’m Gary Daugherty we also cover Mary Landreau losing her senate seat , so climb aboard.
Sue: strap in
Rob: and hang on!
Paul: Episode 291 of the Polite Society Podcast starts right now.
Show intro music.

Seg 1- Personal news from each participant

Rob- I on Wednesday morning. They have open comment periods. I got to talk for two minutes. I said our sheriff hurts people by disarming them. Anyone can speak at these open microphone sessions. Have you spoken to your local representatives?

The wooden grip panels split on my pistol a few weeks ago. The new metal grips I ordered came in and I installed them. Of course, they needed new screw bushings because these are thin grips. Then I needed to narrow the magwell to fit the grips. Since I was grinding away, I smoothed the backstrap and cold blued the places where I’d worn away the factory finish. I like the way the pistol looks. It looks lived in and comfortable.1911 w narrow al grips small

Paul- Rachel posted some news on her facebook page. She was invited to a legislative event for Texas Republican Senators. She brought along a copy of the constitutional carry bill that has been pre-filed before the Texas legislative session opens. Rachel got Governor elect Greg Abbott to sign her copy of the bill. Congratulations, Rachel.Rachel Abbott

Paul – Pickup is in the shop getting fixed, horrible rental car.

(Weekend shows only) I am going to insert a live promo about upcoming training classes in Sioux Falls here.


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Seg 2- News

1-The tyrant and mass murderer Joseph Stalin said “Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.” Well the University of Wyoming faculty senate passed a resolution that had recently been voted down by its members.

The University of Wyoming Faculty Senate and Staff passed a resolution against concealed carry on campus. The faculty and staff were polled before the vote. Only 36 percent were against concealed carry. 7 percent wanted unlimited concealed carry. 5 percent wanted concealed carry with background checks. A solid majority of on campus with background checks and training. The faculty senate voted against it anyway. When asked, the president of the faculty senate said they seldom polled their membership before a vote. Maybe they should, but maybe it doesn’t matter since they voted against the will of the majority anyway.

Rob-comment- I thought colleges were unsafe due to rape on college campuses. Are these professors disarming female students and exposing them to possible sexual assault?

2- On December 7th, two Sandy Hook, Connecticut teachers will appear on the CBS News program Sunday Morning to push for expanded background checks and magazine capacity limits. Both teachers are members of a gun control group called Sandy Hook Educators for Gun Sense. Given that this is the CBS network, , or if they would stop other mass murderers. The Sandy Hook murderer stole his guns, thereby bypassing any background check process. The Santa Barbara murderer bought dozens of ten round magazines when he shot students. While it may be a noble goal to make it easier for the mentally ill to receive treatment, a Mayo Clinic psychiatrist said most mass shooters “are not mentally ill” and the crazy ones are only “recognized after the fact.”

3- Moving west from Connecticut to Pennsylvania, the state Attorney General said passed by the Pennsylvania legislature. This leaves the defense of the law in the hands of Governor and the Legislature. The law allows civil rights groups to sue cities and counties over local firearms regulations. I’m sorry, but the Pennsylvania Attorney General is a Democrat and was probably elected by anti-gun voters in Pittsburg and Philadelphia. Elections have consequences.


4- In national news, the UN small arms treaty will have 50 participating countries later this month. With 50 participants, the treaty becomes binding on the countries who signed it. Secretary of State John Kerry signed the treaty, but the treaty was never ratified by the US Senate. American gun owners fear that President Obama will impose another executive order outlawing small arms with his phone and his pen.. and without Senate approval. Second Amendment Foundation founder Alan Gottlieb threatened legal action “if the president tries to circumvent the U.S. Senate and the will of the American people.” Second Amendment advocates have long argued that any such treaty could constitute an infringement on the right to keep and bear arms, and lead to gun registration and even gun bans in order to comply with the international agreement.Gotlieb commercial

Gottlieb promised to file a lawsuit against the president if he takes executive action, and pointed to recent events to justify his concerns. “He has used a lawless executive order to grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants without Congressional authorization, and now many people are worried that he plans to bypass Congress again, before the end of this year, with the U.N. treaty..”

5- Republican Bill Cassidy Cassidy’s 15 point victory is the ninth Senate seat picked up by the GOP in this year’s elections. That is three more seats than the party needed to take control of the chamber and it gives them a four-seat cushion going into 2016. The question remains, how many of the GOP politicians are conservative in name only.

6- This news story was sent in by listener Anthony. A 44 year old man boarded an Amtrak train in Chicago. He stabbed three men and one woman. One of the male victims was the train’s conductor. Amtrak trains are considered public transportation in Illinois. Therefore, the trains are rolling gun-free zones.. at least for law abiding people. That doesn’t stop the criminals, and we’ve reported before about gang members stabbing people on train platforms.

To offer a little more perspective on Chicago, 130 citizens died from gunshots in Chicago since the Mike Brown attacked Officer Wilson across the river in Ferguson, Missouri. Most of the Chicago victims were black. 25 more were shot and an additional five more were shot and killed this last week. Thank you, Anthony. That is something you won’t see on CNN.

7- There is some common sense in Illinois, even if you can’t find it in Chicago. In Bloomington, Illinois, McLean County State’s Attorney Jason Chambers said . Residents with concealed-carry permits who bring their handguns into areas exempt from weapons may not automatically face criminal charges. Quote “Every case is different. I’m not interested in arresting everyone who makes a mistake and forgets they are carrying.” Close quote. The first McLean County case against a gun owner was recently filed against a Middletown man. 65 year old Patrick Davis was charged with possession of a firearm in a prohibited area and possession of a firearm while intoxicated. The charges were filed after Davis fell down at a local bar and was taken to a hospital. The State’s attorney said he will consider if the possession of the firearms was an oversight, as well as the gun owner’s reaction to a request from the business to take a weapon outside.


