RSS feed for the show and an update

I had a listener email me a little while ago and said that they had a difficult time finding the main RSS feed for the show, and I thought that if one person had trouble finding it, there may be others as well, so here it is!

Enter the feed into whatever software you use for catching podcasts and it should load right up for you!

I am working on a second interview for tomorrow night’s show, and will record some of the news tonight. So until tomorrow night, be safe stay aware, and I’ll see you down the road!

Time to change things up a bit.

Starting this week I am changing the format of the show a bit. Instead of three half our weekly episodes I am going to do one one hour long episode. I also plan on focusing more on listener interaction and interviews. I think this will make the show more informative and entertaining, as well as freeing up some time for me. I can spend more show prep time and less post production time. I plan on recording an episode this afternoon and it should be released before midnight.

Friday’s show delayed

Question. What do you get when you combine confusion coming from a dispatch office as well as information not coming out in a timely manner with a city with notoriously bad traffic and a moronic president who thought that this would be a good place to have a NATO summit thereby screwing up traffic even more?

Answer. A podcaster that is steaming mad and not able to put a podcast out tonight. Angry Look for it Saturday evening.

Episode 40 – listener feedback

I actually posted this late last night and was way too tired to put all of the links up when I was finished, so if you looked earlier and the post was not up I apologize. Tonight’s topic was listener feedback and 1 story from Michigan where a city employee does the right thing and gets fired for it.

Episode 37- May 7, 2012

Tonight’s episode features an interview with Sebastian ofwe discuss; Pennsylvania starts the process to get constitutional carry, and throws the second amendment out the window for 60 hours in the same month, plus Fast and Furious and more.