Mick’s Blog Post – Feb 25th

I just want to write a quick thing here on some of the things that Paul and Toby have been talking about cars. Ok I am not a gear head and it was boring interesting, but I do want to cover some subjects that I think that are pretty significant.
Beretta is if the state is going to pass their magazine ban. They already sent there part of the company to Virginia. I say welcome to South Dakota! I know I would be pleased to at least have some parts for my 92 FS. Magpul is not far behind them if CO passes there version of anti-gun legislation, but they plan on going to Texas which isn’t a bad place.
Also if you are flipping out worrying about ammunition, there is hope though. The has a great article that has some information about that when there may be more available. Here are some ideas that may help you through this ammo drought shortage.

Reload. Big investment upfront, but great in the long haul. I know Paul and Toby covered this very well.
Collect your brass! Ok so you can’t reload but still keep your brass! It is still worth some money. Yes this collection of brass may take a significant amount of time but it goes faster when you can collect yours and other people’s (who leave it at the range). Make sure you check with your range officer what the policy is on brass.

Also there have been more firearms manufacturers boycotting NY and other anti-freedom states. The has an updated list of all of them. I am also proud to say that the company I am getting my suppressor from,, joined recently! I am very happy I purchased from them. Keep an eye on this blog for a review.

My suppressor is coming along pretty well. My got my checks for the suppressor and to the BATFE. I went the NFA trust route, which is really convenient for me. They also are helping me out with the paperwork. Now I just play the waiting game.

We Are Back!

After a few weeks and with a lot of searching and hoping I would not have to do a WordPress re-install (I didn’t have to), we are back up and able to edit the site!

Look for a LOT of updates tomorrow and back on a regular schedule by the mid week episode next week.

Thank you to all of you who were so patient and continued to interact through the Facebook page!


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