8- Hunters in Ohio could use noise suppressors on guns under certain conditions. Some requirements for a concealed carry permit could be relaxed. Those are two of the bills being debated in the Ohio Senate this week. Ohio would also automatically recognize concealed weapons permits issued in other states. Ohio would exempt individuals who have already completed state police academy training from requiring a permit to carry. The results depend on Ohio gun owners. Ohio Senate Criminal Justice Chairman Bill Coley said that lawmakers are still working on the final version of the legislation. He expects a committee vote Tuesday. Senate President Keith Faber says the Senate is unlikely to vote on a measure that includes a self-defense proposal.

A bill allowing hunting with suppressed firearms passed the House earlier this year. Suppressors would help protect hunters’ hearing. It would also increase safety since hunters could hear each other.

Another measure reduces from 12 hours to eight hours the amount of training time required to get a concealed weapons permit. Another bill would exempt active military members over the age of 18 from having to obtain a concealed weapons permit.

So, Ohio gun owners.. what are you going to do? We included

8B- New California laws required toy guns to be brightly colored. Back in Ohio, Ohio sheriffs put out a facebook post showing a kids toy gun. A brightly colored kid’s toy gun. The colored plastic shell hid a functioning shotgun underneath, and the Ohio Sheriff’s wanted to warn their deputies. The point is that criminals already make their guns look like toys, and that California legislators are not so bright.

The color of a firearm can not protect us from police. What keep us safe is law enforcement stopping to determine ability, opportunity, and jeopardy.. the same way civilians do.10846430_373779286130078_452547952988500661_n

9- We have some good news in Nevada as well. Last week we told you the bad news about the Bloomberg anti-gun amendment in Nevada. This week we can talk about newly designated Assembly Majority Leader Michele Fiore. She is from Las Vegas. She said Republicans were elected to the majority to defeat liberalism and that includes doing what has to be done to Quote “We’re getting our gun rights back this session, period.” Nevada residents should expect to see bills allowing concealed carry permit holders to carry guns for self-defense on Nevada college campuses. Majority Leader Fiore also wants to see high schools reintroduce “rifle clubs” so teenagers can learn firearm safety and responsibility. Fiore will push to repeal the blue card registration in Clark County. The “blue card” program requires individuals who buy a handgun in Clark County to register the weapon with the police. In addition to recovering gun rights, Fiore also plans to push a Voter ID law for Nevada.

10- The Bloomberg’s anti-gun group wanted Kroger supermarkets to ban firearms. The Bloomberg front group said they didn’t feel safe if other shoppers were carrying. That makes the Bloomberg group a small minority. Kroger ignored the pressure for a gun ban, and more people shopped at Krogers. The company reported a 21 percent jump in quarterly profit. That sent its stock price up 5 percent. Net income attributable to Kroger rose to $362 million, or 73 cents per share, in the third quarter which ended Nov. 8. That is up from 57 cents per share, a year earlier.

11- Bloomberg isn’t done yet. His astroturf group asked Quote “If I owned a business, I would want to protect my employees by making it clear that you can’t openly carry” guns in the store. The Bloomberg group will also tell you they support the second amendment. They simply haven’t seen a gun control law they didn’t like, and think we need more restrictions on our right of self-defense.

Melinda Merrill, a spokeswoman for Fred Meyer said, “Our policy is that we follow local laws. So if it’s allowed in the municipality where our store is, then we follow the local law.” With a good photographer, the astroturf group can turn its four members into a crowd, so look carefully at the news reports.

12- You might have missed this news about the riots in Ferguson, Missouri. Members of Oath Keepers were guarding the crowd and stores from many of the rooftops. The Saint Louis County Police ordered the Oath Keepers away. Police claimed the private citizens needed a county license to act as security guards. Once they read the county statute, the . They have been there for several nights.


13- This next news story is to remind listeners that some of the news media are crazy. Matthew Yglesias He said the reason that Michael Brown was shot was because you and I have guns. If we were disarmed, then the police wouldn’t have to worry about criminals having guns. If the criminal didn’t have guns, then the police wouldn’t need guns. If police didn’t have guns, then black teenagers couldn’t grab the policeman’s gun and try to shoot the policemen. That is why you and I killed Michael Brown.

comment- Yeah, we told you their crazy.

comment- Every policeman I know has told me to get and carry a firearm.

14- A news reporter probably said more than she intended to say about herself. She interviewed 10 year old Shyanne Roberts. Shyanne is a three gun competitor from New Jersey. How did Shyanne start shooting? Her dad is a firearms instructor. Shyanne wanted to shoot rather than sit and watch when they were at the range. To the reporter, this is incredible and simply unbelievable. A responsible young gun owner is frankly beyond what the reporter can imagine. The reporter admitted that seeing the unloaded weapons made her nervous. Quote, “Very nervous. If my daughter was handling a gun I’d feel very nervous.” close quote. Shyanne answered perfectly.

The reporter had to dig up an anti-rights activist who said it is irresponsible to let children know how to handle firearms because accidents can happen.

comment- The Center for Disease Control collects accident rates. They found that target shooting is safer than cheerleading. Kathy Jackson spoke about this last week in our gun quotes. Guns are not dangerous. Ignorance of guns is dangerous.

