26 Acts – How about 1 or 2 instead?

Let me start off with Merry Christmas to everyone. It has been a rough couple of weeks, and I am glad to see so many posts on my personal Facebook page about people enjoying the holiday with family and friends.

Having said that, there is something going around Facebook called 26 Acts of Kindness. The description of this page (copied and pasted) Newtown’s heartbreak has a lot of us asking, “What can I do?” Thinking about this, Ann Curry took to social media and asked people to imagine what would happen if all of us committed to 26 acts of kindness to honor each life lost in Newtown.

Now in and of itself that is not a bad idea. However the things that are being posted as “acts of kindness” are usually trivial at best. This is a typical one “I have given a $20 tip to a valet, passed out Target gift cards on my way out of Target to those coming in, brought in neighbors garbage cans, wrote a nice appreciation letter to the school principal. My 11 y.o. is getting more involved too. She gave a nice card to a policeman and put 3 cards with rice krispy treats on random windshields. I feel so much better doing these acts!”

I will not name the person who posted this, and it really doesn’t matter as most of the posts are very similar to this one. Paying tolls for the person behind them, giving money to strangers, etc.

The remarkable thing is that the people are doing this to make themselves feel better. Admittedly I have not read too deeply into the sight, as I am growing tired of what people feel recently. The fact is that their feelings are doing much more harm than good in the second amendment struggle.

So if you are one that wants to do 26 acts of kindness to make the world a better place, and you are still reading at this point may I make a suggestion. The acts that are described do so very little to help anyone but the person doing it, how about using just 1 or 2 of those to do some real good.

Have you taken a CPR or First aid class in the last few years? A lot of things have changed over the last few years, and any skill that you don’t use on a regular basis degrades. You could save a life by doing this, possibly the life of someone you love.

Have you given blood recently? Yet one more way you could help save a life. And in this case you will definitely help someone live a longer life.

If you own a firearm have you taken training beyond basic concealed carry courses? This could save your life or one that you love

.If you are ardently anti-gun (it’s OK if you are I won’t force you to own or shoot one) how about doing something that will make a real difference? Volunteer on a regular basis at a hospital or a nursing 中国体彩官方app. Give of yourself in places where it really impacts real people. Become a Big Brother of Big Sister, help out at a 中国体彩官方appless shelter. There are a million things you could do, but DO SOMETHING THAT DIRECTLY IMPACTS SOMEONE WHO NEEDS IT!

Then if you want to do 24 or 25 random acts of kindness knock yourself out, but please if you want to make a difference really make a difference.


Episode 75 – Joe Chetwood and Mark Vanderberg


Joe Chetwood of Crusader Weaponry and Mark Vanderberg are guests. Brian and Paul talk with Joe Chetwood of about Slipstream weapons lubricant, AR15s, AR10s, an AR lower that is being given away by GRRN, and free training for teachers and school administrators.

Toby and Paul talk with Mark Vanderberg, Executive Producer of the about the Connecticut shooting and the NRA’s response, about gun rights activism, the coming GRRN Mag40 and AR lower giveaway, and a little talk about booze.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Jon Hodoway episode mentioned in the show here



Vigilance on all fronts

Tonight I am in western Wyoming parked for the evening and hoping that Interstate 80 reopens so I can get to Iowa and deliver my load. since I have a little time I want to write down a few things about everything that has happened over the past week.

As I said on Sunday’s show the Anti-Rights people are gearing up big time. This even extends to my 中国体彩官方apptown of Sioux Falls. I am on an “opinion panel” that is usually tasked with providing opinions on things like, “Should we allow chickens to be raised in the city limits?” (As long as the noise and odor aren’t a problem I don’t see anything wrong with it).

Well earlier in the week I got an email asking if I had an opinion on the gun control issue, and wouldn’t you know it, I did. You can find the article . My counterpart in the article bases her argument totally on emotion and not at all on facts.

Two more posts on blogs that I think are a must read are . Kathy Jackson puts a great perspective on why we need to be vigilant politically right now. Also check out A Girl and Her Guns post Kathy linked this in her post and A Girl writes quite eloquently on the hypocrisy of the anti-rights movement.

Finally I want to echo Kathy a little bit, although I have been saying this on my show for a while and said it on Bob Mayne’s as well. If you are buying Guns and ammo right now I cannot blame you, I am as well. But please make sure that you are spending some money protecting your rights as well. Make sure you are a member of the , the , and your state second amendment organization.

We don’t need to panic, and buying guns and ammo is NEVER a bad thing, but let’s make sure we are protecting our rights as well.


Episode 74a – What do AKs and Canadians have in common?