15- Alan Korwin had an explanation Arizona has hundreds of thousands of private citizens discreetly carrying firearms for the sole purpose of self defense and stopping crime. Some are licensed. Some carry under the law of Constitutional Carry that has been in place for the last four years. Alan Korwin scoffs at the news media who say “police and criminologists don’t have an explanation for the dip” in homicides that statistics keep showing.

Innocent people are armed against crime. Shooting ranges and trainers are busy educating the public. That is why crime drops, and yet “officials” don’t recognize the results. Why do you think every state in the Union [accept New Jersey] finally has some form of discreet carry? National statistics on the subject are overwhelmingly positive — society is safer when criminals don’t know who’s armed. Guns save lives, guns stop crime, and criminologists don’t have clues. That is the great trinity somehow doesn’t make the “news.” This would be funny if it wasn’t so serious.

Gun Quotes

Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves. – William Pitt, 1783

Hang on everybody, we’ll be right back after this

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Segment 3 Interviews

Segment 4 DGUs

This DGU was sent in from our listener Scott. Two armed and masked men stormed into a Houston gas station and tried to rob the cashier. We don’t know if the criminals had robbed gas stations before, but we know this gas station and this cashier had been robbed before. This time they were armed as well. The criminals raised their guns when the clerk told them to leave. . Both criminals fled. Now police are checking video and blood samples from the crime scene. They want to compare them with a man who checked himself into a local hospital with a gunshot wound. The store clerk was not injured.

Thank you for the story, Scott.

-A 36 year old repeat criminal climbed through a back bedroom window in a Baton Rouge, Louisiana 中国体彩官方app. Court records show the robber had a criminal history that went back to the 1990s. He was charged with burglary in 2003. He was convicted and served three years in prison for possession of stolen articles 2008. He had been arrested for several other drug charges and theft. This time was different. This time the resident was 中国体彩官方app in the middle of the day with his wife and children. This time the 中国体彩官方appowner was armed. The 中国体彩官方appowner confronted the burglar, and then The burglar was taken to a local hospital where he died. He had drugs in his possession at the time of the shooting. No charges have been filed against the 中国体彩官方appowner.

-Willie Johnson of Meridian, Mississippi was leaving for work Thursday morning. He set his house alarm and notices someone nearby. That is when a stranger with a gun ran at him. Johnson was also armed. He drew his gun and and ran away. The 中国体彩官方appowner installed an alarm system and put bars around his house last year after thieves broke into his house twice. Quote “if I hadn’t had my protection and practiced doing this every day, he would have got me. He would have robbed me, maybe even killed me.” said Johnson.

-A man entered a pharmacy in Cheyenne, Wyoming early in the morning. He demanded pain medication and pointed a handgun at the people inside the pharmacy. and shot the robber in the chest one time. The robber was transported to a local hospital and is listed in stable condition. The robbers gun was found to be a plastic toy. The pharmacist was not charged and his name was not released. The pharmacy reopened at noon.

We have the links to each of our news and defensive gun use articles at Polite Society Podcast.com. We hope you’ll share them with a friend.

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Tips and tricks


Segment 5 Show close

Listener e-mail discussion

Email #1 from Jake

I believe it was episode 287 when you guys mentioned briefly that social media is a sort of echo chamber where we only tend to hear from those who agree with us. This is very true, and I, at least, try and make a conscious effort to counteract that by reaching out and interacting with different groups (which, as a libertarian, tends to happen anyway). Present company excepted, I think most people fall victim to this, with serious consequences for our political process.

It would be very easy for most people to go their entire lives without hearing opinions that contradict their own if they wanted to hang out on community forums, strongly biased news agencies, and only surrounded themselves with Facebook friends and Twitter followers that shared their beliefs. We do this by instinct, and I think it’s one of the reasons we’re so polarized as a nation these days – We only hear from those who agree with us, and the only arguments from the opposing side we usually hear are straw-man caricatures passed around and beat up in one-sided discussions, which dehumanizes folks on the other side of the line – We don’t see them as logical people with rational (if misguided) views, but as evil, stupid, fascist, etc. etc. It contributes to an us-vs-them mentality that doesn’t promote discussion, cooperation, and compromise but conflict, posturing, and ultimatums.

I try and counteract this by doing what you guys talk about almost every week – Being an ambassador for my community. I also try and listen with an open mind. I’ve had my mind legitimately changed on some topics, and I’ve changed several minds as well, and given others something to think about.

That’s why shows like yours are important – It’s reasoned discussion about facts. If it’s possible to find a reasonable, rational anti-gunner who argues with evidence instead of feelings, though, I think it could be educational to host a discussion on the subject.



And by the way, yes, some people do read the show notes – I’m one of them!


Rob- Jake, you reset the standard for e-mail to the podcast. Well said, Jake!

Jake also sent in a follow up email –

Continuing to listen through the backlog of podcasts, I heard mention of the black-on-black crime statistics. This is one of those things that is popular to talk about in conservative circles, but my liberal friends inform me that it’s not relevant because a similar percentage of crime against white people is perpetrated by other white people. It’s not that black people are victimizing other black people as much as it is all criminals victimizing others of the same race, probably because they tend to live in the same neighborhoods and associate with each other. I’m a sucker for statistics, and I was convinced by the stat that 83% of white murders in 2011 were white-on-white. I still think they’re wrong about the Officer Wilson case, but the black-on-black crime statistics don’t seem to be as relevant as we might think.



And then Jeff sent this one in –

(I’m) Getting caught up on podcasts, got a bit behind with the Thanksgiving break. Congrats on your new sponsor, that is awesome news! I’m delighted for you and your crew!

The podcast has come a long way, I know too well that you had considered ending the process, I for one, am glad you decided not to! Things are really starting to hum, keep up the great work!

Be Safe!

Paul- Rob, do you have any new posts you want to mention?

Rob- I was thinking about the recent elections. We won. Now, what do we want. I want more freedom and less government. I don’t want a single new law, but I’d love to eliminate a few thousand of the ones we have. That article is up at and on my blog.

Paul: That wraps up another episode of the Polite Society Podcast. I’d like to thank (Guests) for joining us today. co-hosts, will you be with us next time? I’m looking forward to it. Until the next time…

Rob: stay safe,

Gary: be aware,

Susan: and we’ll see you down the road.

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Episode 290 – San Diego Testimony


“An armed society is a polite society.. and this is the Polite Society Podcast where we support and report on civilian self-defense.”

John: Welcome中国体彩官方app to the polite society podcast presented by the Firearms Policy Coalition. We’re recording on Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014. I’m John Richardson
Rachel: I’m Rachel Malone and on tonights show we’ll talk about the charges being dropped against seven open carry demonstrators in Texas after their wrongful arrests last year.
Rob- I’m Rob Morse and in one of our DGU’s, a Kansas man admitted you’re never prepared to defend your family. So climb aboard.
Rachel: strap in
John: and hang on! Episode 290 of the Polite Society Podcast starts right now.

Show intro music.

Seg 1- Personal news from each participant
John- We had to delay the release of our Sunday podcast because we’d reached our bandwidth limits. Our podcast has grown slightly longer and larger.. and we have more listeners.

John – I am working on a ultra-lightweight AR build. My carbon fiber lower arrived Monday and it is less than half the weight of a normal AR lower. I hope to get it assembled this coming weekend while hanging out with my son-in-law’s dad Jeff. We have been banished from the baby shower for my future granddaughter. I think we may also go to a local shooting range.

Rachel- Spent a while this afternoon printing up gun bills. I started to roll my eyes about the hundreds of pages of open carry bills that I have to read through and study…and then I caught myself. That’s a much better problem to have than last year’s problem. This weekend is the quarterly SREC meeting. They’ll be discussing the Constitutional Carry resolution. I’ll be there.

Rob- I testified before the San Diego County Board of Supervisors about our Sheriff’s concealed carry policies. The Supervisors give the public a chance to speak every few weeks. You get two minutes. Three of us spoke. I’ll play the testimony during the interview segment.

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Seg 2- News

Welcome中国体彩官方app to the Polite Society Podcast news segment powered by the Firearms Policy Coalition.

1- Seven Texans were wrongfully arrested last year during at the Texas State Capitol. They were carrying black powder pistols, or – in one case – a toy revolver. None were breaking any law, however, their revolvers were confiscated as evidence and they were forced to fight court battles. Last week, they were vindicated: .

Rob’s comment- I thought Austin was a liberal city.. and that liberals encouraged a free expression of diverse ideas and lifestyles. Not if “pro-choice” includes the choice of self-defense.

2- Do we tell the truth when a survey calls us and asks if we are gun-owners? Some of us do, and some of us don’t. The way you find out is to get a list of people who have registered their firearms with the state. Then, call these registered gun owners and ask them if they own guns. Some will deny owning guns when a stranger calls on the phone. That is exactly what . Their results suggest that telephone surveys under-report gun ownership by between one in eight gun owners to one in ten.

3- A Bloomberg-funded, anti-rights group submitted petitions demanding universal NICS checks for every firearms transfer in Nevada. A pro-rights group read the law, and checked the petitions. Now Nevadans for State Gun Rights asked Nevada’s Secretary of State Ross Miller to disqualify the proposed ballot measure because

For example, petitions were turned in Nov. 13 to the Storey County clerk. That means proponents not only missed the Nov. 12 deadline there. It also means the petitioners missed a requirement to submit documents to each of Nevada’s 17 county clerks on the same day. Some petition pages also lacked a required affidavit, some were circulated by ineligible signature gatherers, and 52 signatures were dated after the Oct. 25 notary date. The spokesman for Nevadans for State Gun Rights said they expect to find more irregularities with petitions submitted to clerks in 10 other northern Nevada counties. Clerks in the state’s 17 counties have until Thursday to sample petitions and report any irregularities.

4- I’m not sure if this is good news, or not. The New Jersey Attorney General’s office after all. That means the Armatix iP1 handgun does not start the clock on that state’s so-called “smart gun” law. The Attorney General said, quote “After careful consideration of the iP1’s design, we have determined that it does not satisfy the statutory definition because, as a matter of design, the pistol may be fired by a person who is not an authorized or recognized user. That is, as long as the pistol is situated within 10 inches of the enabling wristwatch, it may be fired by anyone..”

Break- We’ll be back with more news about New Jersey after this break.

5- Some older politicians are slowly learning about social media. New Jersey State Senator Loretta Weinberg posted a picture of her trip to Israel on Facebook. This is the same New Jersey Senator who repeatedly said she does not think New Jersey citizens should be allowed to own or carry a firearm for defense. She said quote “I don’t like guns”.

Then she posed with two Israeli Defense Force soldiers carrying guns and Weinberg said how SAFE she felt with them. Don’t blame the messenger. Facebook simply let us see Senator Weinberg as the hypocrite she is.

6- Also from New Jersey- multiple 中国体彩官方app invasions of asian-indian 中国体彩官方apps. Peter Kothari, a local activist in the Indian community, said that patience is wearing thin.

“We are scared,” Kothari said. “People in power don’t understand. I’m lucky I’m not a victim like that. I know that if I have to pass one minute with a gun on my head, how would I feel?”

Kothari said he’s working on organizing a protest or a news conference to bring attention to the community’s concerns. Despite the nearly month-long lull between invasions, Kothari said he was never entirely at ease about the chance that it could happen again.