Toby and Paul talk with Parker from K-Var, distributor of the Saiga Shotgun, there is a new Saiga 12ga coming out and it has some big improvements! Then Bryan Bolivar of Canadian Service Conditions Radio and George Hatch of New Shooter Canada join in for a podcasters roundtable.

Cheaper than what?

I will admit it, I am a hot head. I have a tendency to become angry and emotional when something wrong happens. Friday of last week something VERY wrong happened. Almost as soon as the last shell casing hit the floor something even worse started to happen. The anti-gun movement went into high gear with more fervor than I can EVER remember coming from that side before.

Today we get news that Cheaper Than Dirt is going to impose a moratorium on on line gun sales and review their policies. Also Dicks sporting goods is stopping sales of at least some rifles. Part of me wants to scream and holler “STOP COWERING!” at these places, but then a friend pointed out that these businesses are going to loose A LOT of money in the near term, as everything firearms is going gangbusters. They did not go into firearms retailing with closed eyes, they knew what they were selling.

So I don’t know if it is age creeping up and mellowing me out, or whether my friends astute observance pushed me in this direction, but how about we take Dicks sporting goods and Cheaper Than Dirt at their word and see what happens. They are sure to loose a TON of money short term and many who feel slighted will never turn to them for purchases again. After all all of the things that these people sell are still available from other retailers. The people who run these businesses had to know this when they took action today.

One other note and I am going to call it a night. Unless something happens this week it is unlikely that any gun bans will go through. Pro-rights congressmen still hold the majority in the house and that did not change with the election, Unless I am wrong (unusual, but it has happened) the only hope is for a lame duck congress to cave, and that isn’t likely. Please remember if you are adding to your collection of arms to add to the collection of pro-second amendment organizations that you belong to as well. Belonging really does multiply your voice.

Stay safe, be aware, and I’ll see you down the road.


A Tragedy

Today started for me with a lot of load planning and then trying to get caught up on some podcasts. I was unaware of the events of the morning in Connecticut. About 2pm, I tuned into a satellite radio program centered around NASCAR that I try to catch as often as I can (usually 3 to 4 times a week).

Right away the host starts talking about tragic events in Connecticut and this usually politically conservative guy starts saying how he is thinking that we might have to start re-thinking our positions on guns, and then goes on to the issues of the day in NASCAR.

At that point I change the channel to Fox News to find out what is going on and hear the whole deal. My initial thoughts are, of course for the families who have lost children. I am a Father and now Grandfather for some time and cannot fathom the pain of a loss of a child or grandchild.

Very soon after that the calls for gun control start coming in and I am torn. We know next to nothing about the events of today and yet there are all the usual suspects screaming from the rooftops that guns are the problem. Here is the dilemma. I have a show “in the can” (recorded and pre-editing done and only have to wait for one segment and lay down and open and a close) that was to be released Saturday night. Almost all of it was recorded Monday afternoon and evening.

In the show that is ready to go is a REALLY good interview with a representative of the K-Var group, the distributors of the Saiga 12GA shotgun, and a roundtable with Toby and I and a couple of Canadian podcasters. A REALLY good show.

So this is what I have come up with. The show that was to air this weekend will now be a mid week show and the whole gang (Raquel, Toby, Brian, Mick, and me) will be doing another round table in the morning. That show will be released tomorrow night.

Everyone please hug your kids extra tight tonight. They are after all what it is all about.

PS. I did find this on Kathy Jackson’s blog. Please take a second to read it.

WTF – A BLOG post?!?!

Ok, I know that you are not used to seeing me write things, and I most likely won’t do it very often, but I did have a little extra time today and so I thought I would get some thoughts down.

I ran across a post on Kathy Jackson’s today, And was really impressed with the post and the comments that followed. Believe me, you will hear this get brought up when Kathy comes back on the show.

Also Interviewed Frank Fiamingo of today for the next show which will come out mid-week. (Wednesday night/Thursday morning). Frank and I discussed the Bob Costas bloviation during Sunday night football a little over a week ago as well as the event at the NJ State Capitol on Saturday and other things NJ2AS.

In about an hour and a half Toby and I will record an interview with one of the reps with the FIME Group They import and modify Saigas.

Finally Toby and I will (probably) do a segment later tonight for the weekend show with Brian Bolivar of

The Saiga interview and the stuff with Bryan will air on the regular weekend show.

One final thought and I will sign off. I am going to do the normal promotion of this as I do the podcast episodes, and if you want me to continue posting blog posts like this please drop me an email at Paul@ad7.8f3.myftpupload.com and let me know. I CANNOT promise that I can update every day, as I am often saddled with less than optimal internet, but there are several listeners that have said that they will not use Facebook and I think that this may be a way for them to connect as well. Feel free to leave comments, and I’ll see you down the road.