“It’s going to happen, naturally,” Kothari said. “Once they run out of the money they will go out and do it. Somebody at some point is going to get hurt.”

7- These are important days for gun rights in New York, and for gun rights in the rest of the United States. Next week, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit will hear oral arguments in the case of Nojay versus Cuomo. The case questions the New York SAFE act. At stake is whether the Second Amendment is only meaningless rhetoric that allows the government total control over . The law’s backers are calling the bluff of gun owners in a very high-stakes gamble. The anti-rights politicians are trying to force the US Supreme Court to rule whether all Americans have a constitutional right to an AK-47 and a 30-round magazine, or if guns can be regulated without limit. They are confident that the Supreme Court is dominated by justices from liberal states with the strictest gun control laws in the country中国体彩官方app.. and that the Justices will vote “no.”

8- Jaime Caetano was beaten so badly by her ex-boyfriend that she ended up in the hospital. So when a friend offered her a stun gun to protect herself, she took it. Caetano, who is 中国体彩官方appless, never had to use it but now finds herself at the center of a contentious Second Amendment case headed to the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court. The question is whether the state law that prohibits possession of stun guns by private citizens violates the right to keep and bear arms. The court is also being asked to examine whether the Second Amendment right to defend yourself in your own 中国体彩官方app applies in the case of a 中国体彩官方appless person.

This case dates back to 2011 when police found Ms. Caetano’s stun gun while investigating her over a shoplifting incident. She was found guilty of violating the state’s ban on stun guns. In her appeal, her lawyer, Benjamin Keehn, argues that a stun gun falls within the meaning of “arms” under the Second Amendment. Keehn wrote in a legal brief that the state’s ban “cannot be squared with the fundamental right to keep and bear arms.” He also argues that self-defense outside the 中国体彩官方app is part of the core right provided by the Second Amendment.

9- A U.S. Navy Gulf War veteran and his wife are challenging the constitutionality of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Weapons Control Act. With the help of the Second Amendment Foundation, David Radich and Li-Rong Radich have until the end of the year to to the federal court. The Mariana islands are as far west of Hawaii as Hawaii is west of San Diego. Evil is everywhere, and Mrs Radich was attacked in 2010 while her husband was deployed. She was 中国体彩官方app alone when their residence was invaded. She was attacked and beaten. She suffered two broken ribs, facial contusions, along with a broken orbital bone and eye socket.

James C. Deleon Guerrero is the Department of Public Safety Commissioner in the Islands, and is the defendant in the case. The Commissioner and his lawyer expect an unfavorable ruling from the federal judge. They asked the Island Legislature to pass an alternative gun control law quote “swiftly and without hesitation.”

10- Rachel- Kathy Jackson gave us this lengthy gun quote– “The most important factor affecting how children deal with guns is how they are taught about them. A study of 675 Rochester, New York ninth and tenth graders contrasted children who had been socialized into gun use by their family with children who had been socialized into gun use by peers. For the children whose families had taught them about lawful gun use, the children were at no greater risk of becoming involved in crime, gangs, or drugs than children with no exposure to guns. But the children who were taught about guns by their peers were at high risk of all types of crime and improper behavior, including gun crime.” Kathy’s take is this. Smart parents teach their kids about the world, including how to safely use ‘dangerous’ tools like kitchen knives, hot stoves, and firearms. Smart parents also keep firearms safely locked up where unauthorized people — including children — cannot reach them. But smart parents also remember that the most basic goal of parenting is to work yourself out of a job. As the kids grow, so should their knowledge of the world.

John- Hang on everybody, we’ll be right back after this advertisement Concealment Solutions

Segment 3 Interviews
Audio from testimony before the San Diego County Board of Supervisors. Have you testified yet?

Segment 4 DGUs

Welcome中国体彩官方app to the DGU segment of the Polite Society Podcast powered by the Firearms Policy Coalition.

1-A 中国体彩官方appowner in Sedgwick County, Kansas woke early in the morning to the sound of his alarm going off. The next sound he heard was breaking glass. The 中国体彩官方appowner grabbed his firearm and When asked if this was something he’d prepared for, the 中国体彩官方appowner said, “No, absolutely not. Can’t say that I was prepared for it. I don’t know how you prepare for something like that.” The burglar was taken to an area hospital for treatment of his gunshot wound. He was then arrested on aggravated burglary charges. Two adults and three children were at the house at the time of the break-in and shooting. None were hurt. “We’re thankful that everyone is safe,” the 中国体彩官方appowner said.

2-. He had forced his way into another teen’s 中国体彩官方app intent on robbery early Monday morning. The robber and his intended victim got into a scuffle and the robber ended up . The robber was airlifted to University Hospital and is in critical condition. Police say no charges are expected against the teen who shot the robber.

3- Domestic disputes are not pretty. Steven Swanson of New Orleans tried to run his wife and children down with his truck after arguing with his wife the Friday before Thanksgiving. She had been trying to leave following the argument. in an effort to protect herself and the children. Swanson died later at a local hospital. While police are still investigating the incident, no charges are pending against .

4- An Amarillo, Texas 中国体彩官方app owner was the victim of a burglary twice in one day. The first time the thieves broke in and departed. However, when Dustin Kirkland, 26, and Ashlee Posey, 21, returned to rob again, they were met by the 中国体彩官方appowner who was armed. He held them at gunpoint until police arrived. Prior to their arrival, the 中国体彩官方appowner had notified police he was holding the suspects. The two were arrested and charged with burglary of a habitation.

5- Three men walked into a south city bar in Saint Louis, Missouri late at night. They yelled for everyone to get down on the floor. One of the robbers shot a female customer in the head. The bar called Pooh’s Corner is a well known hangout for off duty police officers. After the robbers started shooting, One of the criminals was shot in the chest, the other was shot in the eye. Both were taken into custody. The wounded customer at the bar was taken to the local hospital where she died of her injuries.

Here is the Glock commercial where

6- I hope your Thanksgiving went well and your guests were polite. A family in Whitmore Lake, Michigan had family over for the holiday. A neighbor’s ram had escaped and was grazing on Mike Richard’s lawn. First it chased the family into their house. The ram broke a glass storm door and then tried to butt its way through their garage door. Mr. Richard says he needed to protect his mother-in-law and pregnant relative. He also said it was a Thanksgiving he and his family will never forget.

We have the links to each of our news and defensive gun use articles at Polite Society Podcast.com if you want to share them with a friend.

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Tips and tricks

Segment 5 Show close

Listener e-mail discussion
-Reader Mark N. writes:

California Attorney General Kamala Harris has moved for an en banc reconsideration/rehearing of the denial of her motion to intervene in the Peruta case. Her legal brief refers to the pending en banc application in the companion case, Richards v. Prieto. AG Harris addresses neither why the state’s interests cannot be adequately represented by Sheriff Prieto, nor why it is that she didn’t seek to intervene in that case.

There is an explanation as to why Harris did not intervene in Richards. The state was even named as a defendant in Richards. The state successfully argued to be dismissed as a defendant because the state was not a proper party to the lawsuit. The state argued that the Richards case only affected the application of the sheriff’s discretion in issuing carry permits. The state argued that the case did not address the underlying constitutionality of the state’s may issue law. That is the direct opposite of what Harris is arguing in Peruta.

-Ken from Phoenix writes:
Listening to the most recent DGU’s on your podcast, about a 中国体彩官方app invasion, I thought I’d send you this info. It’s about opening a door safely to see who is out there. I recently became aware of a company called Security Screen Masters and went ahead and bought them for my 中国体彩官方app here in Phoenix. Originally designed as hurricane safety screens, they are steel and aluminum, and work quite well for security. You can keep your doors and windows wide open, with the security screens locked, and the bad guy can’t get in. Yet, you have full-view to the outside. They also work as sun screens, and also keep all the bugs out, just as a normal screen would do.

Yes, they are very expensive. The installer said I was unusual in that most people don’t buy them until after their house was broken into. But, I had the money, so I got them before a crime was committed here. It’s an added insurance policy that I pay for one time only.

How expensive? Figure what you’d consider reasonable, double it, and double it again! My single story 中国体彩官方app cost $8,000 for all the doors and windows, averaging about $1,000 per opening. But, if you have the money, what price is security?

Here’s the link- http://securityscreenmasters.com

I get nothing out of this. I’m only a customer. But it was new to me, and maybe of interest to you and your listeners.
Ken Silva
Phoenix, AZ

(DO NOT READ)The Polite Society download app is out and the I-phone app is in and it is called Podcast Box. They are located by our old name, Politics and guns. Hot links are in our show notes.

Rob- John, do you want to mention your post on your No Lawyers, Only Guns and Money, Blog?

and their opposition to changes in that county’s gun laws. They especially object to the bill’s switching the authority of deciding which guns should be prohibited from the RCMP to elected representatives. They call it unacceptable. It is hard for me to understand anyone wanting leave critical decisions like this in the hands of unaccountable bureaucrats rather than in elected representatives.

John: That wraps up another episode of the Polite Society Podcast. I’d like to thank (Guests) for joining us today. co-hosts, will you be with us next time? I’m looking forward to it. Until the next time.. stay safe,
Rachel: be aware,
Rob: and we’ll see you down the road.

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Episode 289 – Prepper Press

“An armed society is a polite society.. and this is the Polite Society Podcast where we support and report on civilian self-defense.”

Paul: Welcome中国体彩官方app to the polite society podcast presented by the Firearms Policy Coalition recorded live on Sunday, November 30th, 2014. I’m Paul Lathrop
Rob: I’m Rob Morse. On tonights show we interviewed Derrick of Prepper Press.
Susan: I’m Susan Lathrop, and boy did you listeners buy a lot of guns on black Friday! So climb aboard.
Rob: strap in.
Paul : and hang on! Episode 289 of the Polite Society Podcast starts right now.

Show intro music.
Seg 1- Personal news from each participant
Welcome中国体彩官方app back to the polite society podcast presented by the Firearms Policy Coalition. This is our personal news segment.

I was on started to run on One America News Network.


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Seg 2- News

Welcome中国体彩官方app back to the polite society podcast presented by the Firearms Policy Coalition. This is our news segment.

1-Did you go to a gun store the day after Thanksgiving? A lot of people did, and did The national instant background check system processed three requests a second or about one hundred forty five thousand requests on Friday. About 3000 NICS requests will require additional background searches, mostly because of incomplete court records. The FBI will process 2 million NICS inquiries this year. The flood of sales on Friday was three times the average number.

2-A few weeks ago, a gunman opened fire on unarmed students and staff. The assault took place just outside the library of the University of Florida, Tallahassee. University Security has staff on scene who checks book bags and backpacks as students enter the library. There is virtually no security on campus outside the library perimeter. Nathan Scott was shot during the gunman’s attack. He is a staff member of the University Library. He is also a concealed carry holder and a member of Students for Concealed Carry. An army veteran studying at the library was also disarmed by University regulations. A law to allow concealed carry on Florida campuses was vigorously fought by then Florida republican state senator, and now FSU President, John Thrasher. President Thrasher’s anti-rights vote has now left one student paralyzed and two others wounded.

After this shooting, anti-rights activist will demand more honest civilians be disarmed. The attacker was a former New Mexico prosecutor who recently lost his job. What law would stop him from receiving a firearm?

According to a by the Crime Prevention Research Center, there have been no reported problems with permit holders in the nine states that mandate colleges allow permitted concealed handguns on campuses.

3-I’m sure you heard that the Grand Jury in Ferguson, Missouri no-billed officer Darren Wilson. You might have heard that two New York Times reporters published officer Wilson’s address. I bet you didn’t hear that address and phone numbers of the two reporters were then made public on Facebook. Now Chicago based every few minutes. She complained about people harassing and threatening her. It seems she keeps getting fast food delivered to her address.. food that she didn’t order. She is also getting hate calls and hate mail. I suspect she is receiving exactly the same treatment she expected Officer Wilson and his family to receive. Anyone wonder why she is calling those “mean racists” men who wear blue uniforms and carry guns?

Thank you, officers, for your service on Thanksgiving, and for putting up with idiots like reporter Julie Bosman year ‘round.

4-Maybe the New York Times Reporter should get a gun.. after she waits a month for the required Illinois Firearms Owners Identification Card and then waits the required period after she buys a gun. She could go to a local gun store and buy a gun, except there aren’t an local gun stores in Chicago. She could learn to shoot at the local range.. except the Chicago city council has outlawed gun ranges in and near Chicago. Getting a gun is a good idea because saying that the chicago police will protect you isn’t very realistic. The Chicago Police are able to , and a smaller fraction of the 2000 shootings in Chicago each year. The Chicago Police have pulled staff from high crime areas so they can protect the well-to-do neighborhoods.

5-This story was sent in by listener Scott from Texas. One gas station in Ferguson, Missouri was brightly lit all night while other stores were closed, dark and boarded up. The Unpaid armed guards. They were armed black men who volunteered without being asked. Many, but not all of them, are former employees of the gas station owner. The gas station owner is white.

At first there were some issues with the national guard, but those problems were ironed out once the national guard learned who belonged and who didn’t. The volunteer security team open carried slung ARs and some holstered handguns.

Doug Merello owns the gas station. He said his store would have been burned to the ground many times over if it weren’t for the armed volunteers. Merello’s father bought the station back in 1984.

One of the volunteer guards said, “He’s a nice dude, he’s helped us a lot.” This black volunteer lived a short distance away from the store for most of his life. Together the volunteers chased away several groups of teenagers. They’ve had to display their weapons and threaten the thugs who tried to rob the gas station. That is the news about responsible gun owners you won’t see on CNN, but now YOU know.


Welcome中国体彩官方app back to the polite society podcast presented by the Firearms Policy Coalition. This is our second news segment. Susan, what is our next story?

6-It is called regression analysis. This is a type of statistical analysis that tries to determine cause and correlation from social science data. Academic studies using regression analysis are where we hear academics argue if guns cause crime or if guns prevent crime. Doctor John Lott knows the data and how statistics can be misused. Lott explains that the data can be confusing when a long term trend of crime reduction takes place along with changes in state concealed carry law. It isn’t a matter of black and white, but measuring the changing shades of gray. Lott points out that states who were the first to adopt concealed carry laws had lower fees and far fewer restrictions than the states who adopted concealed carry later on. The early states had many more concealed carry holders precisely because they imposed fewer restrictions. Those states who were the first to adopt concealed carry also had the largest drop in crime. Smaller reductions for the more restrictive states is exactly what the “More Guns, Less Crime” hypothesis would predict.

Two-thirds of peer-reviewed research by economists and criminologists finds that right-to-carry laws reduce violent crime.

Comment- Anti-rights bigots make up statistics. Will stupid Americans believe them?

7-A federal judge ordered Wal-Mart Stores to let shareholders vote on a proposal to force tighter oversight of its sale of high-capacity guns and other potentially offensive products.

A U.S. District Judge in Wilmington, Delaware said from Trinity Church, a historic Wall Street church, from its annual meeting.

The proposal ignores the 42 thousand accidental traffic deaths each year. Does Walmart ban cars and eliminate its parkinglots?

The proposal ignores the 39 thousand accidental poisonings. Children taste the kitchen chemicals and teenagers try grandma’s medicines. Still, Walmarts have pharmacies and sell kitchen cleaners.

The proposal ignores the 25 thousand falls that kill us each year. Walmart even promotes these deaths by selling some high-heel shoes.

The proposal ignores the 2500 deaths from fire and smoke inhalation. Walmart doesn’t offer free batteries and smoke detectors. Instead they sell charcoal lighter fluid and cigarette lighters.

Instead the proposal focused on the 6 to 7 hundred accidental deaths from firearms. The rate of firearms accidents is at a record low even when we use an expansive definition of accidental death.

That is too many, so be safe out there. Take a course and practice what you were shown. And you’re right, some judges do crazy things with the law.

8-You may remember the Muslim who murdered a soldier standing honor guard at the Canadian war memorial, and who then attacked Parliament. The murderer was shot by the Sargeant at Arms who used to serve in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. During that attack, most of the guards at Parliament were not armed. Now they will be. So will the guards at the House of Commons. A spokeswoman said she could not comment on the number of guards protecting Parliament at any one time.

9-Elections have consequences, and so do votes. Magpul Industries announced it has as it winds down operations in Colorado. The Wyoming facility will also expand early next year. Magpul plans to retain a small office in Colorado as they continue to help relocate their existing Colorado staff, and to provide regional sales support. Magpul officials said that they will continue to support gun rights in Colorado even after moving their headquarters and production facilities out of state.

Magpul was the largest firearms company to announce it would leave Colorado after Democrat Governor John Hickenlooper signed three gun control bills in March of last year. The company ran its manufacturing and corporate operations from facilities in Erie, Colorado. 中国体彩官方app CEO Richard Fitzpatrick said Texas and Wyoming were selected based on factors that included support for individual liberties and personal responsibility. The company is known for its polymer firearms accessories. Colorado lost the direct and support jobs from Magpul that totaled over 85 million dollars a year.

10-Speaking of bad laws and their consequences.. Washington State passed initiative 594 by 10 percent. Few voters read it. The law requires a firearms transfer for any use of quote “ a device from which a projectile or projectiles may be fired by an explosive such as gunpowder.” Close quote. Those words were written in black and white, but will 中国体彩官方app Depot, Walmart, Cabela’s, West Marine and

Walmart and West Marine sell flare guns used for signaling. These flares are required safety equipment on boats. Now, each sale needs an authorized firearms transfer with the FFL taking possession of the item during the transfer. Only the official owner is allowed to handle the distress flare.

中国体彩官方app Depot, Lowe’s and other hardware stores sell and rent nail guns. These construction tools use a small propellant charge to drive specially hardened nails into concrete or steel foundations. Now, each rental and each return of the tool requires a firearms transfer. It is a state misdemeanor if a second worker touches or transports the tool on the job site.

The Washington DOT loans out an artillery gun with a road crew for avalanche control in the mountains.. or at least they used to. Now each operator is required to complete a firearms transfer each time the equipment moves from one crew to the next.

I-594 did not use the standard federal definition of a firearm. The way 594 is written, it isn’t clear to firearms owners if the gun’s receiver is the restricted item or if the cartridge case is the restricted item.

Gun owners have planned mass demonstrations and civil disobedience of 594. Washington law enforcement officers have little interest seeking prosecutions under 594. Washington initiative 594 will face a court challenge. Some judge will determine if the poorly written initiative will be invalidated. The question remains if an abusive law enforcement officer or prosecutor will selectively apply the law.

Gun Quotes

“President Obama has nominated U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch to be the country中国体彩官方app’s next attorney general. Lynch is a curious choice, as she has no previous experience in running guns to Mexico.” That quote is from comedian Jodi Miller.

Hang on everybody, we’ll be back after this.

Segment 3 Interviews

Interview with Derrick of Prepper Press

Segment 4 DGUs

1-A man broke into an Edmonds Washington house in the middle of the night. The female 中国体彩官方appowner woke up at 3 a.m as the intruder pounded on her front door. She called 911 and grabbed her gun. She thought she knew the intruder and opened the door. When it wasn’t someone the 中国体彩官方appowner recognized, she tried to push the intruder back outside. That didn’t work. The 中国体彩官方appowner when he continued to force his way into her 中国体彩官方app. Police officers arrived moments later to find the wounded intruder on the front lawn. He was taken into custody and driven to Harborview Medical Center where he is being treated for the gunshot wound. The woman’s husband and their 14-, 10- and 5-year-old children were inside the 中国体彩官方app, as well as a friend of the 14-year-old. No one else was hurt.

The intruder’s friends say he’d been out drinking and was looking for friends who used to live in the house some time ago.

2-18 year old Adric White was convicted of armed robbery and facing five more counts. He was out on bail awaiting sentencing when he tried to rob a Family Dollar store in Mobile, Alabama. The teenager entered the store, drew his gun and waved his gun in the faces of store employees and customers while he demanded cash. A good Samaritan with a legal concealed carry permit noticed the masked gunman lead one of the employees to the front of the store where the robber had a gun to the store clerks head while the clerk was down on his knees. The good Samaritan sized up the situation and told White to drop his gun. Instead, the armed robber turned toward him. The good Samaritan . White survived.

White’s sister said quote “If [the customer’s] life was not in danger, if no one had a gun up to him, if no one pointed a gun at him (then) what gives him the right to think that it’s okay to just shoot someone?” Another relative said quote “You should have just left the store and went wherever you had to go in your car or whatever.” close quote.

We have the links to each of our news and defensive gun use articles at Polite Society Podcast.com if you want to share them with a friend.

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Tips and tricks


Segment 5 Show close

Listener e-mail discussion

We talked about Facebook blocking any company that links to a site with any firearms sales. Listener Scott from Texas showed us the website “gunchannels.com”. They describe themselves as a site for Firearms Enthusiasts, Shooters of all sorts, Shooting Sports Competitors, Hunters, Collectors, Manufacturers, Gun Shops and others involved in the firearms community. There are no ads, no banners, no user tracking, and the don’t sell your click data to anyone. It costs $1 per month.

Thank you, Scott. I’d like to hear from our listeners who’ve used that site.

(DO NOT READ)The Polite Society download app is out and the I-phone app is in and it is called Podcast Box. They are located by our old name, Politics and guns. Hot links are in our show notes.

Rob, do you have any new posts you want to mention?

Rob- I debated a lawyer from the San Francisco based Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. That was on the which airs on the One America News Network. I don’t know if they will post the full debate on the web, but I have a on my blog page and on Youtube. If you like the video, then you might want to about other gun-rights topics for her to cover.

Paul: That wraps up another episode of the Polite Society Podcast. I’d like to thank Derrick of Prepper Press for joining us today. Rob, will you be with us next week? I’m looking forward to it. Until the next time…

Rob: stay safe,

Susan: be aware,

Paul: and we’ll see you down the road.

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